Who Is The “king Of Purification”? Six Annual Air Purifier Cross-evaluation 2018

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] A few years ago, the documentary “Chai Jing Investigation: Under the Dome” for the first time made the public aware of what is haze, what is PM 2.5, what is “ten haze” weather, but also forced people to seek solutions to the home air environmental conditions. Air purifiers are popular in this context because they can filter harmful substances in the air. Air purifier products are even being sold off the shelves during severe haze conditions.

Prior to 2017, the air purifier market was said to have experienced “savage” growth. However, with the release of the “new national standard” in 2016, the air purifier industry experienced a significant reshuffle, with the quality of products and poor technology companies being shuffled, and the air purifier market also saying goodbye to the bad state of development of mixed fish and dragon.

And, as the country focuses on air quality, businesses have begun to focus on emission indicators and implement a series of remediation measures to reduce air pollution. The country is also promoting industrial restructuring, with positive results. Even Beijing, which had frequent hazy days in winter in previous years, can now see blue skies in winter.

While good air quality has brought many benefits to our lives, it also poses a new challenge to the air purifier market. Air purifier sales have dropped significantly in the last year, and the current state of affairs necessitates a series of changes to air purifier products for air purifier brands.

Bestbuy618 has consolidated the “star products” of air purifiers launched in 2018 to present a cross-sectional review of six air purifiers, as 2018 has just passed. This cross-evaluation is based on the current market staple performance test, so consumers are no longer purchasing blindly.

A, further market segment expansion is required not only for air purifiers to purify the haze, but also for air purifiers to create a comprehensive solution to eliminate PM 2.5, indoor formaldehyde, dust, pollen, animal hair, and other aspects of air problems. We will not only test their PM 2.5 filtration, but also how well the air purifier can purify formaldehyde in this evaluation.

Second, as the market returns to rationality, consumers have higher expectations for products, which presents a challenge for businesses. Air purifiers should have a high purification capacity as well as low power consumption, low noise, and other characteristics. Following the publication of the new national standard, many air purifier manufacturers are upgrading their products in order to improve the CADR value of air purifiers, CCM value, and other reference values of the “super model.” Not only that, but the air purifier has made significant improvements in terms of power consumption and noise, which we will be demonstrating in the cross-evaluation.

Third, emphasize after-sales maintenance construction of the entire quality assurance process. As we all know, the reason why an air purifier can filter out impurities in the air is due to the internal filter, the merits of which directly determine the filtering ability of the air purifier. However, the air purifier filter must be replaced, so the brand in the filter technology upgrade at the same time, but also to assess the cost of the filter, and high-quality after-sales, to improve the consumer shopping experience, so that consumers are more comfortable with the purchase of air purifier products.

Overall, the appearance, PM2.5 filtration, formaldehyde filtration, noise, energy consumption, filters, and after-sales service will be tested.