Xr Chip Support New Gaming Experience Sony X90j Tv New Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] 2020 is an exciting year for gamers, with the release of the PS5 next-generation console, the RTX30 series graphics card performance skyrocketing, and the release of Cyberpunk 2077…. The gaming era has arrived, and various TV manufacturers have taken advantage of the east wind of gaming to release gaming-friendly TV products. Sony released five gaming-friendly TVs at the CES conference in early January this year, all equipped with XR chips and HDMI 2.1 interfaces, including today’s protagonist – X90J.

So, why would I say that this TV is ideal for gaming? Read on to find out. Appearance design has always been a strong suit for Sony, and TV products are no exception. The X90J is distinctive in appearance and design, with a perfect balance of industrial design and sensory experience.

On the front of the TV, everyone is pursuing a borderless full screen, but Sony X90J also has ultra-narrow bezels, reducing visual distractions while emphasizing the large screen, allowing viewers to focus on the picture. Unlike its predecessor, the Sony X90J does not use a splicing design, but instead opts for a unibody frame, giving the entire machine a stronger sense of unity.

The base is still the familiar style, but thicker and more secure than the previous base, and the height can accommodate a PS4 Pro or a Blu-ray player of the same height, echo wall.

The X90J has a distinct XR chip concept graphic design on the back, as well as a high frequency sound field positioning speaker hidden on each side of the body, which can provide a stronger sense of high frequency positioning when playing panoramic surround sound.

Audio and video are processed differently by the XR Cognitive Chip than by other chips. It processes and optimizes TV content by imitating human vision and hearing in order to provide a more realistic audio and video experience, elevating the immersive, large-screen experience to a new level. The XR cognitive chip can achieve accurate matching of sound and screen images by analyzing the location of sound in the signal, intelligently creating an audio-visual experience of unity of sound and picture and immersion. Picture quality is the soul of a TV, so what kind of breakthrough will the Sony X90J with XR chip have in terms of picture quality? Let’s look at a set of 4K HDR video screen shots.

The X90J has a natural color transition that is brilliantly saturated but not overly saturated, with sharp details in the highlighted background and foreground in backlight, as well as a frame that is rich in color elements, with a blue sky, red vintage car, yellow van, and light brown land. The overall image is well-layered, with staggered near and far views, and the X90J boosts the saturation of each color while also filling the object with texture, with each color expression matching the characteristics of the object itself.

The XR chip uses Dynamic Contrast Enhancement Advanced technology and excellent light control to greatly broaden the contrast ratio in high-contrast scenes at night. The black sky appears as deep as OLED, while the lights on top of the carousel present a brighter, more realistic view, forming a sharp contrast. Brightness is the primary indicator of the screen.

As more emphasis is being placed on HDR effect, and HDR requires high brightness, we use SM208 screen brightness meter to measure, X90J maximum peak brightness of 731cd/, still leading in the same class of products. What kind of benefits does high brightness bring to the screen? We can find the answer in the screen shot of the 4K HDR video. The sea in the backlight state is not pitch black, and a closer look reveals that the sea is dark blue, the ripples of the sea are clearly visible, and the details of the reflections on the sea in the lower left corner are also perfectly rendered, and the dark details are perfectly rendered.

The bright colors of this treader’s clothes in the picture above are extremely noticeable thanks to XR Terry Phantom Color Display Technology Pro, and the reflection effect of light brings out the bright fluorescent colors very realistically. So what can we enjoy when we play games with this TV, and how do these technologies mentioned above add to the game graphics? Furthermore, when playing games with the handle, the delay between the handle and the screen is very low, and there is almost no sense of being out of sync.

Simultaneously, the presence of HDMI 2.1 allows the TV to fully utilize the 4K 120Hz panel, allowing users to enjoy a professional gaming experience. The combination of VRR variable refresh rate and ALLM automatic low latency mode further improves the smoothness and stability of the TV’s dynamic graphics to quickly respond to player operations. In the game test, we primarily used the game “Mysterious Seas 4.” When we watch TV, our eyes gather at the center of the screen, and the XR chip provides higher brightness by identifying the area of human eye’s attention, thus enhancing contrast viewing and making the objects in the center of the screen more three-dimensional. With the addition of XR Dynamic Contrast Enhancement Advanced, the Sony X90J shows the dark details of the overall environment very well, as well as the texture of the floor tiles, moss, and trees on the right side of the screen.

At the same time, the light under the tree on the right is close to the reality of the high light view, and the more right side of the floor tiles to form a sharp contrast, bright and dark, pieces of leaves are also clearly visible, not because the light is too bright and lost in detail. While the X90J enhances the saturation of each color, it also fills the object with texture, with each color expressed in a way that matches the characteristics of the object itself.

The image above is more monotonous in color, with green as the main color, but it has a clear green layer with various shades of color expression. X90J increases saturation while also filling the object with texture, making the image content more realistic. We also mentioned the importance of TV brightness to the picture above. Without the high brightness of the backlight, it would be impossible to reflect the brightness of the picture in the distance in the above frame.

Furthermore, the forest in the near backlight state is not completely black; dark details are also clearly visible; this feature is also fully reflected in the entry interface of “Mysterious Seas 4,” where the left side of the cliff presents a large number of details. The distant sunlight shines in the light details, making the outline of the leaves more visible. In terms of sound, Sony has long realized the sound and picture on-screen sound field on the TV, in the X90J this product is the realization of multi-channel screen sound field, to achieve a more accurate sound positioning and 3D surround sound effect.

In the game above, the X90J shows an excellent sense of positioning, when different NPCs speak, the sound will come from different direction.

Furthermore, the X90J’s surround sound effect is very noticeable when listening to concerts, so if you use it in a small living room or bedroom, you don’t need a Soundbar because the sound field and bass performance of the TV itself is perfect for small spaces. The X90J is also equipped with the widely used Android TV10.0 system, which ensures the security, ease of use, and expandability of the TV from the bottom, and the operation is fast and smooth. The main interface automatically selects popular content from the APP, and users can access the content without leaving the main interface, making it easier to use.

The recommended movies and dramas in the main interface, of course, are based on algorithmic recommendations, which analyze users’ preferences based on their viewing records, achieving “thousand people, thousand faces” recommendations. The AI intelligent far-field voice allows users to get rid of the remote control and call “Xiao Xiao Wei Wei” to control the TV, which is very convenient to use. Users can search for movies based on stars, as well as check the weather and perform other useful functions.

With the addition of Tencent Video, the X90J has a large network resource, supporting approximately 150,000 TV episodes, 11,000 movies, and over 3,000 North American classic movies and theatrical blockbusters. Simultaneously, Sony and Tencent Aurora TV collaborated on the Aurora calibration mode, which can automatically set the corresponding parameters of the TV through the TV software and hardware to improve the picture quality viewing experience of online playback content, resolving the problem of not being able to present the best film effect due to different hardware base settings and ordinary users not being able to modulate the parameters.

In addition to the Aurora calibration mode, the Sony X90J offers higher specification video content such as IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision to meet users’ needs for different quality picture content. Sony X90J, as the upgrade series of X9000H, set a new benchmark for 4K TV, XR chip brings a more powerful dynamic contrast enhancement professional version of the technology, a greater degree of high-speed picture performance, so users get a more smooth picture.