Vivo S10e Experience: Natural Soft Light Imaging Dark Light Also Clear Selfie Artifact

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] this year’s double eleven new machines are coming out in an endless stream, on the vivo alone, first the iQOO family of two new Z series, and then the new series of vivo T1, in a crowd of cell phones, if you can not do accurate positioning, accurate target users, it is easy to be buried in the sea of machines, which is quite a test of manufacturers to cut in the limited cost, for Different people If this criterion is used to determine whether a phone is successful enough, the Vivo S10e that we just mentioned is a good example: the S10e has a “Smoke Haze” color scheme, with a double layer of coating on the back of the glass, giving it a rich and fantastic color. The middle frame is designed with a right angle edge, but it does not cause too much discomfort because the thickness of the body is only 7.58mm up and down, and the weight is also compressed 176g, the pressure on the palm is not strong. The front of the body is equipped with a 6.44-inch OLED screen, which brings Vivo S10e quite transparent screen view, while the color is quite bright, incidentally, into an under-screen fing

However, it should be noted that the vivo S10e screen is slightly retro in appearance and does not use the current mainstream open-hole screen; the good news is that the overall screen-to-body ratio is not reduced as a result of the “water drop screen.” We have no way of judging the appearance’s orientation, but the lack of high brush in this era is slightly regrettable. In terms of performance, the Vivo S10e is equipped with a Tiangui 900 SoC, which has a 6nm process and a core configuration of two Cortex-A78 big cores plus a Cortex-A53 small core. If you have not used the high brush screen, this is not a demand point, but if you are already familiar with 90Hz or even 120Hz refresh rate, I recommend going offline The actual experience. This typical big.LITTLE has been widely proven to be a fairly mature performance configuration solution that provides a balance of performance and longevity.

In the more performance-eating “Peace Elite,” the author’s actual gaming experience is also quite good, the lag phenomenon visible to the naked eye is essentially non-existent, the image quality can also be opened to HDR HD and ultra-high frame rate, and the overall experience is noteworthy.

The vivo S10e is thin and light, but it packs a powerful 4050mAh battery. As usual, I ran the standard 3.5-hour battery life test on it, which included 1 hour of “Peace Elite” game with high frame rate HD and 1 hour of Bilibili online video with 1080p image quality.

1 hour shake video, video switch every 10s 30 minutes of video recording, image quality 1080p 60fps The above test content is controlled at 50% of the screen brightness

The line graph depicts the test results. As you can see from the graph, the battery life curve of the S10e is quite standard, similar to that of phones with the same battery configuration that we have tested previously, and it can end up with 65 percent of power remaining. To quickly replenish the phone’s power, vivo has equipped the S10e with 44W flash charging technology, which can charge from 1% to 59% in half an hour, which is especially useful in scenarios where you forget to charge.

For example, I wake up every day to go out of time for about a half-hour, when my phone is sufficiently charged to use in the afternoon. The vivo S10e has a 6400W high pixel main camera, which is supplemented by an 800W pixel telephoto lens and a 200W pixel macro lens, bringing more shooting possibilities.

It takes 63 minutes to fully charge the S10e, which is in line with our expectations for this price point and is still quite good.

I put it through a real-world photo test. The Vivo S10e inherited Vivo’s excellent color tuning in daytime scenes with sufficient light, and the overall color of the sample is quite pleasing, and it is the type of shot that can be sent to friends without adding a filter. The main camera has a high pixel count of 6400W, so the resolution is quite good, and the lines and details of buildings are clearly discernible. Shot by vivo S10e main camera I took a sample shot of the ultra-wide angle at the same angle as the main camera.

This ultra-wide angle has a 120 degree field of view, which Vivo used to correct it, and the correction was completed with a 108 degree field of view. Even so, we can clearly see that the ultra-wide angle provides a large view, and the Vivo S10e’s two cameras in the color tendency also do a high degree of consistency, so this point deserves to be praised.

Shot with vivo S10e ultra wide angle In addition, the Vivo S10e’s HDR algorithm performs admirably this time. The light outside the window is strong in the following set of samples, while the interior is from a darker scene. The vivo S10e was able to suppress the highlights of the window while retaining the details of the interior, and even brighten the dark areas, making the entire photo look and feel closer to the human eye. It is worth noting that the ultra-wide angle lens, which is often not favored by algorithms at this price point, is also capable of doing so, and it is only slightly less forgiving than the main camera but still in a highly usable state.

Taken by vivo S10e main cameraShot by vivo S10e ultra wide angle With the addition of night mode, the vivo S10e’s night performance is still noteworthy, with the purity of the image as well as the tolerance being acceptable. Perhaps the downside is that there is color spillover from the photo’s suppressed highlights, but at this price point, I believe the S10e performs admirably.

Vivo S10e main camera As a veteran “beauty maker,” Vivo’s selfie optimization has always been recognized as the highest level in the industry. The female colleague who appeared in the photo said that the night scene selfie function works surprisingly well, as you can see from the brightness of the background, the exposure of the environment has actually been quite low, and the general situation, let alone the good-looking shots, can be shot to a question mark. When taking photos, the vivo S10e will automatically use the screen to fill in the light, which is the current standard practice, but the effect of the vivo S10e is far superior to that of products in the same price range.

The S10e’s result is significantly better than that of similar-priced products; the face hair color is normal, and even the hair details are clearly visible.

The vivo S10e is a typical offline model, with a clear target user in mind, namely female users, indicating that its design and configuration are quite targeted. The fantastic color scheme allows the vivo S10e to catch the customer’s eye at the cell phone store counter in the first place, and with the highly advantageous selfie and satisfactory rear image module, there is a high likelihood that the target customer will successfully purchase the bill.