Vivo Nex 3s 5g Review: Look At All The Screens High-end 5g Flagship Snapdragon 865 Never Absent

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]remember last September’s vivo NEX 3 release, the NEX brand has always pursued the innovation gene, in the appearance design and core performance have made a major upgrade, a flexible screen bending extended to nearly vertical, to create both the future of technology and dynamic texture of the borderless waterfall screen, won the user’s wide recognition. Vivo released the new NEX 3S 5G flagship on March 10, what’s different about this new machine aside from being exciting? The next may be with Bestbuy618 editorial explore this “5G era with the king style” vivo NEX 3S 5G flagship. The NEX 3S 5G has a 6.89-inch FHD flexible waterfall screen, with the left and right display areas bent directly down to a near-vertical state, and the upper and lower bezels have been significantly narrowed, plus the NEX 3S uses under-screen fingerprint recognition, with a screen-to-body ratio of 99.6 percent. In other words, when using the vivo NEX 3S 5G, users can truly experience the physical sensation of having no borders on the left and right sides of the screen.

In comparison to traditional screens, the NEX 3S 5G employs an E3 material Super AMOLED screen with a unique fluid composite material that effectively reduces 42 percent of harmful blue light radiation without changing the color of the screen, relieving eye fatigue and improving cell phone comfort. This screen has a maximum local excitation brightness of up to 800nit when the SRE (full name: Sunshine Readable Enhancement) function is turned on, so you can see the display content in the sunlight; in the night environment, the NEX 3S screen supports a minimum brightness of up to 1.9nit, so the user’s eyes are more comfortable when reading; at low brightness, the NEX 3S screen display will be adjusted under low brightness, not only can show more details, but also Furthermore, the screen supports 100 percent coverage P3 wide color gamut, support HDR10. Although the curvature of this curved screen nearly 90 percent of the screen ratio is large enough, after 90 degrees of bending, frontal use of the phone, such as web browsing, the left and right sides of the screen will look black; boil the drama because the subtitles are closer to the bottom, if you hold the phone or place the phone at the wrong angle (vertical or ne On February 28, Vivo officially released the third generation of APEX concept phone – Vivo APEX 2020, which uses an under-screen 16 megapixel camera and a virtual pressure-sensitive button design to achieve a super integrated cutting-edge machine with no openings.

However, the under-screen camera technology has not been used in the NEX 3S 5G, which retains the design of the NEX 3, with the front camera hidden in the mechanical lift module at the top, the 3.5mm headphone interface on the right side of the top, and the Type-C interface, SIM card slot, and speakers on the bottom.

The NEX 3S 5G is designed with no physical buttons on the left or right sides of the device, and the power button is located in the upper center of the device; additionally, the NEX 3S 5G is equipped with an advanced X-axis linear motor that simulates the realistic touch of physical buttons. To maximize the experience of using the physical keys, Vivo has equipped the NEX 3S 5G with an independent power system for the hidden pressure-sensitive keys, so that the pressure-sensitive keys can be used normally even when the phone is turned off, and the synchronized low-power MCU will dynamically adjust the algorithm according to the phone’s running state, achieving ultra-low power consumption.

The back design, in order to ensure the overall reliability of the machine, NEX 3S chose a better anti-drop performance of the Schottese gorgeous Up cover, the side spot glue and back spot glue process between the middle frame and the screen to achieve a seamless visual effect, and to improve the waterproof and dustproof performance of the NEX 3S. The back of the body is above the three-camera circular lens module and a flash, and the bottom is the NEX 5G LOGO, in keeping with the NEX series’ consistent simple design style; color scheme not only retains the liquid Tianhe and deep sky flowing light color schemes, but also launched a new amber alcohol color scheme, which will be with the change of light intensity warm and cold, sometimes warm as moist, sometimes lively blazing, Among them, the 120° super wide-angle camera can shoot up to three times the area of a conventional camera at the same distance, support 2x optical zoom, 20x digital zoom, and 2.5CM super macro shooting, and support AI human eye focus, a vivo NEX 3S 5G can achieve the effect of professional equipment shooting out of the picture even without professional photography equipment.

