Who Can Be The King Of The C Position 7000 Yuan Grade Game Book Cross-evaluation

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] 2018 has been accepted by the majority of players of the game book as a new “opportunity,” in addition to the hardware configuration and performance of the steady improvement, the successful “thin” let the game book to the thin and light transition, even the mainstream price of the market products have good portability, greatly enriching the use of the players scene. Asus Flying Fortress 6, HP Shadow Genie 4 generation, the mechanic F117-B, Thor 911Air these four game books in the appearance of design is very representative, first of all, the body A side, HP Shadow Genie 4 generation the most differentiated; mechanic F117-B is a “blend of thin and light book” sense of resemblance, after all, Asus Flying Fortress 6 is a “blend of thin and light book” sense of resemblance Acceptance or rejection of an alternative is determined by the consumer’s personal preferences.

Of course, the unique design of the A-side makes the HP Shadow Genie 4 generation feel more special; carbon fiber and brushed textures make the machine A-side visual and fingertip scratching tactile sense of more three-dimensional. The mechanic F117-B silver appearance is easy to distinguish from game book products: simple, competent, shiny, combined with the product thin and portable design, as a business office book is also a good choice. The dark body A-side echoes the starship-style light band, and the backlit logo is somewhat sci-fi, but not overwhelming, and very natural when integrated into different scenarios. The four game book A-side design has a lot to offer in the cross-evaluation, the author’s face is not much to say, we “subjective” choice is good, but if you want to choose one from the office and other scenarios, then the mechanic F117-B and Thor 911 Air more suitable The same resolution of the 15.6-inch screen, refresh rate up to 144Hz HP Shadow Genie 4 generation is undoubtedly more bright, smoother game screen, a better experience for the faster high-end players.

The narrow bezel of the four products is undoubtedly the most outstanding mechanic F117-B, the remaining three products side bezel is also narrow enough, but the width of the top is a little worse. So, to this day, the feel of the gaming keyboard will also affect the user experience, and keyboard “look and feel” also by the pursuit of light pollution players pay attention to.

However, unlike the traditional 15.6-inch game book, the C side of these game books is also very compact, with almost no space reserved on both sides of the keyboard, but the good news is that the keyboard keys are more reasonable key spacing, with the use of a sense of restraint, to avoid accidental touch, accidental press.

In terms of feel, the most unique is naturally equipped with a mechanical keyboard mechanic F117-B, unique key touch, and the remaining three products trip contrast, but close to the “green axis” feel is not necessarily suitable for all gamers (especially students accustomed to the black axis, red axis), which requires adaptation! Furthermore, the four products in the mechanic F117-B can be said to be the most “sharp,” angular design, so that the edge of the body in some It is worth noting that the mechanic F117-B is the only one of the four gaming notebooks equipped with a light belt in the front – “Coastal Light” products, is truly on the road to the light! The guarantee of stable performance: heat dissipation Following the introduction of the A/B/C side, the next should be the D side! In terms of cooling grill area, the HP Shadow Genie 4, Mechanic F117-B, and Thor 911Air are comparable, while the Asus Flying Fortress 6 has significantly fewer openings. However, the large area of the cooling grill for the internal cleanliness of the body also presents a challenge, and it is recommended that players regularly clean, dust, or necessary! Removing the D-shell to look at the inside to be able to further see the disparity of the cooling grill area, I have to say that ASUS Flying Fortress 6 is very confident about the internal cooling design! The other two products have dust screens on the inside of the grille. The internal cooling layout of the body, Asus Flying Fortress 6, HP Shadow Genie 4 generation, Thor 911Air are using a dual-fan three copper pipe cooling system, which Asus Flying Fortress 6 has three vents, the remaining two are two vents; mechanic F117-B is equipped with dual fans four copper pipes and four cooling vents, aft The cooling performance of the Thor 911Air was relatively poor, with an average CPU temperature of 94.6°C and an average GPU temperature of 84°C. Furthermore, the performance of the C-side temperature of the four gaming notebooks during the baking test is also different, with the WASD core operating area not being overheated, but near the middle of the keyboard HP Shadow Genie 4 generation, mechanic F117-B, Raytheon 911Air three models will appear more obvious heat.

Although the internal heat can quickly transfer to the mechanic F117-B due to the metal body, the top of the C side of the body near the air vent area will appear obvious hot.

Interface layout and expandability As far as laptops are concerned, gaming notebooks have always been the richest class of products in terms of interfaces, whether keyboards, mice, or monitors can be easily connected to meet the needs of gamers! But as the game book enters the lean stage, can these interfaces “survive” down to break into the final round? The answer is naturally yes!

