Which Smart Lock To Choose? Deshman Cadiz Samsung Deerhurst Four Hot Fingerprint Lock Cross-evaluation

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Intelligence has altered our way of life and made routine tasks more convenient. Even the simple act of opening the door is no longer the same. Many consumers have heard of smart locks, and their characteristics of not needing a key to open the door, only by virtue of fingerprints, passwords, and other ways to open the door, have piqued their interest. However, the understanding of the smart lock, consumer awareness is not detailed, inevitably do not know how to choose when buying a smart lock; in fact, there are many brands of smart locks, product performance is also mixed; consumers must pay attention to not only the lock level, anti-violence damage and other designs, but also smart lock recognition, anti-cat-eye design, whether there is a false password and other features.

Based on consumer needs, Bestbuy618 created this review of four mainstream smart lock brand products on the market, to show consumers the performance of the four smart locks, as well as the actual experience, so that consumers understand what features and parameters need to be noted when buying smart locks. Deschutes Q5 smart lock, Deer Guest T1 Pro smart lock, Cadiz K7 smart lock, and Samsung 708 smart lock are the four products reviewed.

Introduction to the four reviewed products The DSM Q5 smart lock has a push-pull design that eliminates the need to press the lock after verifying the door is open. The DSM Q5 uses a brushed metal process to make the smart lock more textured, while the fingerprint is located on the back of the handle design, not only to play a protective role, but also to make the user’s daily habits, grip more comfortable.

The shape of the previous generations of products is not much different in the shape of the LUKE T1 Pro smart lock with push-pull design, it has a fingerprint, password, key, APP, magnetic card, Bluetooth, and other different locking methods. Cadiz K7 smart lock with push-pull design, in the fingerprint authentication part also added slide cover design, fingerprint identification parts can be well protected.

The Samsung 708 smart lock is also a push-pull smart lock, but its shape is more streamlined, and the door handle is also more compact. The push-pull design also allows users to quickly open the door after successful verification. The four products reviewed are from well-known brands, including Deschutes and Cadiz, which are prestigious traditional door lock brands with a loyal following. Bestbuy618 also put the performance and functionality of the four smart locks mentioned above to the test in a variety of ways.

Introduction to the test method To conduct a comprehensive test, the smart lock cross-evaluation will be divided into the appearance of the structure and disassembly, unlocking experience, security and protection, extreme testing, and other major sections of the test, the core unlocking ability of the smart lock, and protection ability.

Consumers can understand the performance and practical application of these four products thanks to the above test. In addition to the table’s core functions, the article will highlight the smart lock in the application, such as the fully automatic lock body of some smart locks.