The 64 megapixel imaging quality is highly desirable, and the 1/1.7 large sensor, combined with comprehensive algorithm optimization, allows the NEX 3S to achieve another step forward in image detail processing and light sensitivity, allowing users to easily capture details that may have been overlooked, as shown in the image above. Furthermore, the NEX 3S supports “Super Night Scene 2.0” mode, which allows for more detailed shooting in low-light environments as well as a more natural and smooth transition between light and dark. With the popularity of short videos, cell phone video shooting has become one of the most important forms of entertainment in our daily lives.

To produce clearer and more stable images, the NEX 3S is equipped with Super EIS video stabilization on both the main camera and the super wide-angle camera, which can be adapted to the optimal EIS effect in different scenarios, giving users an excellent video shooting experience and a pleasing viewing experience, allowing users to easily shoot dynamic and clear video movies with excellent image quality in daily life, travel, and street photography, which is truly transformative.

vivo NEX 3S 5G is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 X55 5G mobile platform, Snapdragon 865 processor with updated Adreno GPU and new CPU core, based on ARM’s latest powerful Cortex-A77 components and 7nm process, CPU performance increased by 25% compared to the previous generation Snapdragon 855, the new GPU Through independent research and development and collaboration with Tencent, the NEX 3S is currently being used in games such as “King of Honor,” “Peace Elite,” “Operation Wilderness,” and “Terminator.”

The new zero-sense even heat plate cooling technology is used in the NEX 3S to provide users with a smooth experience in the 5G network, which has more heat sources and higher power consumption. The ultra-thin zero-sense even heat plate has a greater heat dissipation area and lower thermal resistance than traditional liquid-cooled heat pipes. It covers the CPU and 5G Modem on the motherboard and extends to the appropriate length of the battery compartment, efficiently directing heat from heat sources to the cold end of the body, reducing the phone’s surface temperature by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius and the junction temperature of the main chip by more than 10 degrees Celsius without affecting battery capacity or structural strength, resulting in more significant heat dissipation. It intelligently switches between Wi-Fi and 5G networks, compensates for 5G data acceleration when the Wi-Fi network is poor, and multi-network convergence fully optimizes the user’s network usage experience.

In terms of battery life, the NEX 3S comes standard with a powerful 4500mAh high-capacity battery that has excellent battery life, consuming only 8% of power for one hour of video playback and 5% of power for one hour of music listening. The large-capacity battery easily handles the high energy load brought by 5G, and heavy consumption is no problem for a single day. Furthermore, the NEX 3S has the same configuration as the NEX 3 in terms of the widely acclaimed Vivo Super FlashCharge 44W ultra-fast flash charging technology. It can charge up to 55% in 30 minutes and finish charging in 80 minutes, according to actual testing.

The vivo NEX 3S runs a customized Funtouch OS 10 that is based on Android 10. The new exclusive UI of the vivo NEX 3S pursues a more concise, more textured, and highly recognizable design in icons, dynamic effects, and wallpapers, with the concept of simplicity and restraint. The new voice wake up solution on the vivo NEX 3S improves response speed and accuracy; you can voice wake up and control map navigation and music scenes without unlocking the phone. The new NEX 3S voice wake-up solution improves response speed and accuracy.

The vivo NEX 3S comes standard with an NFC-eSE security chip. NEX 3S is equipped with the vivo Pay product, which is based on the hardware capability of full-featured NFC. After binding UnionPay card in the wallet app, payment can be completed in three ways: swipe card, UnionPay QR code, and touch in payment scenarios such as bus, subway, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

Of course, integrating WeChat sweep, Alipay sweep, ride code sweep, NFC payment, voice translation, and other features into the negative screen enhances the user experience.

The vivo NEX 3S and vivo NEX 3 are essentially the same, with excellent appearance and strong image function. The only difference is that the vivo NEX 3S is equipped with this year’s flagship standard Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 X55 5G mobile platform, which provides users with excellent performance; more 44W fast charging, Wi-Fi 6, dual Wi-Fi acceleration technology, full-featured NFC, and so on. Technology support, making the NEX 3S’s overall performance even better, I believe the NEX 3S will attract a large number of young users after it hits the market.