The Asus Flying Fortress 6 and HP Shadow Genie 4 have a compact and neat layout, followed by the Thor 911Air, whereas the Mechanic F117-B has a messy internal layout and some flying wires, which require attention when disassembling and repairing the machine. In terms of hardware configuration, the four gaming notebooks included in the cross-sectional review can be divided into two representative “camps,” which are also the best-selling specifications in 2018: i7 1050Ti and i5 1060. i7 1050Ti i5 1060 Asus Flying Fortress 6 and HP Shadow Genie 4 generation equipped with Intel i5 8300 processor, 2.3GHz, four cores and eight threads, TDP 45W; Mechanic F117 CINEBENCH R11.5 and CINEBENCH R15 software are used to test the CPU performance of the four products listed below.

CINEBENCH R11.5 supports Windows XP and Vista X86/X64 systems, as well as PowerPC and Intel architecture Mac platforms, and supports up to 16 processor cores! According to Maxon, version R11.5 is more capable of squeezing the last bit of potential out of the system and accurately reflecting the system performance indicators than previous version 9.x. The test is divided into two parts: one for the processor and one for the graphics card. The first test solely employs the CPU to render a high-precision 3D scene, running only once with a single processor and a single thread; if the system has multiple processor cores or supports multi-threading, only one thread is employed for the first run, and all processor cores and threads are employed for the second run.

The second test is for the graphics card’s OpenGL performance, and the results of the four gamebook CINEBENCH R11.5 tests are shown in the figure. The most significant change in CINEBENCH R15 is that it only supports 64-bit operating systems; 32-bit is completely abandoned.

In comparison to R11.5, which can only support 16 cores, R15 can support up to 256 logical cores. Furthermore, the new version improves the examination of shaders, anti-aliasing, shadows, lighting, and reflection blur, among other things. The final score of the CINEBENCH R15 version has been changed, and the final unit is cb instead of pts in the R11.5 version, as shown in the figure, which shows the four gamebook CINEBENCH R15 test results.

The test results also show that the two processors have a performance gap, so the mechanics F117-B and Thor 911Air have more outstanding results. Although the processor will affect the gaming experience to some extent, for gamers who are focused on the game or graphics card is more important! Only for video, pictures, and other content creators, a strong performance CPU is critical! Combined with the mechanic F117-B, Thor 911Air two products thin and light design, do not exclude many content creators choose them as a “mobile office book,” in time to travel to efficiently complete the material processing. I believe that 8GB of memory for the pursuit of a better user experience is still a bit stretched, so it is recommended that whether you buy a larger memory specifications models or subsequent upgrades of their own, it is best to upgrade the memory to 16GB! Now let’s talk about the graphics card! Asus Flying Fortress 6 and HP Shadow Genie 4 generation equipped with 6GB GDDR5 video memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 discrete graphics card; Mechanic F117-B, Although not explicitly stated, Futuremark’s words indicate that 3DMark 11 will no longer support DX10 and earlier DirectX API interfaces, effectively making it a DX11-only testing tool. 3DMark 11 is similar to 3DMark Vantage in many aspects of design philosophy, such as Futuremark’s decision to wait for DX11 games to become popular before releasing it, in order to avoid the abuse of new technologies and effects that are not practical and thus appear unfair and questionable in authority.

The scores of the four gaming notebooks in the Performance and Extreme modes of 3DMark 11 are shown in the chart. The Stress Test is an efficient method for determining the dependability and stability of a gamebook system.

It also detects faulty hardware or the need for improved cooling. The test cycles 20 times (Sky Diver) and lasts about 10 minutes, passing with a score of 97 percent or higher.

The results of the four gaming notebooks in 3DMark’s Sky Diver, Fire Strike mode, and 3DMark Sky Diver Stress Test are shown below. Furthermore, the stability test, Thor 911Air’s performance must be improved.

In terms of storage, the Mechanic F117-B sent for testing is only equipped with a 256GB SSD, whereas the remaining three models use a hybrid storage solution of SSD HDD. The Asus Flying Fortress 6 has a 256GB SSD 1TB mechanical hard drive; the HP Shadow Genie 4 generation has a 128GB SSD 1TB mechanical hard drive; and the Thor 911Air has a 128GB SSD 1TB mechanical hard drive.

So, if you decide to buy the mechanic F117-B players, I recommend that you have your own upgrade expansion storage, because the game’s storage consumption should not be underestimated. To take advantage of the Mechanic F117-B dual M.2 ports, players can opt for a mechanical hard drive or a larger capacity SSD. First, let’s look at the read and write performance of the four gamebook SSDs.

