Vivo Z6 Hands-on Review: Entry-level 5g Phone Appearance Image System Comprehensive Upgrade

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]As 5G becomes more popular in the first year, many cell phone manufacturers choose to release new 5G products in the spring. As 5G technology advances, the flagship is no longer the only flagship; mid-range positioning phones have also joined the team. vivo, as one of the first 5G cell phone manufacturers, has been playing a leading role in the industry with its advanced design and innovative 5G research and development.

With the release of the Vivo Z6, a new 5G phone that focuses on the young market and cost performance, a large number of users have been attracted. The following step will be to see how this new 5G machine performs in a simple hands-on. With the increasing demand for cell phone design, the face value of the phone has become one of the most important reference indicators when purchasing a machine.

The Vivo Z6 has a 6.57-inch ultra-small aperture polar screen with an industry-leading front camera aperture of only 3.85mm, which conceals the 16-megapixel front camera within the body; the frontal forehead and bezel are well controlled, but the chin is relatively large, but it has no effect on the screen. The overall look and feel of the screen, screen to body ratio reached 90.74 percent; however, most likely due to the addition of a large capacity 5000mAh battery, the thickness of the body made a little “sacrifice,” compared to the market has been released 5G phones, 9.16mm thickness or let Vivo Z6 a little loss; bottom The 3.5mm headphone jack is retained, while the Type-C interface is equipped.

Furthermore, the Vivo Z6 has a 3D quad-curved body design, with the rear quad camera arranged in the upper left of the body, next to the quad camera is the rear fingerprint recognition module (Vivo Z6 supports face recognition unlock in addition to rear fingerprint recognition unlock), the bottom left is the Vivo 5G logo, the walk is still the minimalist style; with the extreme shadow black, intergalactic silver, glacier era three colorways, not only has a better grip The vivo Z6 has a 16-megapixel front-facing camera for clearer, brighter, and more natural selfies, as well as HDR backlighting to automatically detect the shooting environment and improve photo dark details. The Z6 also has a plethora of photo modes such as AR Moe shot, body camera, portrait light effect, and so on; portrait light effect technology can be used to switch between natural light, studio light, and three-dimensional light effect at will, and selfie play is extensive.

The rear quad-camera system consists of a 48 million ultra-clear main camera with F1.79 aperture 112° anti-distortion super wide-angle lens 4cm super macro lens independent portrait depth of field lens, which continues to improve image quality for young people. To learn more, look through a set of sample photos. The depth of field bokeh lens can highlight the subject more, the bokeh edge transition is more natural, so the picture has a richer sense of layers. In general, the resolution of the images taken with the 48 million mode is still very good when shooting scenes of large environments.

The vivo Z6’s 8-megapixel ultra wide-angle lens can accommodate more images, and the 112° anti-distortion lens allows the image edges to reduce image dissonance caused by distortion. When shooting in low-light situations, the vivo Z6 struggles slightly with highlight and noise handling, but the overall performance is adequate for the user’s photography needs.

In terms of hardware, the Vivo Z6 also meets the needs of the majority of people. It is outfitted with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G mobile platform with integrated 5G chip module and based on 7nm process, built-in Snapdragon X52Modem, to achieve dual-mode support for 5G independent group network and non-independent group network, can intelligently switch 5G/4G, in the case of poor 5G signal coverage, can also intelligently switch to 4G network to ensure that the network is not dropped at all times. The Vivo Z6 can also keep running smoothly in the highest quality and extreme frame rate during the game test, and there is no lag or frame drop in the middle, indicating that the performance is stable.

In addition to 5G, the Vivo Z6 supports dual WiFi acceleration, intelligent network condition judgment, whether watching videos, brushing microblogging, or playing games, these scenarios can run smoothly, coupled with Vivo SLA intelligent network acceleration technology, can achieve 5G dual WiFi channel acceleration, even in the underground parking lot with bad signal, or in high-speed rail, subway, and other scenarios, through HPUE can also be targeted optimization. The vivo Z6 is equipped with a large-capacity battery of 5000mAh and supports 44W ultra-fast flash charging, laying a solid foundation for the realization of ultra-long battery life; with vivo’s Power saving engine technology, significantly reduce the problem of 5G more power consumption, intelligent scheduling 5G network, although in the body thickness to make concessions, but vivo Z6 in the cell phone lif This is not an exaggeration; the specific real test will reveal this. When the phone is automatically turned off during the charging test, it can be charged to 12 percent in 10 minutes and takes about 65 minutes to show “charging complete.”

The vivo Z6 adopts a PC-grade liquid cooling cooling system with 85mm long liquid cooling tubes, plus a multi-layer graphite cooling film that can quickly reduce the core temperature, and there is also Cooling Turbo intelligent thermal management strategy, which intelligently adjusts the phone from the software level to ensure both temperature rise experience and significantly improve performance, both soft and hard. The vivo Z6 brings a number of innovative and intelligent applications, dedicated to meeting the needs of users in various scenarios and leading a new intelligent life, based on the strong underlying system of Funtouch OS 10. The desktop icons of the Vivo Z6 are stylized, and the transition animation is much more natural than before, based on the principle of “universality, ease of use, and comfort,” and the mainstream full-screen gestures make the operation process very convenient. The graphic design is more inclusive and bionic, making it easier to access information at a glance and improving the user’s operation efficiency.

In the negative screen, popular information will be pushed in real time, and users can click to browse; the shortcut portal includes WeChat, Alipay, and other sweep code payment functions, as well as car code, flashlight, voice translation, and other common tools, and users can set up shortcut functions through the “management” option; additionally, the intelligent negative screen will also display life services and sports.

Furthermore, with the national promotion of garbage classification now underway, many consumers will be perplexed as to how to classify various types of garbage. vivo Z6’s smart map function added garbage classification function, users can open the camera, select [smart map] function in [more], select [garbage classification] and click the screen, it can accurately identify dry, wet, and other garbage, so that users can more easily and correctly complete the garbage classification, simply It’s so practical. The price of 5G products launched this year is high, and this entry-level 5G phone is very affordable to most consumers, allowing more people to experience the benefits of 5G.