What Can You Do In 30 Minutes – Oppo K5 Vooc Flash Charge 4.0 Tells You

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]With the gradual integration of electronic products into everyone’s life, people have formed a “machine never leave the body” state, and with the emergence of a variety of entertainment, such as listening to songs and recording vlogs on the road to send messages, especially to watch microblogging and drama brush short video APP with strong power consumption function, daily power consumption is too large. Even if you can charge your phone outside, you will be more concerned because the charging speed is insufficient. The OPPO K5 is a hard-core thousand-dollar machine that can meet everyone’s needs on all fronts.

Even if you are unfamiliar with OPPO VOOC flash charging technology, most users have heard the slogan “five minutes of charging, two hours of talking.” Why not look at the “past life” of OPPO’s flash charging family? In fact, OPPO’s flash charging technology first appeared in 2014, and it was the first terminal manufacturer with its own fast-charging technology. That year, OPPO released the Find 7 equipped with VOOC flash charging to low-voltage, high-current program, and then charging mainstream QC fast charging formed a clear contrast. The majority of flagship phones on the market at the time used 5V/2A charging power, whereas OPPO’s VOOC flash charging technology could reach 5V/5A, with a maximum charging power of 25W, greatly reducing the waiting time for users to charge their phones.

The advantage of VOOC flash charging is that it can significantly reduce the phenomenon of body heating in charging, and lower voltage also brings protection for charging safety. In 2018, OPPO released the OPPO R17 Pro, which is equipped with SuperVOOC super flash charging technology and can charge the phone to 40% in 10 minutes; there are over 100 million Flash charging users worldwide.

OPPO SuperVOOC Super Flash Charging The OPPO Reno series, which was released this year, is equipped with VOOC flash charging 3.0 technology, and the use of VFC fast charging algorithm to improve the efficiency of constant voltage charging, so that the overall charging time is 23.8 percent shorter than VOOC2.0; at the same time, VOOC flash charging 3.0 to maintain the VOOC flash charging family technology bright screen flash charging characteristics, even during the charging process Play gam

VOOC 3.0 Time to October 10, OPPO released the new OPPO K5 in Chengdu, hardcore teenagers hardcore out, OPPO K5 flash charging technology to upgrade again, the new VOOC 4.0 flash charging technology, the use of custom MCU charging management chip, with BMS battery management chip, with a low-voltage high-current program to improve charging power; it is worth noting that OPPO K5 using a 5-fold safety chip, support charging while

According to OPPO’s official lab data, the OPPO K5’s 4000mAh high-capacity battery can charge up to 67 percent in 30 minutes, which is 12% faster than the charging time of the previous generation of flash charging technology.

Speaking of which, you could look at the Monchacha, but don’t worry, I ran a test to show you how fast the OPPO K5’s hardcore charging speed truly is. Because the power was still at 17 percent at the start, I watched nearly 3 hours of external sound TV series to finish the power consumption, just short of a sofa to lie down on. From this point, it can be seen that the OPPO K5 equipped with a 4000mAh large capacity battery has a very good battery life.

After charging for one minute, the power on the phone showed 1 percent, then I recorded the charging results every 5 minutes, the power showed 13 percent after the 5th minute of charging, 24 percent after 10 minutes of charging, the speed began to slow down after charging to 90 percent, and finally the 30W output power of OPPO K5 started from 1. It takes about 75 minutes for the 30W output power of OPPO K5 to charge from 1 percent to the phone displaying “charging completed.” The OPPO K5’s battery level was 62 percent after 30 minutes of charging, according to the actual test results.OPPO K5 charging data

Furthermore, in the low battery state, you can find the [Battery] option in the settings, and then turn on the OPPO K5’s “emergency freeze” mode, which will automatically “freeze” idle applications, applications in the “freeze” state will not be in the background power consumption, sending and receiving messages, and reading phone information, to ensure the phone’s battery life.

In this fast-paced world, charging must also be fast-paced to keep up with the mature use of VOOC4.0 flash charging technology, which has resulted in the development of a new generation of fast charging technology for cell phones and provided users with a charging experience. The OPPO K5 can be charged to more than 20% of the phone’s power in just 10 minutes, which can largely solve unexpected situations and reduce the anxiety of “low battery panic,” OPPO K5 is indeed a good choice; however, if you really have an emergency to deal with, you should remember to fully charge your phone in advance before going out!