Who Is This Newest And Most Powerful Ipad Mini Ever For?

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] At Apple’s first fall launch event this year in September, a number of new products were introduced, including the iPhone 13 series, Apple Watch Series 7, and iPad mini. Before opening reservations, mass consumers, including myself, had their sights set on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, and the iPad mini lacked the heat and mad rush of the former. However, just 24 hours later, as an iPad Pro user, I placed an order for the 64GB WiFi version of the iPad mini and went straight to the offline Apple Store to pick it up.

Why should I buy it, is the 64GB capacity enough for me to use?

However, as we all know, neither the 11-inch nor the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a replacement for a computer or notebook at this time. Even though the latest iPad Pro has the same M1 chip as the MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac mini, iPadOS is currently not available with Mac software, and the logic of using the two systems is very different. Even though it offers a maximum 1TB capacity version, is equipped with M1, uses the latest screen display technology, and offers an all-in-one keyboard with touch version, consumer habits still prefer notebooks.

Based on my daily use habits, since the first generation of iPad, I have been more interested in watching or “absorbing” content on the iPad, with very few opportunities to create or “input.” Of course, it is undeniable that my scope of use does not include what the iPad Pro can cover, and that the same thing can be done more easily and efficiently on a Mac or PC than on the iPad Pro.

To be honest, I debated for a long time between the four models before deciding on one. The best solution was to go straight to the top 256GB 5G cellular network, but the price of 6199 yuan and the time cost of waiting for the cellular version to go on sale directly hit me with a set of “combinations” that made me start to doubt my choice. After opening the iPad Pro storage space information, I discovered that the 1TB capacity iPad Pro has taken up less than 30GB of space since I got it.

So the space is perfectly “freed up,” and I don’t play a lot of handheld games, and I rarely cache videos locally. Of course, I do occasionally download e-books, but they take up very little space. My iPad mini now has 5 videos, 13 photos, and 18 apps, leaving me with 46.19GB of free space out of a total of 64GB, so at least I think I’ll be able to use 40GB of space by the time the next iPad mini update comes around! Of course, my personal recommendation is that if you’re an iPhone or Android phone user, I think 64GB is plenty of space

Conversely, if you choose the version of iPad mini with 5G cellular network, your social communication, photo video, and audio and video entertainment will all consider iPad mini as the centerpiece, then the 256GB version is the best fit. With that said, some people may ask the follow-up question, so is this generation of iPad mini worth a new one? However, it retains a 60Hz refresh rate, does not support face recognition, and does not provide 128GB of more secure storage space.

Furthermore, if you enjoy playing games, it is strongly advised that you use this generation of iPad mini as your primary gaming device. In addition to the full-blooded A15 chip, the iPad mini will not be disturbed by things like phone calls and social notifications, and the two-handed grip is just the right size. So, to answer the third question, who is suitable for it? First and foremost, although the new iPad mini is compatible with the second-generation Apple Pencil, you must consider that the experience of writing/drawing for a long time on an 8.3-inch screen will be inferior to that of a larger screen.

Right now, the most productive scenario I can think of is using the iPad mini as a graphical transfer device.

Unlike the iPad Air and iPad Pro, the smaller size and volume of the iPad mini make it difficult to use it to surf the web, take notes, fix photos, and cut videos. However, because of its smaller size and volume, it can be used in all the positions you’d like to nestle on the couch or lie under the covers, and it covers any scenario related to streaming and reading. Is there such a thing as a perfect product? As a sixth generation product, iPad mini is still the best flagship thin and light tablet on the market in my opinion, despite the fact that it still has a 60Hz refresh rate, doesn’t support Face ID, and doesn’t offer the most suitable