Who Can Safely Guard The Door Court For You?2019 Four Popular Smart Door Lock Cross-evaluation

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] In recent years, the smart home has emerged as a market hotspot, with intelligent security products, each with their own distinct home security features, gaining consumer favor. In the verification part, smart door locks, in addition to the traditional keyhole, also join the fingerprint, password, magnetic card, APP control, and other unlocking methods, but also eliminates the pain of forgetting to carry the key. According to the 2018 China Smart Door Lock Industry and Market Analysis Research Report, total sales of industry-wide smart door locks in China in 2018 were about 13 million sets-15 million sets, and the industry was growing r It is expected that the demand for smart door locks will exceed 20 million sets this year. It can be said that the smart door lock market is still a blue ocean to be developed, and many brands are entering the market this year.

According to the National Lock Information Center, the number of smart door lock companies surpassed 2,000 in 2018, representing a 67 percent increase year on year. This includes the transformation of mechanical lock manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, Internet manufacturers, communication brands, and so on. Smart door lock technology is also maturing as a result of brand competition.

The fingerprint unlocking function commonly used in smart door locks, which typically employs live fingerprint recognition technology, cannot simply unlock fingerprint film. And in the password input, the virtual password such as anti-snooping, higher security encryption method, in the identification part of the smart door lock security has been greatly enhanced has been joined. The internal lock core of the smart door lock is consistent with our common security doors, the same follow the national mandatory standards, generally B-class lock core and above.

Although the smart door lock development space, current consumers generally do not know much about smart door lock, but also do not know how to judge the performance of smart door lock.

Product introduction To begin, I’d like to introduce the smart door lock products featured in this review: Deer OJJ smart door lock X1, Lenovo Lecoo smart fingerprint lock R1, 360 M1 Youth Edition, and the benefits of technology M2. These four smart door lock price points, ranging from 900 yuan to 1990 yuan, belong to the low price range of smart door lock products; this price range is also more acceptable to consumers when buying and selling. Deer OJJ intelligent door lock X1 intelligent door lock The appearance of the Deer OJJ intelligent door lock X1 smart door lock is black, with a downward pressure type handle design. Fingerprint parts that use an invisible fingerprint concentric circle design and adhere to ergonomics Deer OJJ intelligent door lock X1 accepts fingerprint, cell phone Bluetooth, password, key, and other unlocking methods.

This smart door lock fingerprint unlocking for live fingerprint technology can avoid false fingerprint unlocking by identifying live capacitance; with 16-bit dummy password, can prevent peeking; and after connecting APP, can also be issued by remote one-time password to friends. If the door lock exhibits illegal unlocking behavior after connecting to the APP, the Deer Guest OJJ smart door lock X1 will activate the alarm system.

The deer guest OJJ smart door lock X1 has an electromagnetic protection design that can avoid interference during the small black box test.

Lenovo Lecoo smart fingerprint lock R1 smart door lock for the downward pressure handle design, the appearance of a strong metal texture, its surface using the table-level 7-layer treatment process, IMAL integrated design, wear-resistant scratch-resistant, precision-cast hardware, automotive-grade high-strength polysulfone material To prevent residual fingerprint traces, the password input section employs a hidden design. Lenovo Lecoo smart fingerprint lock R1 smart door lock supports fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, emergency key unlocking, intelligent control Bluetooth unlocking, dynamic key card unlocking, and other five types of unlocking methods in the fingerprint identification position. To prevent counterfeit fingerprint unlocking, Lenovo employs the Swedish FPC live fingerprint module. At the same time, the smart door lock has a false password and other layers of security.

The smart door lock also includes protection technology for the small black box. Lenovo Lecoo smart fingerprint lock R1 smart door lock has a C-class lock core security chamber design, which is safer to use.

Advantage Technology M2 smart door lock is the only push-pull handle design in the four reviewed products, after the door lock is opened without pressing the handle, directly push it open to meet the needs of the left open, right open at the same time. Its body is only 22mm thick and made of a metallic zinc alloy panel die-cast molding.

The Advantage Technology M2 smart door lock accepts four types of lock opening methods: key opening, cell phone opening, fingerprint opening, and password opening. It can be linked to the Mijia APP to open the door with a single key on the phone. The smart door lock also includes a biometric fingerprint algorithm with fast recognition speed and a self-learning algorithm that improves with use. Its interior is also designed with an anti-peeking code for enhanced privacy protection.

Furthermore, the technology M2 smart door lock supports indoor one anti-lock and outdoor one key arming. 360 M1 Youth Edition smart door lock in the structure of the downward pressure handle, the external use of high hardness zinc alloy die-casting integrated molding, and with the spraying process to prevent corrosion 360 M1 Youth Edition smart door lock in the structure of the downward pressure handle, the external use of high hardness zinc alloy die-casting integrated molding, and with the spraying process to prevent corrosion The smart door lock’s panel employs the backlight plate principle, and the digital keys are closer to natural color, remaining soft and non-blinding in the dark. 360 M1 Youth Edition smart door lock with fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, mechanical key unlocking, and other locking methods Among these is the fingerprint unlocking for a large area of round semiconductor live fingerprint unlocking, which can prevent the success of false fingerprint unlocking.

To prevent peeking, the smart door lock also has a virtual password function. Following the introduction of the products in this cross-evaluation, we have summarized some information of interest to you.

The cross-evaluation of smart door locks will be divided into five aspects: appearance design, unlocking test, APP unlocking test, security test, installation, and after-sales. 1. appearance: smart door lock material, multi-angle viewing is beautiful and sturdy.

2. details: whether the smart door lock has anti-cat-eye, mechanical lock hole protective cover, emergency power supply charging port, latch anti-card design, and other settings.

Second, unlocking test 1, password unlocking test: whether the smart door lock supports password unlocking, how the experience. 2, fingerprint recognition test: whether the smart door lock supports fingerprint unlocking, how the experience. 3, unlocking recognition rate test (100 times regular fingerprint recognition unlocking): the use of finge

Third, APP unlocking test: whether the smart door lock supports APP unlocking, how the experience. Fourth, the security test 1, fake fingerprint film test: use silicone to make a fake fingerprint film and try to use the smart door lock fingerprint recognition to unlock the door and test whether it can be successfully unlocked. 2, static electricity test: use ignition when the pulse device to test whether the current has an impact on the smar

4, waterproof test: spray water on the smart door lock panel to test how waterproof the smart door lock performance. 5, anti-interference test: paint on the smart door lock touch screen, wear gloves to touch the panel, enter the password to open the lock, test how sensitive the panel. After-sales service and installation

1, after-sales phone call experience demonstrate: call the smart door lock after-sales, ask the smart door lock to deal with remote areas (Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia) logistics problems, remote areas of the installation of after-sales problems, and demonstrate. These are the tests to be conducted for this smart door lock cross-evaluation, which essentially encompasses the information you need for smart door locks. First and foremost, let us look at the appearance of the four smart door locks for testing.