Whiteway Aw-73 True Wireless Stereo Headphones Review: Daily Commuting Tool

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] Beginning with Apple’s iPhone 7 after the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, major cell phone manufacturers have also removed the 3.5mm headphone jack, resulting in the release of a variety of Bluetooth wireless headphones to meet market demand. With the release and listing of Apple AirPods, headphone and cell phone manufacturers have shifted their focus to True Wireless Bluetooth headphones (True Wireless Stereo). TWS True Wireless Bluetooth headphones quickly grabbed major headlines at the start of 2018.Whiteway AW-73 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Whiteway Technology officially introduced its AW series headphone line in 2018 and brought users several series including noise-cancelling headphones, neck-mounted headphones, and true wireless headphones.

I recently received the Whiteway AW-73 true wireless Bluetooth headset white version, which has a more portable design, IPX5 level dust and water resistance, support for left and right ear interconnection and separate use, to meet the needs of users in different environments. Unboxing and appearance design Whiteway AW-73 true wireless stereo headphones packaging with white design style, the front upper left corner of the Whiteway brand LOGO, the middle upper right corner of the Whiteway brand LOGO, the middle upper right corner of Product specifications include Bluetooth 5.0 support, frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz, impedance of 16 ohms, headset battery capacity of 85mAh, charging bin battery capacity of 600mAh, and support for 5V/0.5A input.

The Whiteway AW-73 true wireless Bluetooth headset is packaged in an upward pull-out package, and when you open the box, you can see the left/right headphones, wireless charging, a small black box, and a manual. The AW-73 true wireless stereo headphones have a Type-C charging compartment, two pairs of cup earcups, and three pairs of drum earcups, which provide users with a more comfortable and natural wearing feeling. The charging compartment measures 72mm*42mm*33.5mm and can easily be placed in a pocket or held in the hand. The AW-73’s charging compartment is also white in color, giving it a clean and crisp appearance.

The top and bottom of the three-section design are covered with excellent handfeel that is very close to the hand. The middle section is painted so that the user can open the charging compartment by simply touching it.

After opening the charging compartment of the Whiteway AW-73 true wireless stereo headphones, you can see the positions used for charging the left and right headphones, respectively, and the headphones are charged via dual contacts. The charging of the headphones is done by two metal contacts, and the magnetic adsorption design is used between the headphones and the charging compartment to ensure the stability of the headphones during charging. The headset has a built-in 85mAh battery and a 600mAh charging compartment, which can be charged at a rate of 5V/0.5A through the rear Type-C port.

The glowing swan logo on the headset is blue when the power is greater than 70%, orange when the power is between 30% and 70%, and red when the power is less than 30%. Below 30% is considered red.

The author’s use of the test, Continuity, fully charged in about 2 hours, the headset after a full charge, can play 4.5 hours of continuous music, charging bin and headphones fully charged to achieve a range of about 18 hours. The Swan LOGO can choose to close the state after successful connection pairing to increase range.Whiteway AW-73 true wireless Bluetooth headphones Compared to the young and lively AW-71 reviewed earlier, the AW-73 appears to be more subdued and atmospheric. The AW-73 true wireless stereo headset is made of high-strength engineering plastic and has a lightly frosted baked finish on the surface, which provides an excellent hand and visual experience. The surface of the headset eliminates physical buttons, which not only makes the headset look more integrated, but it is also conducive to improving the headset’s waterproof performance.

The shape of the headset is ergonomically designed to fit the human ear, making it quite reliable in the process of wearing and using; even when running, the headset will not appear to fall off easily.

Whiteway eliminated the AW-73 headset surface of the physical button, how to control the headset? Huewei brought the touch function button, even in the absence of buttons can still achieve call, music control, but volume control can only be adjusted through the playback device.

In a call, click the left or right ear to answer and hang up; if not connected, long press the left or right ear to reject; long press the right ear to switch to the phone call during the call. Whiteway AW-73 true wireless Bluetooth headset Music playback, the user clicks the left / right earphone to achieve play / pause, long press the left / right ear to achieve previous / next song, double-click the right ear to achieve on / off. After 5 minutes of no music, the headphones go into hibernation mode. Users can activate Siri by clicking three times on the left or right ear in a row.

Whiteway AW-73 true wireless stereo headphones default use medium cup earcups, while also providing large and small cup earcups; in addition, large, medium, and small drum earcups are provided. Cup earcups have better sealing, but will cause some pressure on the ear canal; drum earcups are more suitable for public users, and wearing comfort is also improved. Sound quality, 16 Ohm impedance to ensure that this headset can be pushed by a variety of devices to demonstrate its best sound quality.

During the listening process, I used the One Plus 7 Pro as the front end to play songs like Beyond’s Sea and Sky and Lin Zhi Mei’s Lover’s Way. In terms of listening, Huwei AW-73 true wireless stereo headphones three frequencies are quite balanced, low frequency with enough layers, texture is not bad, and tight drums; excellent resolution in the middle frequency, dynamic range is not inferior to some flagship products; high frequency response is relatively rapid.