What You Don’t Know: Oppo Reno Ace Practical Features Cope

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] On October 10, at 14:00 Beijing time, OPPO launched the OPPO Reno Ace, a product that focuses on extreme hardcore performance, and is equipped with OPPO’s self-developed SuperVOOC Super Flash Charge 2.0, the world’s most advanced commercial charging technology, as well as a 90Hz gaming screen and Snapdr. In addition to these fantastic configurations, what are some other OPPO Reno Ace features that you may not be aware of but are extremely useful? Let’s take a look!OPPO Reno Ace OSIE ultra-clear visual effect

To enable users to experience richer visual effects, OPPO began to try to develop its own software layer video effect optimization program, hoping to re-edit the video processing path of the cell phone system, so as to improve the user’s visual experience and increase the performance of the product, this is the “OSIE ultra-clear visual effects” in OPPO smartphones. The OSIE Ultra HD effect will be enabled, and a small reminder will appear that the applications that support the OSIE Ultra HD effect include Jitterbug, Volcano, WeChat, Weixin, Foton, Meipai, Tencent Video, and Akiyip, and that when the OSIE Ultra HD effect is enabled, the video will be much higher definition and more colorful than the original video. Of course, users can also open the short video software via the system on the right side of the quick sidebar switch, where you can feel the effect of gradual optimization from left to right; after opening, the system will prompt “to improve the picture quality, the film is clearer.”

The OSIE Ultra HD effect is not enabled (left). The OSIE Ultra HD effect is enabled (right). These two comparison images are screenshots taken after I opened a short video without applying any filter effects. When the phone is not turned on OSIE, the video screen is dark and blurred; when OSIE is turned on, the brightness of the screen increases and the visual effect is improved.

The OSIE Super HD effect will increase power consumption, but the impact on daily power consumption is very small; additionally, the OPPO Reno Ace is equipped with 65W SuperVOOC super flash charging, which can charge to 27 percent in 5 minutes in the case of 1 percent of power, and the OPPO Reno Ace’s 40 The OPPO Reno Ace’s large capacity battery can be fully charged in 30 minutes, allowing you to safely open OSIE super clear vision. However, we must remind you that, while the open OSIE ultra-clear visual effect can make your phone screen display more gorgeous, clearer details, and a better visual sense of nature, you should not keep staring at the phone screen all the time; instead, a brief glance at the distant natural scenery is also beneficial.

What can NFC do? There are already many brands of smartphones with NFC function, but it appears that people know less about NFC. The most well-known is that NFC can be used to recharge the bus card, but NFC can be used for more than that. Knock on the blackboardFunction one NFC traffic card identification efficiency is equivalent to the physical bus card, and does not need to open the process of small procedures, far more convenient and fast than the brush. When the bus card does not have enough money to recharge, the use of NFC can be directly recharged, eliminating the need to visit a convenience store or subway station to recharge, which is not only convenient but also saves time.

OPPO Pay is an NFC-based offline mobile payment function that allows users to swipe their cards, top up (including phone bills and traffic recharge), access international internet, apply for credit cards, and take a taxi after opening OPPO Pay and binding their bank cards. It should be noted that OPPO Pay can be used to complete payment transactions and ride the bus and subway at POS machines with the “UnionPay Flash” logo. After verifying the wallet payment password or fingerprint, the user only needs to touch the phone on the POS machine to pay (payment is so simple and quick that I ran out of pocket money in half a month).

Both the BlackboardFunction 3 and the OPPO NFC functions can be transferred to each other. Of course, as long as the NFC function of smart phones can be transferred to each other, convenient and fast, two phones can transfer files by “back-to-back embrace.”

Breeno screen recognition is an innovative text and image recognition product that provides quick access to information such as addresses, food, movies, express delivery, flights, trips, and sporting events. It also allows you to bookmark articles, videos, and product detail pages within each app and view them from the “Free Bookmark” card in the Breeno Quick View on the far edge of the desktop. Simply put, if you see something that piques your interest, the system will extract and provide you with the corresponding information after you press the corresponding information according to how you have configured your phone.

It’s a minor feature, but it provides a quick and convenient experience. Breeno Screen Sense

When users open the Breeno screen, they can choose to use the thumb press or two-finger press operation. The press area can also be adjusted, but I believe the system default size is adequate for most users. At the moment, the applications that can use Breeno screen knowledge include some of the film and television APP (Akiyip, Tencent, Youku, etc.), Jitterbug, e-commerce platform (Jingdong, Taobao), social software (QQ, WeChat, etc.), UC browser and cell phone albums, information content, of course, if you need to add other applications, users can slide down to the bottom of the page “other applications ” in the The Breeno screen recognition function is so convenient and simple that I’m crazy to request it; if you still don’t understand, then watch a movie first to understand.

When a friend sends you a link to Taobao, you no longer need to go through complicated steps. With the Breeno screen enabled, you can press and hold the text part with your thumb or both fingers (depending on how you set up the gesture) and Breeno will automatically recognize the Taobao icon. Of course, Breeno screen knowledge can be more than that; the user can also enter keywords for Breeno screen knowledge to quickly extract the search, and you can present relevant information.

For example, after entering the keywords and pressing the text part, the system will recognize the relevant information and display it; simply click on the relevant information to be taken to the browser details page, which is simply too convenient!

OPPO has been developing multi-scene applications based on user needs, allowing users to further enjoy the convenient and fast experience provided by OPPO smartphones. Of course, the OPPO Reno Ace has more useful small functions waiting for you to discover, so you should try it out.