Vivo Y55s Experience: 6000mah Of Ultra-long Battery Life Energy Directly Pull Full

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]As the year 2021 approaches, cell phone manufacturers are working hard to release their own products, and Vivo is no exception. The Vivo Y55s is a recently released new product in Vivo’s cell phone product line, and it has always won the hearts of many users with its high value and long battery life, and its update frequency is also relatively frequent. I had some experiences and discovered that there are still a lot of highlights worth sharing, which you can see by following the author.

The ceramic black, mirror lake blue, and cherry pink meteor color schemes are available for the vivo Y55s, and the one in my hands is the mirror lake blue color scheme. The name derives from the deep fusion of technological craftsmanship and nature, with the glistening scene of the lake incorporated into the phone’s back cover. The high-gloss lens coating process allows the entire back cover to act like a mirror in most cases, clearly reflecting the outside world, and it shows a variety of color variations such as blue, cyan, orange, and yellow with the reflection of light from different angles. This color change, like a lake, seems to be able to accommodate everything; sometimes and shimmering, the shore orange-yellow sand and blue lake mingle together, clear and agile.

The front side features a 6.58-inch LCD screen with a slightly curved center frame, and the volume button and “fingerprint power” are combined into one design that is more visually and operationally in line with the user’s daily habits. Another unique feature is the dual camera on the back cover, which has an innovative breathable cloudy design that elegantly divides the rear camera and the transparent piece with a sense of hierarchy.

The Y55s is outfitted with a new generation of Vivo’s customized super speakers, which support 200 percent volume and have a maximum sensitivity of 92 decibels. Simultaneously, its amplitude, sound propulsion, and equivalent cavity volume have been improved over the previous generation, and it can be adjusted to various scenarios. The sound quality is fully evolved, and it is worth noting that the Vivo Y55s has microphones at the top and bottom of the body, which can effectively resist ambient noise interference and greatly improve the clarity of normal calls.

As a result, the overall audio and video experience is still quite good, and the real speaker experience is not compromised. Of course, the audio and video experiences are more subjective, and the author’s statement only represents his own personal experience, which may or may not be applicable to all.

In other configurations, the 7nm Tiangui 700 octa-core processor, memory fusion, five liquid cooling, and gaming eye protection 2.0 technology can assist users in achieving a smooth gaming experience. The frame rate of the game was stable throughout the test of hand games, and the operation also kept up with the hand, except for a slight sense of loss caused by the game’s failure, but there was no discomfort. As a result, when it comes to running popular hand games, The vivo Y55s is perfectly capable of doing so.

The Vivo image system is still relatively outstanding in the industry, and the Vivo Y55s naturally inherits Vivo’s excellent image capabilities, with a dual-camera system based on 5000W pixels at the rear. The “5000W” means that the ability to capture details isn’t too bad, and thanks to Vivo’s proprietary algorithm, the photos taken are at least in clarity, which isn’t a problem at all. That’s all there is to it; let’s take a look at the sample photos directly. The photos above were taken directly from the vivo Y55s.

The samples taken during the day will naturally have a higher degree of clarity, whether sunny or cloudy, and can truly restore the details. For example, the rendering of leaf color, blue sky, and white clouds does not transition; all are essentially accurate representations of the real world.

In terms of night photography, the vivo Y55s maintains the company’s standard style, restoring more rich color details via the multi-frame noise reduction algorithm. The question of whether the colors are oversaturated varies from person to person.

Warm and cool tones result from distinct personal aesthetics, and there is no superiority or inferiority.

In terms of image quality, the Vivo Y55s makes better use of the 5000W pixel main camera and, without a doubt, provides a better image experience. Furthermore, the 800W pixel single camera in the front, with night view, ring screen fill light, dual view video, double exposure, and other modes and play, can assist you in easily freezing the beautiful moments of life.

When it comes to battery life, this is without a doubt the first phone I’ve seen this year with a capacity of up to 6000mAh. The current flagships have batteries that do not exceed 5000mAh, whereas the Vivo Y55s draws energy directly from the battery. As usual, I tested the battery life in the following conditions: WiFi environment, turn off Bluetooth and positioning, brightness 50 percent, sound 30 percent, close all background programs; 1 hour of game, 1 hour of video playback, 1 hour of music playback, standby 8 hours of testing, to obtain the following battery life curve graph.

The VIVO Y55s has an incredible battery life, thanks not only to its large battery, but also to the VEG Energy Guard technology. In a nutshell, this is a mechanism that allows system applications to coordinate their power consumption, allowing software to run smoothly while effectively reducing power consumption. Furthermore, the Vivo Y55s supports reverse charging, but it requires the use of an OTG cable.

I believe that the main highlights of the Vivo Y55s are primarily reflected in the four aspects listed above, which I believe you have read and comprehended. According to my personal experience, the most notable feature or advantage is the battery life, 6000mAh super-long battery life, energy directly pull full, if you have a high demand for battery life, I believe the vivo Y55s is unquestionably a very suitable cell phone products for you.