What Kind Of 5g Phone Can You Buy Around $1000?

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] 5G phones are likely to have entered the mainstream market by the end of last year. And by 2020, we’ll have seen 5G phones drop all the way from their exorbitant starting prices to become more and more affordable, and you’d be hard pressed to find a new phone that doesn’t support 5G. So, after a year of development, what kind of 5G phone can consumers spend around $1000 on? The OPPO A53 has a body weight of 175g and a thickness of 7.9mm.

This size and thickness, combined with the curved edge of the back cover, gives the A53 a good feel in the hand, and long-term use does not cause palm pain. This is especially important for a phone with a large 6.5-inch screen. The A53 I received this time is the lake green version, the saturation of this green is relatively low, in some angles will even show some silver gray texture, compared to other “bright” green, I prefer this light elegant.

Although the back of the OPPO A53 is made of plastic due to cost, the back of the A53 has a good texture and sense of light and shadow thanks to OPPO’s excellent coating process and polished curved edges.

The OPPO A53 screen size is 6.5 inches, the material is LCD, the resolution is 1080P, and OPPO used the open-hole screen scheme, which results in a more complete visual perception. After firsthand experience, I believe that phones in this price range are better suited to LCD screens. The A53 does not use an OLED material screen due to cost constraints; this type of screen has a higher contrast ratio and more pleasing color performance, but its disadvantages are also obvious. These shortcomings will be magnified one by one in cost-constrained cell phones; I have seen many phones using non-top OLED screens, whose display accuracy, color accuracy, and low brightness display effects are unacceptable; in contrast, the mainstream screen factory LCD screen technology is mature, and the price is also relatively suitable; OPPO A53 this LCD screen pixel density reached 405PPI, displaying any content is clear and sharp.

Furthermore, its screen refresh rate of 90Hz, the overall smoothness of use, and a higher cut than the traditional 60Hz to a higher cut Because it is an LCD screen, the A53’s screen does not have the annoying strobe problem at low brightness, which is still quite user-friendly and the reason why the ‘LCD party’ sticks to it. Given that many users will purchase this machine for their elderly relatives at home, battery life actually becomes a more important deciding factor.

In terms of hardware, the OPPO A53 has a 4080mAh battery, which is standard in the Android camp, so battery life should be adequate. After the actual three-hour battery life test (video 1080P resolution, Peace Elite and King’s Honor as the default image quality, screen brightness of 50%), OPPO A53 finally retained 67 percent of the power, this battery life in this year’s cell phones in the first tier of the level, do not need to worry about battery life.

To reduce power drops at night, the OPPO A53 learns the user’s usage habits and enters an ultra-low power consumption mode during the user’s sleep time.

In terms of performance, the OPPO A53 has a MediaTek Tiangui 720 SoC with up to 6GB of RAM. After several days of use, the OPPO A53’s smoothness is still quite good, with a 90Hz screen that allows for direct viewing and, of course, a combination of software and hardware optimization. A53 can also run smoothly in the more eat hardware configuration of the peaceful elite.

The OPPO A53 is equipped with a triple camera imaging system this time, the specific configuration is 1600W pixel main camera 200W pixel macro 200W pixel black and white portrait. In the actual sample photos, the A53 main camera performance at good optical quality, even in the more poor lighting conditions of the cloudy environment, the A53 can still shoot excellent still images.

To improve the image, the A53’s algorithm highlights the grass and flowers in the picture in vivid colors in the more color-sensitive part of the plant.

Furthermore, the resolution of this main camera is quite good, for the texture of the city buildings outline quite well, layered, the picture is rich in detail. Furthermore, the A53 camera’s tolerance performance is also noteworthy, in the backlight shooting, the backlight of the handbag at the color and detail are good reproduction.

Overall, the OPPO A53’s camera has a good hardware foundation, indicating that it does not have a low lower limit of photography, and OPPO’s long-standing algorithm accumulation in the field of imaging also benefits the A53, indicating that its upper limit of photography has a breakthrough performance at this price point. And, as algorithm technology advances, there may be further improvements in the future. The OPPO A53 comes with the ColorOS 7 system, a highly acclaimed Android customization system.

During this time, the smoothness of ColorOS 7 has been as good as ever, which is due to the system’s underlying optimization and not unrelated to the transition animation.

When it comes to the system’s unique features, I’ll start with the flashback key, which extracts brief information from within the app to a small floating window, allowing users to see what’s going on even if they exit the app. This feature currently supports the countdown to the plane takeoff of Peace Elite, the countdown to the resurrection of King of Honor, the navigation of Baidu Maps, and the location display of Drip Taxi. This is a small feature, but it solves our problems when using the phone. This feature appeals to me because it exemplifies the ColorOS team’s whimsy in designing software features as well as its precise understanding of user pain points, which is a microcosm of the entire ColorOS 7 feature design.

The OPPO A53 tells us that it has an excellent screen, a smooth system, strong performance, and can occasionally play games while taking photos. This has the excellent quality brought about by OPPO’s excellent supply chain management, but also the advantage brought about by the leading software team; in short, this is an excellent thousand yuan machine that can afford the selling price.