Zhendi Poweregg X Experience Review: An Egg That Will Not Just Fly

On November 30, the domestic drone brand Zhendi released the PowerEgg X, a new consumer drone. It has also attracted a lot of consumer interest due to its distinctive egg-shaped design. In comparison to the previous PowerEgg small dome, this launch of the PowerEgg X is not just a drone, with different accessories can form different forms to achieve different functions, I was also very fortunate to get this product to experience, the following and I will come together to carefully understand this product.

The power button and power indicator are located on the front of the egg body, and the status light is located on the bottom.

We may find it difficult to connect it with the drone based on its appearance, but when we open this small egg, we can see that its small body contains a lot of “black technology,” and by pulling the cloth can open the eggshell below, we can see its internal structure. The PowerEgg X is outfitted with a front and bottom binocular vision system, which allows the aircraft to sense the front and bottom environment as well as the aircraft’s position, as well as sense obstacles through image ranging to avoid drones in danger. It is also worth noting that the three-axis gimbal camera part has a gimbal protection cover, which should be remembered to remove before use, and it should also be remembered to place it up to protect the And it can be used to capture images at a high frame rate in order to achieve slow motion playback effects. FHD (1080P) 4 times slow motion and HD (720P) 8 times slow motion effects are now supported.

To achieve video super anti-shake, a three-axis mechanical gimbal is used. To achieve smooth video, smooth mirror transport, professional video shooting through the swing arm, slide, gimbal, and other professional equipment, the main challenge of video shooting is smooth video, smooth mirror transport, and professional video shooting through the swing arm, slide, gimbal, and other professional equipment.

Furthermore, in addition to anti-shake, mechanical gimbal control, but also to achieve smooth movement to follow, to achieve professional-level mirroring.

The PowerEgg X also includes 6GB of internal storage, allowing you to shoot without an SD card. After discussing the egg itself, let’s move on to its supporting components. The USB cable that comes with it can be exported directly to a computer or TV for playback without the use of a card reader. Unlike the previous PowerEgg dome’s one-piece design, PowerEgg X has a split design that allows it to transform into different products and achieve different functions by matching different accessories.

First, with the wrist strap module, PowerEgg X can be transformed into a handheld gimbal camera, similar to the type of DV camera many years ago, the round body is very comfortable to hold, and can be very stable to shoot high-quality images.

The last one is the drone form formed by installing two arms on it, which can go for aerial photography experience; additionally, the kit includes a waterproof kit, which can achieve flight and shooting in the rain after installation. Water takeoff and landing can also be accomplished with the buoyancy accessories. However, because the waterproof kit and buoyancy accessories add weight to the body, flight speed and endurance are reduced to some extent.

Finally, the handle is outfitted with a left and right joystick as well as numerous function buttons. The P mode (Professional) has the fastest speed, the N mode (Normal) is a little slower but more stable, and the E mode (Easy) is slower, so you can switch according to your needs. From left to right, the four buttons are emergency hover button (long press emergency hover), return button (long press return to fly back to the original position), custom buttons (can be set in the APP), and handle the on/off key.

The phone connection port, the photo button, the camera button, and the gimbal’s up and down tilt wheel are all on the other side. Experience: More than just a drone PowerEgg X has two modes: AI camera and drone, so I’ll go over them separately here.

Before we can use the AI camera mode, we must connect the PowerEgg X to the phone so that we can control its shooting and some functions via the APP. In AI camera mode, we can use it with wrist strap module and tripod accessories, but if you do not have a tripod, we can also put it on a flat place. PowerEgg X has three head modes: follow, lock, and FPV. When we choose to track the target, the lens of Poweregg X will always follow the selected target and will always place it in the C position.

It is also more convenient and easy to shoot vlogs when you are out, you just need to place the Poweregg X in the C position. The following is a sample video; it is worth noting that Poweregg X employs the patented SyncVoice sound collection technology; we can use the recording button in the APP to achieve sound collection with cell phones or wireless headset devices, and the sound will be automatically transmitted to the internal body for synthesis, so we can shoot the video directly on the sound, with no need to add later. The video above also shows the use of this phone to collect sound directly, and the effect is still good.

Furthermore, this function can be used in the form of drones Oh.

In the handheld gimbal state, you can also use the self-finding function to lock the shooting target and easily shoot the moving target without having to constantly adjust the lens orientation or maintain a fixed position according to the target, making the shooting process more relaxed. The video below is the content of my handheld shooting; later, I used PowerEgg X to shoot video for my girlfriend, which is not only very stable but can also make her always in the C position. Here are some sample shots; it also supports slow-motion and delayed shooting, among other features; playability is still excellent. Drone mode Before using the drone mode, we need to connect the drone and the handle, in the cell phone APP we can choose the shooting mode of the drone and many parameters to set, including the gimbal settings, remote control settings, flight control settings, etc., here I will not go into detail.

The PowerEgg X can use the handle for takeoff and landing in addition to the APP to achieve a key takeoff and return, which is very convenient. The PowerEgg X has very strong strengths in both video and photo shooting, particularly video shooting, which supports up to 4K 60FPS video. Upscaling can also be used to shoot high frame rate images and achieve slow motion playback effects. Up to support FHD (1080P) 4x slow motion and HD (720P) 8x slow motion effects, allowing us to shoot more creative video content.

PowerEgg X also has intelligent following, point-of-interest surround, instant clip, and time-lapse photography in addition to regular shooting. PowerEgg X can identify and lock onto a target using a visual recognition algorithm, and the drone will fly autonomously to follow the target and assist users in following the shooting.

The PowerEgg X has three modes of following: normal following, parallel following, and target locking, and the way it follows the shooting varies depending on mode, but it will always put you in the C The position. Because it is difficult for many novices to shoot some wonderful videos through their own operation at first, the PowerEgg X has also added the Instant Video function, so that novice users can get a better shooting experience, the PowerEgg X’s Inst When the point-of-interest surround function is enabled, PowerEgg X will fly independently around a static target, allowing us to shoot freely during the flight and control the radius and speed of the surround via the joystick.

The video below was shot with the PowerEgg X.

Although the video was compressed due to platform limitations, we can still see that the picture quality is still very clear, the new three-axis gimbal stability is also very good, the four-level wind did not affect it at all, and the addition of features such as intelligent following, instant clips, and so on. Write at the end Overall, PowerEgg X has satisfactory performance in both photo and video shooting, not only can it shoot 4K 60FPS UHD video, but the addition of instant clips is also more friendly to non-professional users, so you can shoot a lot of high quality videos more easily. In addition to the drone, PowerEgg X with other accessories can be transformed into a variety of products, it can be said that it is not only a high-performance drone, but also an excellent gimbal camera, can meet our needs for a variety of shooting needs, the essential tool for playing out.