Vivo X70 Pro+ Review: Opening The Era Of Hardware-level Algorithms As A Flagship

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Almost 9 months have passed since the release of the previous generation of Vivo X60 series, looking back on the previous generation, Vivo X60 series with excellent image and strong performance “numerous fans,” particularly the Vivo X60 Pro equipped with Zeiss joint The image system of Vivo X60 Pro not only allows the smartphone to achieve excellent results in an extremely limited space, but also improves the precision of lens processing an Similarly, on September 9, Vivo officially launched the X70 series after a nine-month wait. In addition to the same Zeiss imaging system and still strong performance, Vivo’s self-developed professional independent imaging chip V1 debuts in the Vivo X70 Pro. Before we get into imaging, I’d like to explain why this imaging chip has gotten so much attention from people both inside and outside the industry.

“V1 is a professional image chip that can meet the image needs of the user when taking photos and videos in the overall image system.” Through a strong combination of software and hardware, as well as faster processing optimization algorithms, the first X70 series equipped with it can achieve significant improvements in image strength. Simply put, the V1 chip’s main capability is to focus on night scenes and video, providing users with a better image experience.

The vivo X70 Pro incorporates a 5000W pixel large base micro cloud stage main camera, a 1200W pixel professional portrait lens, a 4800W pixel ultra wide angle lens, and an 800W pixel periscope super telephoto camera in a slim body with a rear quad camera imaging system, with the large-bottom micro cloud stage main camera with 50 megapixels clearly reproducing the city buildings, roads, and trees in the picture, and the 4800W pixel This ultra wide-angle lens captures more picture content than standard lenses due to its 120° ultra wide-angle imaging feature of 4800W pixels, resulting in spectacular images. Simultaneously, the addition of T* coating raises the image quality to a new level.

As night falls and the sky gradually darkens, streetlights, rather than the sun, illuminate the city and the night. The excellent light sensitivity of the lens in the Vivo X70 Pro gives the image plenty of brightness, whether it’s rocks in the near or trees in the dark, or houses, lights, or divers in the distance, all are included in the viewfinder by the lens in the Vivo X70 Pro. With a large 1/1.56-inch main camera that captures more light in the image and a micro cloud stage that allows for clear and bright images at long exposures, this professional video flagship has excellent night photography capabilities. A Vivo X70 Pro can help you record night scenes without a tripod or shutter cable.

The “starry sky” function in night mode allows you to capture the stars in the night sky as if they were visible to the naked eye. The vivo X70 Pro also includes “Zeiss Portrait Style,” a 1200W pixel professional portrait lens that relies on a powerful portrait algorithm to simulate the depth of the classic Zeiss lens, with Zeiss Biotar style bokeh (rotating bokeh), Zeiss Distagon style bokeh (wide- Users choose these style filters and then image, and you will be able to create the most textured straight out of the picture, as if the user can try out their own experience.

The vivo X70 Pro does not disregard the anti-shake feature. Although most of the vibrations are offset by the micro cloud table and screen crop, the violent vibrations generated by the alternating pace of the dog running are transmitted. The extremely elegant black is one of the most classic colors that can be used on a variety of items, and with Vivo’s fluorite AG process, it’s like sprinkling fine starlight into the peaceful night sky. Most of the time, the Vivo X70 Pro is calm and introverted, but when illuminated by strong light, it can be exquisite and dazzling.

Aside from “Black,” the Vivo X70 Pro is also available in two other colorways: Journey (orange pigmented leather) and Wilderness (blue).

The lens module panel is unique in comparison to the previous design, as is the ceramic cloud window. The front is Samsung 6.78-inch 2K E5 LTPO super-sensitive free screen (curved screen), support 10bit color scale, vivo reference collage art style, ceramic cloud window using 2 different large area multi-material stitching, with visual and tactile double contrast to bring double-sided style collision; unique iconic “Pro ” and “Vivo Zeiss joint research and development” logo, the unique shape to create a simple and orderly design aesthetic.

The new refresh rate stepless variable speed technology from LTPO addresses the power consumption issue of the Vivo X70 Pro at the hardware level. In terms of specifics, LTPO’s new infinitely variable refresh rate technology can vary from 120hz smooth to 1Hz energy saving depending on the user’s usage scenario, ensuring the user’s ultimate demand for control and smooth visual experience while intelligently reducing power consumption to avoid ineffective power consumption on the screen. There aren’t many phones on the market today that can meet both of these criteria. The Vivo X70 Pro, Vivo’s annual “peak flagship,” has also been comprehensively upgraded in terms of experience.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, Qualcomm Snapdragon’s most advanced Android processor, uses a new 5nm process, which provides a significant performance boost over the Snapdragon 888 with no change in power consumption. In terms of actual score results, the Vivo X70 Pro scored 5420 in 3D Mark and over 850,000 in AnTuTu.

Furthermore, the theoretical throughput data of LPDDR5 memory can greatly improve users’ application retrieval and cache speed. The Vivo X70 Pro will be faster in downloading, copying, app installation, and reading games and documents when combined with UFS 3.1 flash memory.

The frame rate of the game was very stable throughout the 30-minute game test, with no frame drops or lagging, and the average frame rate of the game was kept at around 60fps, with the 2K E5 LTPO super-sensitive free screen to take the gaming experience to the next level. Furthermore, thanks to the professional image chip V1, the X70 Pro can achieve a real-time game frame rate of up to 120hz by interpolating frames in real time and supplementing one frame of transition animation in two frames to achieve a higher frame rate, lower power consumption, and smooth gaming without burning hands. The addition of stereo dual speakers and an X-axis linear motor provides a more immersive experience for gamers, and the built-in 4500mAh high-capacity battery ensures that even prolonged use does not cause the phone to consume too much power; with 55W fast charging, charging can be completed in 55 minutes. It should be noted that the Vivo X70 Pro introduces 50W wireless charging and 10W wireless reverse charging for the first time.

In addition to the improvements in design, image, performance, and charging, the Origin OS, which is available on the entire Vivo X70 series, is a highlight of this X70 series. Full-scene experience iterations of video, office, smart interconnection, and cell phone security provide users with a better phone experience.

The X70 series has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of experience as Vivo’s annual “peak flagship.” The annual flagship chip, super-sensitive free screen, stereo dual speakers, large volume X-axis linear motor, IP68 water and dust resistance, 50W wireless flash charging, and other flagship configurations are all pulled together at the same time, and the humanized experience is also fully reflected from the inside out. With the V1 chip, the X70 series has ushered in a new era of advancement in portrait, night scene, anti-shake, and video, among other areas. It not only covers the entire scene and focal length with the Zeiss optical lens, Zeiss T* coating, and large base micro cloud stage main camera, but it also organically combines the optical device, image chip, and software algorithm to bring more excellent cell phone image strength and user experience, which may reshuffle the existing cell phone image pattern. For this professional image, the “peak flagship” vivo X70 Pro’s flagship performance, design, and aesthetics will undoubtedly set off a wave of replacement.