Vivo Y76s Starry Night Black Experience: $1000 Flash Charging Relieve Your Power Anxiety

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] There are various types of cell phones available in the $1000 price range. For consumers who do not understand the cell phone industry, purchasing is akin to opening a blind box, which appears beautiful but contains a surprise or shock. I believe that the thousand dollar price point of the phone is the first thing, both the appearance and performance of a thousand strong machine, consumers will pay for it, and it can leave a good reputation in the market. Today’s share is the thousand yuan machine vivo Y76s, so let’s see how it performs.

This time I received the Vivo Y76s Starry Night Black color scheme, and my first impression was naturally the beautiful appearance. The body’s back cover is an elegant style, not a minimalist black, but a clear and deep black. When exposed to light, the super sparkling star diamond process will be visible.

Following the light, the starburst look and feel is not only layered, but also stylish and innovative. In terms of touch, the body thickness is 7.79mm and the overall weight is 175g, so the first feeling in your hands is naturally thin and light. The surface has a special AG effect texture that, when combined with the coating, creates a delicate and comfortable touch.

On the front is a large 6.58-inch wide color gamut HD screen with a screen ratio of 20:9, which provides a good visual experience. So, just by looking at it, the look and feel of the young fashion style, the touch is the pursuit of light and thin, can be compared to most flagship machines.

The hardcore configuration is responsible for the performance. The vivo Y76s has a 6nm process Tiangui 810 5G Soc. This octa-core processor with a frequency of up to 2.4GHz provides good chip power management and performance as a thousand-dollar machine configuration. The vivo Y76s is equipped with a massive 8 256GB memory, memory fusion technology, 8GB 4GB equivalent to 12GB of memory, and supports up to 1TB of micro SD card memory expansion to further enhance the user’s smooth experience.

According to the official test, the Vivo Y76s can run up to 24 APPs at once, and large games are no problem. I used the phone to run two of the most popular handheld games: King of Glory and League of Legends. The two games ran smoothly, and there was no lag or frame drop during the game, indicating that its adaptability to current handheld games is still quite strong, without any pressure.

Furthermore, to provide users with a better gaming experience, the Vivo Y76s employs a fivefold liquid cooling cooling system of “super liquid cooling heat pipe multi-layer three-dimensional graphite heat sink high thermal conductivity copper foil thermal gel intelligent cooling

To help users have a great gaming experience, it is supported by a variety of technologies such as Gaming Magic Box 10.0, Multi-Turbo 5.0, Gaming Eye Protection 2.0, and Intelligent Thermal Management System, both soft and hard. I am quite satisfied with the performance of this phone after game verification; daily use is not a problem. I believe most people agree that Vivo’s phones do a pretty good job in terms of imaging capabilities, and the Vivo Y76s is no exception. To begin, there are two rear cameras: a 5000W pixel main camera and a 200W pixel macro camera.

The ultra HD main camera allows us to capture more details, freeze clear images in both bright and dark environments, and restore rich colors using algorithms. These photos were taken by me during the day and at night.

The image taken during the day is relatively clean and tidy, the overall tone is consistent, and the blue sky and white cloud colors can be well rendered. Even in bright light, the Vivo Y76s can be kept from causing excessive glare due to the disruption of the phone’s internal metering system.

The night shooting process, which uses a night mode with a long exposure mode superimposed, restores some of the color lost due to the darkness of the night, so the overall appearance of the sample is still relatively bright and clear. However, because this night mode increases the amount of light into the shooting, the requirements for stability are higher; users may need to use a tripod to shoot in order to ensure adequate light intake, in order to take better night photos. It supports video beauty when calling third-party (currently WeChat, Nails, EaseUS, Umeet) cameras for video calls, and can be adjusted to low, medium, and high levels of beauty.

In terms of selfies, we can start with the sample photos, which have poor bokeh.

These samples were taken directly from the Vivo Y76s selfies and have a medium to strong bokeh. With the front portrait mode 2.0, which includes portrait beauty, tone style, bokeh, and other functions, it can meet the user’s personalized shooting needs for various scenarios, resulting in better selfie samples for face contour and skin refinement. It, for example, supports bokeh level adjustment, allowing users to select the degree of bokeh that best suits their needs. The bokeh effect is still visible in the above three samples of weak, medium, and strong bokeh.

The last thing most people are concerned about is the phone’s charging and battery life, which is also its most notable feature. In terms of charging, the Vivo Y76s has a 44W Flash Charge, which is quite uncommon in today’s $1,000 price point market. To test its battery life, I charged it from 0% and watched the power every ten minutes to get the following charging rate graph. According to this charging rate graph, the charging rate of the vivo Y76s is considered to be okay, within 30 minutes can be charged into 60% of the power, is expected to be full within 60 minutes, “thousand yuan flash charging” is also considered a unique.

However, with the optimization of the processing strategy between system layer and core resources, intelligent App scheduling mechanism, network mechanism, task priority management mechanism, and so on, the battery life brought by the energy guardian technology (VEG) should not be underestimated. Following the test, 96 percent of the battery had 69 percent of the battery remaining.

This demonstrates that the Vivo Y76s’ charging and battery life performance is very satisfactory. The author believes that this type of battery life is sufficient to meet the user’s normal needs for going out for the day without carrying a bulky rechargeable battery. And charging, you can use fragmented time, such as meal time, to extend a certain amount of battery life for the phone, I believe that most people’s power anxiety can be effectively relieved. In general, Vivo Y76s appearance, charging, and battery life are unique, especially in the thousand yuan market, where the competitiveness and strength can be seen.

So, what are your thoughts on the Vivo Y76s, which comes with a thousand yuan flash charge?