Vlog Lovers Of The Gospel Canon G7 X Mark Iii Camera Review

What is the most popular type of content on social media platforms right now? I believe everyone will say vlog. Yes, as evidenced by the popularity of the main video creation platform, young people are more willing to express themselves in the form of video than in traditional graphic communication, and this trend will continue to rise with the emergence of the future 5G network. The popularity of lightweight filming equipment – cell phones, card cameras, and sports cameras – is largely responsible for this upkeeper’s inspiring words.

Some people may believe that card cameras are unnecessary because a cell phone can handle all of their daily shooting needs. But can a phone with no anti-shake and no optical zoom really meet your long-term shooting needs? The answer is no. As you create deeper and deeper, you will become more aware of the card camera’s distinct charm. It can be said that card cameras are the main force of lightweight shooting video, while cell phones and sports cameras are suitable for carrying out the task of interspersed shots in the video.

But why should we choose a card camera over a professional shooting equipment with better radio and longer battery life? The answer is simple: more professional equipment often has a not so light volume and weight, which contradicts the concept of “light load” that we advocate. And, if the radio and range issues on the card camera are resolved, it is more important to use the latter to shoot it.

VLOG lovers of the gospel of small body performance everywhere Canon launched a new generation of card cameras, the PowerShot G7 X Mark III, in July this year, which maintains high image quality and a small, compact body while further enhancing video shooting capabilities. 100P high frame rate shooting; 5-axis stabilization for short films; touch control, vertical screen shooting/browsing; the body includes a 3.5mm external microphone input terminal for better radio reception; and supports USB power adapter PD-E1 for continuous power supply shooting, or mobile power charging in playback and shutdown mode to extend the camera’s battery life.

The PowerShot G7 X Mark II is the successor to the PowerShot G7 X. The PowerShot G7 X Mark II has become a must-have for most female bloggers in the fashion and beauty categories due to its compact size, easy operation, rich features, and excellent direct photo/video output. The upgraded PowerShot G7 X Mark III retains the outstanding shooting ability of its predecessor while also significantly improving the video capability to meet the market’s growing demand for video shooting.

The PowerShot G7 X Mark III body measures approximately 105*60.9*41.4mm and weighs approximately 280g (body only), maintaining the qualities of a pocket camera that is light and portable. In addition to the classic black color scheme, the third generation has introduced a more literary silver model. The latter is expected to be more popular among female users.