Vivo S12 Pro Experience: Light Thin Light Change To Do The Bottom Billion Main Camera “book” Full Range Of Balance

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] When the S10 series was released, I had to ask vivo users “why do you like the S series?” The answer was that the photo was natural, then what was the shortage, said the game to eat A few simple sentences, specialization, and all-purpose expressed a clear message. In fact, the previous product layout of cell phone brands are primarily flagship face to face, with the remainder of the walk specialization highlighting differentiation. In this year’s collective impact on the high-end process, each family also realized that under the high-end flagship, the rest of the series also need to support the full range of product power.

The most recent generation of Vivo S series, the Vivo S12 series, is a comprehensive upgrade of hardware and software, with significant changes to the image capability, completing the overall evolution, and the performance is directly “ruthless,” claiming to be the m Bestbuy618 as a media, in addition to seeing the increase or decrease of product features, also observed the change of its product positioning, so what does this mean? The following in the experience of vivo S12 series of products, but also will be behind the idea of the initial rambling a few words. This time, vivo realized the new photochromic play on the basis of the S10 series, the S12 series has better UV and blue light absorption characteristics than the previous generation, the color change threshold is wider, more responsive and rapid, the feel is also more delicate. After receiving the new product, I routinely circulated the phone to the student editorial staff, and to my surprise, everyone approved of the S12 series’ design.

The S12 Pro represents the next generation of the S series. The S12 Pro has an ultra-thin curved screen that measures 159.46 x 73.27 x 7.36 mm and weighs 171 g. The 57-degree super-sensitive curved screen has a rounded transition to the middle frame, making it easy to hold; the narrow bezel design around it allows for one-handed operation.

The visual perception is also pleasant. The official launch of the Vivo S12 Pro is the result of three major design breakthroughs that allow for a thin and light body of 7.36 mm.

To begin, it employs the most recent Schott alpha glass material for the ultra-thin TW cover, reducing the thickness to 0.55mm for the first time, while the ultra-thin screen PCB is thinned by about 29 percent and the gap between the front camera and the cover is further compressed. Finally, the body thickness has been reduced from 7.43mm in the vivo S10 Pro to 7.36mm in the vivo S12 Pro. Finally, the design of the front and rear modules, which are the two most important identification areas of the phone nowadays, actually “double” undertake the function of cell phone identification.

Previously, the S series cloud stage design was quite personalized and easily identifiable on the street, but the S12 series adds more aesthetic expression this time. The rear camera is composed of an arrangement of large and small geometric circles, with proportion and order used to incorporate a sense of rhythm into the aesthetics of the shape. The designers hope to use such a design to avoid dullness and dreariness.

The camera module employs a white-out design technique, while the camera decorative ring and back cover employ collision elements to add a sense of hierarchy. The vivo S12 selfie camera is a mid-positioned micro bangs, bucking the current “hole-dig screen” and “water-drop screen” trends.

vivo believes that in order to do a good job with front-facing photography, the camera should be placed in the center of the screen and multiple cameras should be used. Overall, the Vivo S12 Pro understands the user’s preferences in terms of appearance design, but it does not follow the trend and instead finds a way to balance technology and aesthetics.

Front image as the basic plate of the S series, the S12 series has evolved again from the previous 44MP dual camera solution used in the Vivo S10 series. The new machine front 50MP (f2.0 aperture, 1/2.76″ sensor size) 8MP wide angle (f/2.28 aperture, 1/4″ sensor size), front autofocus, front dual camera, front micro slit dual color gentle light, in the front field, take the lead to solve the blur, combined, dark light and other scene problems. The first amount of 5000W pixel Samsung JNV ultra-clear sensor, f/2.0 aperture and AF, video 4K60 fps, It not only meets the demand for supplemental light in low-light environments, but it also allows users to adjust the color temperature to their personal preferences.

In practice, the sample photos are richer in detail, more realistic in color, and have a higher overall clarity. The S12 series, in particular, introduces playful features such as “Motion Blur” of Multi-Style 5.0, which defocuses the background by using a blur filter, making it especially suitable for playing cards in crowded places. The main difference between “motion blur” and “long exposure flow shutter” is that it does not require a tripod or a long time to hold the steady, and it only takes about 3 seconds to process the shot and wait for it to come out.

This time, the vivo S12 series included micron-level skin resurfacing technology and “intelligent skin quality” artificial intelligence training – GAN generative adversarial network technology. According to the theory of facial bones and muscles, the face is divided into 103 points, with a point line surface for face skin tone partition and different local color mixing. In practice, it can target the beauty of the face based on automatic recognition of areas such as the nose bridge and cheeks. In addition, the Vivo S12 series provides “Halo Sunset Light” light effect with “Sunset Light Style”, new “Dual View Video”, “Auto Focus Function”, “Video Teleprompter”, and other functions, which can well enrich the image play.

This year, Vivo’s continuous innovation and benchmark-setting ability in the “image long track” has been extended to the S12 series. According to Vivo’s official announcement, the new generation of Vivo S12 series is positioned as the “pioneer image flagship,” with a focus on selfie portrait to comprehensive evolution. vivo S12 Pro rear three camera is 108 megapixel main camera (f/1.88 aperture, 1/1.52″ sensor size) 8 megapixel wide-angle (f/2.2 aperture, 1/4″ sensor size) 2 megapixel macro It has a 9-in-1 output mode, a 2.1m equivalent pixel size, and Smart-ISO technology that intelligently selects the ISO value based on the ambient light and dark conditions.