The test results are shown above, and it can be seen that the HP Shadow Genie 4, Mechanic F117-B has the best SSD reading efficiency, and in terms of writing, the Asus Flying Fortress 6 and Mechanic F117-B.

The previous article introduced the appearance of the four game books, cooling, interface, and hardware performance, and the following “it’s time to show the real technology!” We chose five games, including League of Legends, Jedi, StarCraft 2, Overwatch, and The Witcher 3, to test the gaming performance of ASUS Flying Fortress 6, HP Shadow Genie 4, Mechanic F117-B, and Thor 911Air!

The test results of the four gaming notebooks running StarCraft 2 in ultra-high quality are shown below: the ASUS Flying Fortress 6 had a maximum frame rate of 176, a minimum frame rate of 55, and an average frame rate of 108.458; the HP Shadow Genie 4 had a maximum frame rate of 218, a minimum frame rate of 57, and an average frame rate of 136.798; the Mechanic F117-B had a maximum frame rate of 115

The test results obtained from the four gaming notebooks running The Witcher 3 in high quality are shown below: the ASUS Flying Fortress 6 had a maximum frame rate of 88, a minimum frame rate of 32, and an average frame rate of 67.976; the HP Shadow Genie 4 had a maximum frame rate of 104, a minimum frame rate of 27, and an average frame rate of 71.215; the Mechanic F117-B had a maximum frame rate of 64, a So, based on the game experience ranking, the following results were obtained: HP Shadow Genie 4 generation, Asus Flying Fortress 6, Thor 911Air, mechanics F117-B. Professional e-sports players experience feelings With the rapid development of the e-sports industry, a variety of professional teams such as the proliferation of these professional players can be said to be very representative of high-end players, for PC equipment performance, and other aspects of t Bestbuy618 invited two members of the EFUTURE Jedi Battle Team to evaluate the product, as well as the appearance of the four game books, screen, keyboard feel, interface layout, and game experience. The following is the content after the author summarized and organized it: In terms of appearance, both professional gamers ranked the Raytheon 911Air first, followed by the Asus Flying Fortress 6 and the Mechanic F117-B, with the HP Shadow Genie 4 at the bottom. They claimed that the exterior design of the Raytheon 911Air is more simple and atmospheric, while the screen of the HP Shadow Genie 4 generation rode to the top of the list with its 144Hz screen.

At the same time, the two team members stated that they would choose the HP Shadow Genie 4 generation even if it was $1,000 more expensive, given the same configuration! It is easy to see that for professional e-sports players or high-end players, the high refresh rate screen has an irresistible appeal. Two “chicken” players said that they still need to adapt to the mechanical division F117-B close to the feel of the green shaft mechanical keyboard. Interface two team members have given high marks to the Asus Flying Fortress 6, one of the members said: If there is no external keyboard, the right side of the computer area in the game belongs to the mouse range of activity, if the use of the right interface or power interface here, then the game arm and computer distance

There is no doubt about the gaming experience after using the HP Shadow Genie 4! Two members pointed out that the four gaming notebooks can meet the smooth operation of “chicken” in very low image quality, but obviously for FPS games, the 144Hz screen upgrade should not be underestimated. The smooth experience of mouse movement during the game to bring the lens transition, as well as cut the gun, open the mirror can make the operation and screen interface more quickly, in the competitive game to avoid missing the first opportunity. So a comprehensive look at EFUTURE Jedi survival team two members to evaluate, the four game book ranking is as follows: HP Shadow Elf 4 generation, Asus Flying Fortress 6 and Thor 911Air, the mechanic F117-B.

If there’s anything else that players should be concerned about, it’s the appearance! ASUS Flying Fortress 6: The gaming performance is not bad, while the rich interface layout is reasonable and the heat dissipation performance is adequate to meet the players’ needs for a multi-class gaming experience. Furthermore, the product workmanship is commendable, and it is arguably the best of the four products! Mechanic F117-B: Although there are some performance gaps with the first two products, the thin and light design ensures portability. The silver body is similar to many thin and light office books, with a broader range of use scenarios, even in the office area will not be abrupt, with the Core i7 processor to ensure efficiency in work, video and picture and other content creation, suitable for users who have stepped into the workplace and have gaming needs.

The combination of Intel i5 8300 and NVIDIA GTX 1060 allows these two products to easily cope with popular online games, as well as large single-player games, in the higher High picture quality also has a fighting chance! If your due scenario is not only gaming, but also hope that the computer can be used as a “helper” for office study and have certain mobile use needs, then the Mechanic F117-B and Thor 911Air are more suitable choices for you! However, when combined with scenarios such as content creation, the i7 8750H GTX 1050Ti combination can still ensure efficiency. These two products are more appropriate for college students and newcomers to the workplace to purchase!