Vivo S7e Review: Slimmer Body Clearer Photos

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Over the last year, we’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon in the cell phone industry: with the advent of the 5G era, cell phone manufacturers made a lot of additions to their phones in order to provide better heat dissipation and battery life, resulting in most 5G phones being a little “over the limit” in terms of weight and thickness; later, manufacturers realized this matter and began to optimize their phones again. Later, manufacturers recognized this issue and began to optimize their phones to return the weight and thickness of 5G phones to normal levels, and today’s protagonist, the vivo S7e, is a product born in this context. As a 5G phone, the vivo S7e’s body weight is only 171g and thickness is only 7.73mm, light enough and thin enough, and with the curved back cover, the overall grip is quite excellent. The front of the vivo S7e features a 6.44-inch 1080P resolution OLED display, an integrated screen fingerprint module, a full-screen solution using the rare waterdrop screen, and a good overall screen ratio.

The overall screen-to-body ratio remains favorable.

Turning to the back, the S7e’s camera layout is a long vertical strip rather than the more common matrix design. This is a plus for me because, in comparison to the large matrix, the long strip of the camera layout can do a good visual balance with the lower left corner of the Vivo logo, making the body look and feel more coordinated. This time I got the phantom sand star sea color scheme, the name is the main color of the machine, the body color from purple, blue, silver three main colors gradually transition, slightly dreamy.

If you prefer a more subdued color scheme, like me, Vivo has two body colors to choose from: silver moon and black mirror.

Although the body is thin and light, the vivo S7e still considers the higher power consumption of 5G, so it comes with a large 4100mAh battery. After three hours of battery life testing (online video resolution is 1080p, game quality is the highest image quality the phone can choose, screen brightness 50%), the Vivo S7e still has 72 percent of power left, an outstanding achievement. Furthermore, in terms of charging, this time the Vivo S7e is equipped with Vivo’s own FlashCharge 2.0 fast charging solution with a power of 33W, which can charge 23 percent in 10 minutes, 60 percent in half an hour. When combined with the pricing, this is an acceptable charging performance.

The vivo S7e is equipped with a MediaTek Tiangui 720 SoC, which has two A76 architecture cores and six A55 architecture cores, with a big.LITTLE size core configuration to ensure the phone’s performance and power consumption. The Vivo S7e is very smooth to use on a daily basis, and the application response speed is also very fast. There is no memory crunch in daily use due to the large 8GB of memory.

In the more performance-consuming game scenarios, the Vivo S7e can also maintain a fairly good fluency. In my experience, the Vivo S7e’s frame rate performance is very stable, even in the group battle scenarios of King’s Honor and the more performance-consuming Peace Elite.

Furthermore, the Vivo S7e did not overheat during the high-intensity battery life test, and the maximum temperature of the game was only slightly warm and hot, causing no discomfort. This is most likely due to the Tiangui 720 SoC’s advanced 7nm process, which allows the chip to have better heat control. Furthermore, Vivo equipped the S7e with liquid cooling heat pipes and a large number of graphite heat sinks to improve the overall efficiency of the machine for heat guidance.

The vivo S7e is equipped with a triple photography system with a 6400W pixel main camera 800W pixel super wide angle 200W pixel macro configuration, which can be said to cover the majority of photo scenarios. The sample performance of the vivo S7e in actual shooting meets our expectations for this price point as well.

Among them, the 6400W pixel main camera provides impressive high resolution, as seen in the photo below, where I took a top shot from the 21st floor and zoomed in to clearly see the text on the road sign. The telephoto capability of this high pixel main camera is very capable even without the use of a telephoto lens.

Furthermore, the high pixel count opens up more options for picture composition. For example, in the sample below, I digitally zoomed the main camera for composition purposes, and the lines in the image and the trees in the distance remained clear and sharp even at three times magnification, indicating that the Vivo S7e’s main camera has good dynamic range when shooting backlit scenes. As seen in the image, the Vivo S7e can retain rich details in both the highlight sky and clouds and the backlit buildings in the dark.

This advantage in dynamic range also extends to the ultra wide angle lens, and as an ultra wide angle lens with a 120 degree field of view, it can record a wider range of images. In this sample shot from the same position and angle as the main camera, we can clearly see the visual impact of the ultra wide-angle lens, which frequently has unexpected surprises when shooting landscapes and even full-body portraits.

In fact, due to body size limitations, cell phone pure hardware for night photography frequently faces low rate, insufficient brightness, low purity, and other problems, but thanks to the phone’s powerful computing power, the phone has been able to achieve an excellent night photography effect by shooting multiple photos of different exposure for synthesis. Similarly, Vivo S7e can also have a pretty good shooting effect after equipped with night scene algorithm. In the following set of sample photos, the Vivo S7e’s picture details are clear and sharp, and the color and brightness reproduction is also very close to the human eye effect, maintaining a high level of picture purity.

Furthermore, I believe the Vivo S7e’s night scene synthesis algorithm is truly more realistic. The S7e has less sharpening and smearing than most phones, so it lacks the “oil painting feeling” common to night scene algorithms.

It is, in fact, a mid-range phone. The S7e has a thin and light body at this price point, excellent battery life and charging level, excellent heat control, and even a good quality main camera. However, given its price, the Vivo S7e will not be able to do everything well in terms of high refresh rate screen and body material, so Vivo chose to prioritize daily and gaming experience. For most users, the four points of thinness, smoothness, stability, and longevity may be more important, particularly thinness, which is especially valuable in this day and age when cell phones are typically close to 200g.