In practice, the performance in the daytime scene is also notable, the overall tolerance performance is satisfactory, the color and soft transition is also natural and bright, white balance and color saturation are vivo’s usual style. The distortion correction for wide-angle lenses is natural, and the transition is smooth all around. The Vivo S12 Pro’s highlight areas are rich in detail without overexposure in backlight and other high light ratio scenes, while details in dark areas are also well preserved. However, in direct sunlight shots, ghosting and flare control is more general and requires us to find angles to avoid.

In the night scene, the overall imaging quality of the Vivo S12 Pro is relatively good, complex light source environment, the dark sky is very pure without interference noise from the city’s stray light. The overall sharpness and sharpening traces are also well controlled, and the excellent noise control gives the overall picture a very high quality. It is worth noting that the Vivo S12 series comes with panoramic HDR night view, which can achieve HDR effect in the existing panoramic mode.

Even in low-light scenes and high-light-to-darkness ratio environments, the brightness and darkness are layered and can provide a high success rate.

Previously, the S series did not place a premium on gaming performance, but there is no ambiguity in the hardware this time. The Vivo S12 Pro, like many gaming flagships, has a high-quality 6.56-inch AMOLED screen with HDR10 support and a peak brightness of 1300nit. The screen has also passed T?V Rheinland Low Blue Light certification and HDR10 certification, and the overall color accuracy, smoothness, and handedness are relatively good. The vivo S12 Pro supports 240Hz touch sampling rate and higher instantaneous sampling rate of 1000Hz in game scenarios, supporting top-level popular games such as “King of Honor” running in 90Hz high frame rate mode, and the first batch of League of Legends handheld games at 90 fps are also supported.

The combination of “Tiangui 1200” UFS 3.1 dual-effect memory fusion and CPU BOOST performance improves system smoothness even further. “The S12 series also includes 12 built-in antennas (including an NFC antenna), Wi-Fi 6 support, and network performance.” The vivo S series uses a flagship chip that is “full of performance,” which may become the norm in the future.

The vivo S12 series has also been certified by the King’s glory KPL competition machine test, power consumption, average FPS, Wi-Fi average latency, frame rate stability, BO7 maximum temperature, temperature rise, six all-around. The scheduling for daily use, Vivo’s control is also quite good, and the overall control is smooth with OriginOS Ocean’s animation. The Vivo S12 series’ use of large area VC even heat plate graphite heat dissipation film even heat insulation film design keeps the body temperature of the game at 34 ° C for 30 minutes.

Because of Vivo’s long-term accumulation and unique understanding of the game phone, the S series is considered to take a shortcut in terms of performance.

The vivo S12 series runs OriginOS Ocean, which was built on Android 11.0. Bestbuy618 has previously detailed this new version. The geometric split abstract design and the bold use of colors set it apart. It supports quick selection of music playback and display of daily steps in addition to the traditional quick start camera and phone in the lock screen.

When users enter travel information, such as booking tickets, the system extracts important information to display on the lock screen. The desktop icons in the new version of OriginOS are collectively smaller in size, and the line spacing is larger.

A long press on the desktop margin displays the icon’s name, and the new version of OriginOS already supports keeping the icon name resident. Users can still control a number of third-party music apps (including NetEase Cloud Music, as well as the system’s drop-down icons and settings icons) directly from the Atomic component on the desktop.

The “app drawer,” which is not widely used in China, has also been made optional, so that all apps are displayed on the desktop without the need to enter the secondary “app drawer” menu. The atomic privacy system is equivalent to a sub-system independent of the main system, which can be accessed by swiping left on the Dock bar and performing fingerprint recognition. Users can add applications, pictures, videos, and other files to this system, and the content added to the privacy system will no longer be displayed in the normal system to achieve complete isolation and protection.

The existence of the “system” concept also makes the overall user experience more consistent and less expensive to begin.

It is worth noting that the Vivo S12 series dynamic engine follows the visual feedback priority principle, which means that the touch screen reacts immediately after the touch screen, and the horizontal and vertical screen switching dynamic effect is fully optimized. The AI wisdom engine will judge the user’s use behavior while the phone is being used on a daily basis. Users schedule downloads for games that have a pre-download function under the conditions of idle time and WLAN access.

Game BOOST mode and the magic box breathing reminder function make the game run more smoothly, but in terms of battery life, the combination of 4300mAh 44W flash charging is not considered outstanding based on the data. It is, however, quite genuine to be able to fit a large battery into a 7.36 mm body and 171g weight. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is 7.65mm thick and weighs 238g, with a battery capacity of only 4352mAh.

According to Ni Xudong, Vivo’s chief marketing officer, everyone’s use of cell phones is very different; some people want a competitive experience, while others are more interested in photography; if we can better understand consumers, remove the complexity, and make the products they need, it is a way to help consumers save money. We can clearly see from the Vivo S12 series that Vivo has strengthened, complemented, and evolved its “comprehensiveness” in front and back images, performance, games, and exterior design, and the S series will grow towards a comprehensive flagship. At the moment, the Vivo S12 series has been officially unveiled and reservations are open, so interested friends should pay closer attention.