What Can 8000 Mah Large Capacity Do? Hisense Diamond Phone 8000 Hands-on Review

I’m not sure when the 4,000mAh battery became popular in the market, but the emergence of a large number of mobile games and short video social media platforms has brought the issue of cell phone battery life to a head. For example, I still need to charge my phone every day, and I have to bring a rechargeable battery if I go out; and cell phone manufacturers, in order to control the thickness of the phone, but also usually do not choose too large a battery, so as long as the battery does not break through development, cell phone battery will not have too much progress.Hisense diamond cell phone 8000

Hisense Mobile introduces the Hisense Diamond Phone 8000 to strike a balance. This phone, as the name suggests, has a massive 8000mAh battery. Today, we’ll take you on a journey to experience the power of this phone’s battery life.

Appearance: long-lost tough design The appearance of the phone determines the user’s first impression of it. The Hisense King Kong Mobile 8000 retains the hard design style of Hisense cell phones, the overall minimalist design with the geometric lines of the back texture, showing different light spots in different light, and the 8mm thickness and 185g weight of the body is just right in the hand, reminding us of a long-lost feeling.

The front of the phone features a 6.5-inch LCD waterdrop screen, with the earpiece and other sensors designed between the screen and the middle frame, displaying a natural sense of integration beneath the black screen. I personally care about the phone’s screen, Hisense King Kong phone 8000 after lighting up the screen the most obvious feeling is the color is true, and OLED screen, this LCD screen overall color performance is very natural, and 91.14 percent of the scre

If you look closely, you’ll notice a major difference in this phone, which is the design of the metal contacts at the bottom of the back. The overall design is very “Iron Man,” with a tough style that brings a sense of post-industrial era, while the surface has also increased the horizontal cutting process, rough without losing details.

When charging, the 10-level energy ring in the middle can also visually show the charging progress of the current power; later, I will conduct a practical experience test on the battery life of Hisense King Kong Phone 8000. Photo shooting: 13 megapixels for richer resolution Hisense King Kong Phone 8000 rear camera uses a 13-megapixel main camera 2-megapixel secondary camera, which is also a more traditional combination scheme.

The main camera’s 2.9 micron mega pixel increases single-pixel light-sensitive area by 841 percent (official data), and I then used the phone to take some random sample photos on the streets of the park. From the above photos, the resolution remains at the first-tier level, especially the glass and fences of houses when viewed after zooming in. Simultaneously, I discovered that Hisense Diamond Phone 8000 will AI enhance the saturation and contrast when shooting landscape photos, resulting in more pleasing to the eye images. Continuity: 8000mAh silent second full Hisense diamond phone 8000 itself comes with a 4500mAh battery, which already belongs to a large-capacity cell phone, but taking into account the needs of some people, Hisense cell phone choose to hang, external power back clip of 3500mAh, so 8000mAh capacity directly become a mainstream.

I was joking when I said it was “odd,” many people like me must be curious about how terrible the phone’s battery life performance is, so I still used our three hour battery life test method (30 minutes microblogging 30 minutes watching online videos 60 minutes peace elite 60 minutes standby) to test it. Before the test, we discovered that Hisense King Kong 8000 has two battery modes, the first of which is “smart mode,” after opening the back clip battery directly for the first time In “charging mode,” the back clip battery directly powers the phone and charges its battery. In order to simulate actual use, we chose the smart mode between the two.

In the actual test, the back clip power of Hisense King Kong phone 8000 is 97 percent fully charged, the phone battery is 76 percent, and the overall battery life performance is excellent.

In terms of processor, the Hisense King Kong phone 8000 is not chosen for the Qualcomm Snapdragon series, but the Helio P70 processor, which has four 2.1GHz A73 cores and four 2.0GHz A53 cores, the process reaches 12nm, with 6G of running memory, there is basically no lag when dealing with daily software. We also ran the scores with AnTuTu, and the score reached 142,300, while Geekbench 4 scored 1538 single-core and

The firmware version of the phone in my possession as of the review deadline is L1587. During these few days of experience, I did not encounter any bugs in the system, and the overall operating logic remained the same as the previous Hisense phone system. It is worth noting that the icons in this system are finally round, at least I personally like the round icons, one because the round icons are closer to the Google native, and the other because the round icons are also relatively more simple and concise.

Summary The biggest selling point of Hisense King Kong phone 8000 is not its external battery life, 8000mAh battery I even think can be comparable to rechargeable battery, and this modular design is actually rare today, I personally hope that Hisense cell phone will be launched in the future whether other combinations of accessories, let us look forward to it together