Who Is Better: The Nut G9 Or The Polaris Z6x?

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Smart projectors are increasingly becoming the home of choice for young people, and the 2020 double has produced a string of positive results. Just on the Tmall platform, the number of projectors sold cumulatively has surpassed 10,000 units, and the entire network is generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Smart projectors are ablaze, and they’re ablaze!

As a pioneer in the smart projector industry, Nut and Polaris’ two thousand price point products, Nut G9 and Polaris Z6x new, have sold nearly ten thousand units combined. The thousand price point projector is the first choice of many projector enthusiasts because the price point of the thousand intelligent projector is moderate and cost-effective!

In this article, we will look at the two national projectors and ask why they are so popular.

The Z6x is a new product with an online design and configuration, and at this price, you should not pass it up.

New Polaris Z6x

The Polaris Z6x new has a square design, an all-black color scheme, and a nice overall texture. The DLP DMD technology is the standard for a thousand segments, the lumens brightness is 800ANSI, I saw in more parameters is 600-800ANSI, which needs to be verified in the end. CPU and GPU are the industry standard at this price point, with memory and storage options ranging from 2GB to 16GB. It is worth noting that the new Polaroid Z6x has improved the automatic keystone correction from the previous generation, upgraded to keystone correction, and correction speed is faster than the previous generation. However, Polaris is very unreliable in terms of sound quality; the speakers are not labeled with the brand, and there is a sense of confusion. Overall, buying the Polaroid Z6x new configuration online for a thousand dollars is not a bad deal.

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Following that, we’ll take a look at another popular explosive projector: the nut G9.
bestbuy618 technology

Nut G9, the appearance of elegant highlights, exceptional configuration, and a thousand price point value

G9 Nut

Nut G9 has a round design, white classic elegant and natural, very beautiful, especially when held in the hand points compact, does not occupy family space. It has a lumen brightness of 800ANSI and uses DLP display technology and a DMD display chip, making it more competitive in lumen brightness than the new Polaroid Z6x!

CPU and GPU are standard in the thousand dollar range; let us now discuss resolution and keystone correction. Polaroid Z6x new only reached 3840 * 2160, resolution is not as good as nut G9; both are equipped with automatic keystone correction, but nut G9 is to keystone correction, is the flagship projector will use the configuration, correction effect is fast and stable.

The audio tuned by the internationally renowned Danner chief tuner is used in the nut G9’s speakers, and the Polaroid Z6x new’s undisclosed brand of audio compared to the sound quality effect is comparable to professional audio effects, and the performance is very good.

Finally, let us discuss the prices of the two projectors.

bestbuy618 technology

Nut G9 official sale 2999, there are seconds, and a hundred or so less can still be purchased.

Polaris Z6x series, the old official sale 2799, the new Z6x new official sale 3049, the new old upgrade is not much, the price difference of 250, I have to say a little focus on intentionally manufacturing marketing gimmicks.

The two projectors are the star projectors of the thousand price point, Polaris Z6x new worth the price, but after comparison, the nut G9 is more cost-effective, costing at least $150 less than Polaris Z6x new, and providing more value in the thousand price point!

Of course, if you like Polaris, it is also very cost-effective. If you want to pursue the choice of cost-effective projectors, it is necessary to take a close look at the cost performance of the nut G9.