When Your Xbox Meets Samsung T5 What Kind Of Sparks Will Collide

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] Fast! Fast as hell! It’s so fast that it’s unbelievable! This isn’t a commentary on a sprint competition at a sporting event, nor is it the adoration of a delivery boy by users on a delivery website, nor is it the advertising slogan of a well-known sports protection brand – oh no, their strength appears to be overtime….. The important thing is that when I really feel the speed, the entire person enters an extremely excited state. After all, you may wonder, what in the end is this fast ah, but also the whole so exciting? This matter must also begin with an old machine.

The Xbox One has been with me for many years, and I first met it in 2014, when it represented the console market’s glory and dreams, as well as the trend of next-generation consoles. I was excited to get it, looking forward to spending time with it at all hours of the day and night, and it’s true, we two seem to have known each other for many years like old friends as soon as we met, a wave of game fever came, a wave of fever faded, and I also spent five years of happy time with it. However, as the volume of games and rendering technology improves, the Xbox One gradually bears more and more pressure to run, a visual representation of which is that it makes me stare at the progress bar for longer and longer.

For example, my Xbox One is running Halo 5: Guardians, and the loading speed and in-game reads are no longer comparable to the old days, and the newer games are a bit more difficult to handle, not to mention the slow entry time, the reading storage Until I discovered the Samsung Mobile SSD T5.

I’ve been researching the strategy, and many old users have suggested that I get a solid state drive, claiming that it will bring Xbox back to life. I’ve been a member of the team for a long time, and I’ve been a member of the team for a long time, and I’ve been a member of the team for a long time, and I’ve been a member of the team for a long time, and I’ve been a member of the team for a long time, and I’ve been a member of the team for a long time, and I’ve been a member of the team for But it turns out that I was completely wrong, and when I finally got my hands on the Samsung T5, it felt like it brought my Xbox One back to life.

According to the appearance, I have this piece of Samsung T5 in a red color scheme, the overall feeling in the hand is very cool, and the metal texture is visible. The corners are rounded, and the device has a nice overall feel to it. And, thanks to the SSD’s inherent advantages, it’s the size of one of my credit cards and light in weight, officially claiming 51 grams, not even as heavy as a box of business cards, a portable feature pulling out all the stops.

The drive is flanked by a Type-C port, which appears to be out of place on my Xbox One, as if it isn’t of its time. The official thoughtful consideration of the user’s choice of interface in various situations, saving the user money on a data cable and saving the user from the embarrassing situation of incompatible interfaces, can be said to take care of I am an OUT player. The Samsung T5 will be actively read when connected to the Xbox, and the interface will display the prompt “Format Samsung T5” It’s important to note that if you want to transfer games from the Xbox to the T5, you must first format the T5.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to transfer the games to the T5. Following that, you can carry out the game migration operation. To enter the main menu, press the Xbox button, then select the Settings option in the upper right corner.

After entering the settings, find the “Storage” tab and confirm to enter, and you will see the storage information of the Samsung T5 and the local storage space usage in the main interface.

To enter the official game transfer phase, select the Samsung T5 and click on the “Transfer” option. I’ll use Halo 5: Guardians as an example, which I’ve been playing for a long time, and select and move it here. When the prompt to begin the migration appears, it means that the move is complete, and after some waiting, I was finally able to play the game on my Samsung T5! Overall, it is clear that running games on the Samsung T5 is much faster than running them on this machine, and the difference is visible at a glance. Perhaps this is the so-called “once used, never returned”! From the loading time of the game, from the point of view of the game to enter the options page, running on the host time of about half a minute, sometimes even longer; but switching to run on the T5, loading time than before shortened 30-40%.

The loading time of the game chapter is intuitively reduced, eliminating the endless “spinning” waiting. I couldn’t help but think, “Fast! Fast as hell! So fast it’s unbelievable!” when I saw the T5 in the case.

In fact, saving my Xbox with the Samsung T5 is just one example of the convenience it provides me. The Samsung T5 can be said to meet my diverse needs, whether for work, business, or gaming. The flash memory particles in the Samsung T5 are the company’s fourth generation of 64-layer 3-bit MLC V-NAND. In terms of capacity, speed, and reliability, 3D NAND outperforms 2D NAND.

The metallic red color adds a different scenery to my boring business office environment, making me the center of attention when I take it out; the thin and light body and compact size make it easy for me to carry around and perfectly adapt to various office scenarios. Back to the old school, the T5 plus USB3.1 Gen2 interface read and write performance is excellent, and it inherits the data security system that has been passed down from generation to generation of Samsung hard drive products, which is invaluable at a time when users’ personal privacy protection is becoming increasingly important. Other features such as shock and drop resistance, fear of bumps, and large storage space must make people sigh, and the Samsung T5 can truly be described as “beautiful but not like a powerhouse.”