World Of Warcraft” Fifteenth Anniversary “wings Of Death” Mount Strategy: Half An Hour To Get

[Bestbuy618 Laptop Channel]On November 7, World of Warcraft’s 15th anniversary special event kicked off. Players who log into the game during the event (November 7, 2019-January 9, 2020) will receive anniversary packs, which include the Battle Pet Little Nerf, a celebration package that increases your experience and reputation during the event, fireworks that can be reused during the event, and the Time Warp badge. Additionally, players who participate in the “PVP” special event can also get mount rewards – to participate in Korlak’s Revenge and complete the “Old Hatred and New Hatred” quest.

The first time I tried (and I didn’t expect it to go so well), it took less than an hour to get my hands on the “Deathwing” mount, and a third of that time was spent in the group waiting for someone… The way similar to the tenth anniversary of the return to the “heart of molten fire” to get the lava dog mount, players need to complete the event copy, get the “three color memories” achievement to get obsidian exterminator. In addition, completion of the 15th anniversary mission can also get 500 time warp badge rewards, after logging into the game to get the anniversary package can open the quest line, and in the cave of time to carry out the task, NPC Cromie will ask you to complete the “burning expedition”, “Wrath of the Lich King”, and “Earth’s rift” version of the relevant tasks (this team copy of the minimum item level requirements for 380) The Nephalian of the Land of Flames, the Inferno Ragnaros.

However, do not worry, does not require players to play nine copies from beginning to end once, but directly challenge the corresponding BOSS, and these BOSS are bloodied state, only need players “simple” to participate in the battle. However, it should be noted that in the challenge of each version of the three BOSS, if the group is destroyed, the player must restart the challenge from the first BOSS.

For example, if your team defeated Hilgai, Anubarak, but fell in front of the Lich King, the challenge must restart from Hilgai…

After defeating the three BOSSes, each player will be rewarded with a treasure chest that may contain time-warping equipment, with items starting at level 420 that can be traded in battlefields and teams. Furthermore, Kelsus Sunseeker, Lich King, Ragnaros corresponding mounts – Phoenix, Invincible, Firebird – may drop, considered a colorful egg!Waiting for the teleportation after opening the copy As with all “boss battles,” team communication is still required, after all, several of the BOSS or some difficulty First and foremost, it is recommended that players form a team of 30 people, 2 tanks, 5 treatment, the more output remote, the easier the game. After the entire team (this may be the most delayed link), the captain in the cave of time Cromie waiting in line to enter the copy (second row), do not need to fly this, and players cannot switch talent after entering the copy, so you must clarify responsibilities ahead of time.

After entering the copy, Cromie will teleport you to the BOSS, and I will introduce you in order according to the version in turn. First is Vasquez, who is very simple, equal to the stand output! All players need to do is walk to avoid the ground green water. Furthermore, Vasquez is half blood, and players only need to play to its remaining 10% blood (the rest of the BOSS is roughly the same). It should be noted that when the player defeats the boss, all skills are reset, and each boss battle can be “infinite war repeat.” So, T resist well, milk plus live, DPS full force! Kelsas Sunseeker: After entering the copy of the phoenix site, phoenix eggs clear, and then the BOSS turn stage, the player enters the weightless state, floating in mid-air output can be, also equivalent to stand pile, no pressure.

Akmond: the difficulty has increased slightly compared to the previous two BOSS, requiring players to pay attention to the site of the BOSS release skills left after the flame and then, in the BOSS’s movement, grinding off.

After defeating the three BOSSes, the player can exit the copy team by opening the equipment box. Do not leave the team if you want to continue with the next two copies. Dirty Hilgai: after starting the battle, pull the BOSS to the stage, then gather the booth, turn the stage after the unified position to avoid the green water that appears on the ground (damage is very high), turn the stage again after the full output of the BOSS on the stage can be. Anubarak: enter the field and stand pile output, after the BOSS down, players pay attention to avoid the green water that appears on the ground (damage is very high).

The remaining players in this stage melee fight small monsters, and a remote clear ice ball can be used. Witch King: I believe this is the most difficult of the nine BOSS, as it requires players to have some sense of positioning. Following the start of the battle, players output BOSS, the emergence of small monsters, turn fire small monsters to avoid being caught, and players were thrown off the stage.

At the same time, the BOSS will name a player, the skill named pollution, 2 seconds after the release of a puddle of black water at the player’s feet, the easiest way to play is when the BOSS names (after the first wave of small monsters off), players scattered stand, named players do not move, and the rest of the players away.

When the black water appears, the named players must leave the black water area for the first time. Because the black water stands in the player’s range, and the damage is very high, is the point of extermination! It should be noted that the second name will be with the small monsters, so players need to pay special attention. Then BOSS turn stage stand in the middle of the field, players can go to the outer field stand to avoid taking damage, while the sky will fall ice ball, remote need to be the fist! Then this stage can wait until the BOSS turns stage again to deal with the small monsters.

If it is a wild group, everyone must still listen to the command, but grinding a couple of should be no problem, after the BOSS, open the equipment, exit the copy team, the head of the queue into the third copy. Gugal: this BOSS basic white send, T the small monsters pulled to the BOSS’s foot, DPS strong pile output can be.

Nefarian: after entering the field, players quickly divided into three teams to occupy three platforms (the entire field rose lava, changing the platform station is very difficult), the platform of the small monsters to fight off, pay attention to the small monsters will release AOE skills, the need for players to interrupt, otherwise the group could be destroyed. The difficulty lies in the players’ need to deal with the small monsters, and there are certain alignment requirements. Ragnaros: big screws to fight up the field will have some chaos! After opening the BOSS large group unified on one side of the station, after the BOSS smash down the hammer to the other side, during the battle requires players to dodge the skills that appear on the ground, to reduce the pressure of treatment (fire circle, fire wall), when the small monsters appear unified first the small monsters A off, and then repeat twice, when there is a fire man, need to fight off the first time, to avoid into the hammer bombing group led to gro Overall, the fifteenth anniversary copy of the difficult points are in each copy of the third BOSS, especially the Lich King, which is also more difficult, after all, once the group needs to start playing from the first BOSS, so you still need players to listen to the command, with good results. If you don’t make any mistakes, you should be able to complete the achievement – three color memories – in less than half an hour.

With the achievement, Kromie will send the mount to your mailbox, and you will have completed your conquest of Deathwing! I believe that for any World of Warcraft player, the Obsidian Deathwing is a mount not to be missed! What’s more, it’s really not that difficult to get your hands on! So, if you’re excited, act fast! Mounts, pets, equipment, and time warp badges are all waiting for you!