Wd_black P10 Experience Review For Gamers’ Portable Game Library

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]It would be a lie to say that as a game old man who was enlightened by the Little King learning machine, you don’t envy the new generation of gamers now. Today’s games are quite strong in terms of story plot, playability, graphics effects, and so on. When compared to the past, when a 3.5-inch floppy disk could copy the game, and now even handheld games from time to time out of more than a dozen GB, 30 to 40 GB has been the common capacity of mainstream games.

So, if you can transport console or PC games, it’s difficult to imagine… Ahem, you haven’t seen the WD_BLACK P10 game dedicated mobile hard drive.

Yes, not only in terms of games, but also in terms of hardware, the new generation of gamers to make our batch of game old man lemon.

Just as we cherish our favorite games, the next generation of gamers has similar requirements. And it’s not just about storage for them; it’s about sharing and playing with their friends. The WD_BLACK P10 is ideal for these requirements; as the name suggests, this mobile hard drive is from WD_BLACK, a Western Digital brand created for gamers that has been dedicated to bringing high-performance storage products to gamers and high-end users since its inception in order to provide them with a superior gaming experience.

The WD_BLACK P10 is the ideal solution for users who require high capacity storage but are unable to add a hard drive to their machine. It features ample storage space of 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB, as well as strong performance guarantee to eliminate hardware problems and worries, stable transfer speed to ensure gamers’ gaming experience, compact and lightweight size to allow users to carry with them, and support for various platforms and syncing.

The WD_BLACK P10 is a portable gaming “arsenal” for gamers, meeting all of their daily entertainment needs. It also received the “IT Impact China” 2020 Innovation Award for its outstanding performance. The appearance of the WD_BLACK P10 continues the style of the WD_BLACK series, similar to the design of the secret agent’s weapon case in the film, with high recognition. The aluminum metal case adds texture while also providing reliable protection and heat dissipation for the drive, ensuring the drive’s safety and stability during movement and work.

Hexagonal screws are used to secure the hard drive’s four corners.

The drive’s dimensions are approximately 118mm*88mm*20.8mm (5TB version, length, width, and height), and its weight is approximately 230g (5TB version). The WD_BLACK P10 also has four rubber anti-slip pads at the bottom, which, in addition to working more stably on the desktop, the slightly elevated height can effectively eliminate vibration, i.e., the loss of internal components of the disk from long-term vibration, and also eliminate noise generated by the hard drive directly touching the desktop. It supports the use of two popular game console devices, PLAYSTATION 4 PRO (PS 4) and XBOX ONE, in addition to being connected to a computer.

We ran a score test on it using ATTO test software, and the results show that the WD_BLACK P10 performs admirably, with a maximum read speed that is even faster than the official value.

To ensure the accuracy of the test results, we used another software to run a separate read/write test on it; this time, the results are more representative of the user’s daily use, and the overall performance of the WD_BLACK P10 is very satisfactory.

In the face of ever-increasing gaming capacity, users’ demand for storage space is gradually increasing. Storage devices such as these HDDs and SDDs are becoming increasingly popular. The WD_BLACK P10 gaming-specific mobile hard drive can meet users’ needs in terms of both value and performance. It is a product worth purchasing!