Xiaomi 12ultra Concept Machine: How Much Of This Time’s Big Move By Liu Jun’s Blood Money Is Left?

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Xiaomi wants to take on the iPhone’s domestic machine burden, but there is still a long way to go. You may be aware that Apple released the iPhone with its own operating system and chip, which outperforms Xiaomi in terms of performance and functionality. As a result, this year, Xiaomi’s main emperor Xiaomi 12Ultra must amplify the trick to do, foreign media online exposure group Xiaomi 12Ultra concept design, after looking at it, I have to admit that this time Xiaomi is really blood money, will be the most advanced design are taken out, there are new features, I’m not sure how much Lei Jun’s big trick is left, anyway, in the high-end time there will face fierce competition,

The screen is currently the most expensive part of the phone, which has a direct impact on the overall face value. The major cell phone manufacturers are also full of energy in their pursuit of a high screen-to-body ratio and thin and light on the road. The Xiaomi 12Ultra retains the Star panel, which continues the curved bezel shape from the concept map, but in order to achieve a true full-screen experience. Xiaomi previously released Xiaomi MIX4 with a similar design, but this time the Xiaomi 12Ultra face is higher, and in the details of the better, the upper and lower ends show a very narrow black edge. Both sides of the curved arc are also very smooth and delicate, and the overall screen-to-body ratio is over 95%.

Such Xiaomi 12Ultra is known for its real high value, both in terms of screen-to-body ratio and features, in the high-end machine market. The screen is made of a Star Generation LPTO OLED panel with a refresh rate of 120Hz and a resolution of 2K. As a flagship, Xiaomi 12Ultra has optimized all of the screen’s functions to the nth degree. In terms of the screen, it can be said that it is also the blood money. To say the shortcomings, it may be the body thickness of 8 mm, which, when compared to the iPhone 13ProMax 7.6 mm body, still seems a little thick, which also directly leads to a poor handheld experience.

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In addition to the screen, Xiaomi has made significant improvements to the lens in recent years. For the first time, the Xiaomi 11Ultra was equipped with a star super base aperture, with a 50 million pixel main lens, 8P lens support, and shaft OIS optical stabilization. The telephoto lens on the Xiaomi 11Ultra supports 5x optical zoom and 10x isometric optical zoom shooting.

The Xiaomi 12Ultra retains its rear lens, which features a large aperture of F/1.1, 64 million pixels, support for 9P lens and axis OIS optical stabilization, as well as ultra-wide angle lens and Xiaomi 11Ultra main lens specifications. With a 10x optical zoom, 3 to 10x isometric optical zoom, and up to 120x isometric digital zoom, the telephoto lens is incredibly bold. Whether it’s the hardware or the shooting algorithms, the Xiaomi 12Ultra specifications are impressive and well worth the wait.

In terms of processor, the Xiaomi 12Ultra will be equipped with a 4nm process Snapdragon 8Gen1 chip, which will boost performance by 10% while also improving power consumption and heat dissipation performance, and reducing the heat dissipation module inside the body. The memory starts at 10GB, and the storage capacity starts at 256GB. Wireless and wired charging are both 100W, and the device can be fully charged in 15 minutes. With ceramic body material, the overall weight of the body is only 200 grams.

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Xiaomi’s black technology, big tricks, features, and appearance design are all under the blood of this Xiaomi 12Ultra. Furthermore, the back of the body is equipped with a secondary screen, a comprehensive upgrade that will improve the user experience. Friends, do you think Lei Jun’s big trick is left if such a model Xiaomi 12Ultra is released? Please leave a message in the comments section!