Xiaomi 9 Wireless Charging “companion” Issued 20w Wireless Charger In The End How?

[Bestbuy618IT News Channel] In addition to the first Snapdragon 855, Lei Jun emphasized the Xiaomi 9’s progress in charging speed at the launch. Xiaomi 9 as the world’s first phone to support 20W wireless flash charging, of course, also with the launch of the corresponding charging speed wireless charger, and thus the conference Lei Jun also brought 20W Xiaomi wireless charger, 20W Xiaomi wireless car charger, Xiaomi wireless charging treasure three new accessories to enrich the user’s fast charging experience. This time, the 20W wireless charger is a significant improvement in terms of charging speed and design.

Xiaomi 20W high-speed wireless charger kit The Xiaomi 20W wireless charger is designed with a pure white body and is slightly larger in size than its predecessor. The silicone texture increases friction, preventing slipping and ensuring stable charging. The bottom of the new circle of heat dissipation openings, built-in independent silent fan and heat sink, dual cooling system can effectively reduce the temperature rise during the wireless charging process to improve charging efficiency.

The Xiaomi 20W wireless charger, of course, has a significant increase in charging speed. According to official data, the 20W wireless charger’s peak charging power has increased by 100 percent, up to 20W, charging the Xiaomi 9 in just 90 minutes, faster than many cell phones’ wired charging. Of course, Xiaomi 20W wireless charger the entire charging solution through the authority of the German Rheinland TV safety fast charging 2.0 certification, safe and reliable.

Daily use of few users to use 0% before charging, so the day sister this test began with 18% of the phone’s power, 55 minutes to 80 percent, an hour later charged to 85 percent, an hour and 22 minutes full. Despite the fact that the charging speed has yet to be certified, the iPhone 8 Plus, Huawei Mate20 Pro, and other phones that support wireless charging can be accurately identified and wirelessly charged in the actual test.

It is worth noting that the Xiaomi 20W wireless charger vertical induction distance of 5mm, the actual test can also be smoothly charged across the cardboard (of course, the recognition speed will be slightly affected), with the phone case (non-metal) can also use the wireless charging function, convenience and practicality are greatly enhanced.

Xiaomi wireless car charger also supports 20W high-speed wireless flash charging, car charger uses an integrated 2.5D glass material as the charging panel, after receiving power blue ring welcome light will automatically light up, night driving is also visible enough. The car charger includes an independent fan that can intelligently adjust the wind volume based on the temperature and actively reduce heat. Furthermore, Xiaomi wireless car charger is equipped with an infrared sensor and an electric clip arm, making it easier for users to operate with one hand.

When the phone is turned on, the car charger will automatically clamp the phone through the motor drive, and when you want to take it off, the clip arm will also automatically open. Wireless car charger charging effective sensing distance of 4mm, the phone can also be charged with a case (non-metallic material).

To meet the needs of short-distance driving, the maximum power of the car wireless charging is also 20W, but only Xiaomi 9 supports it. Official data shows that a 20W high power output can charge a Xiaomi 9 in half an hour from 0 to 45 percent in 45 minutes, and a full charge in 90 minutes.

The phone in the picture is a Huawei Mate20 Pro.

In the actual test, the wireless car charger is indeed strong enough after adjustment, but the sensor occasionally fails to recognize the situation, and because the sensor is on the left, using the passenger position is relatively difficult. Of course, the Xiaomi car charger is also reserved for the dock interface, so non-wireless charging phones can be used. It is also worth noting that the Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger comes standard with an adhesive base that can be directly glued to the plane of the car, adapting to a variety of models and locations of use.

The 20W Xiaomi wireless car charger costs $169. Xiaomi wireless charger 10000mAh costs $169.

In addition to conventional wired charging, Xiaomi Wireless Charging Power 10000mAh is a new Xiaomi mobile power that supports wireless charging and can be charged wirelessly with the touch of a button. In wireless charging mode, the maximum power of wireless fast charging when output alone can reach 10W, and official data shows that 1 hour and 25 minutes can be fully charged for Xiaomi 9, and 1 hour and 55 minutes can be fully charged for iPhone XS. The wireless charging plate has a vertical sensing distance of 5mm, and the phone case (non-metal material) can also be used to use the wireless charging function.

Xiaomi wireless charging treasure has Qi standard certification and is intelligently compatible with various cell phones. Of course, Lei Jun stated at the launch that the 20W wireless charging board is being tested and will be available to everyone soon. In addition to being equipped with 10W wireless fast charging, it also has two single-port output 18W high-speed wired interface (USB-A, USB-C, where the USB-C interface supports bidirectional input and output), while using the two output interfaces can reach a total power of 15W, supporting a maximum power of 18W for their own fast charging.

Overall, Xiaomi 9 this world premiere 20W wireless charging function performance is amazing, while the release of three wireless charging devices can be said to meet the needs of users in a variety of scenarios, whether at home, in the car, or go out to carry, can be free from the constraints of the wire, can be said to be the perfect Xiaomi 9 “companion” However, the current support for 20W wireless fast charging cell phone is only Xiaomi 9, so I’m afraid there isn’t much appeal for other brands of cell phone users. However, if you are a Xiaomi 9 user, it is still worthwhile to purchase. (Zhou Ying contributed to this article.)