Visual Dental Cleaning Cleaner Soyo Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Scaler T11pro Review

People have always considered their health to be very important, but our teeth have been neglected for a long time, but there are many dental problems that have caused people to pay extra attention to their dental health. Many people believe that electric toothbrushes can help them clean their teeth better, but can dental problems be avoided by brushing your teeth well and keeping your mouth clean? In fact, electric toothbrushes only help people complete the basic cleaning of the surface of the teeth; some oral dead space is difficult to clean in place, and some stubborn smoke stains, tea stains, coffee stains, and so on, sometimes cannot be removed completely by bruising. Tartar, calculus, and other oral health issues will build up over time. To thoroughly remove tooth stains, remove tartar stains, achieve the ideal comprehensive cleaning effect, and make your teeth healthier, regular dental cleaning is essential.

When it comes to regular dental cleaning, most people think of going to the hospital or dental clinic, but this is bound to cost a significant amount of money. If there is a home dental cleaning device, I believe that many concerned about oral health partners should not miss it.

The dental scaler is not a household necessity in China, but it has long been a necessary oral cleaning product for the entire helm family in Europe, the United States, and other regions. Currently on the market, more high-quality dental scalers use ultrasonic technology, which vibrates at a high frequency to loosen oral tartar and effectively clean teeth, thereby maintaining oral and dental health. Intelligence, simplicity of operation, and cleanliness are all essential elements for dental scalers.

The T11Pro’s overall packaging is blue in tone, with a beautiful flow pattern on the front of the box and the words “SUNUO” and “SU NO” printed in the middle, with a white background to show the style.

The back of the T11Pro box is designed with the same flow pattern as the front, and the product information is framed in blue at the bottom, including the product name, product model, product accessories, input parameters, operating current, operating power, operating voltage, implementation standards, and other related information.

The T11Pro’s box is very well-organized, with the body on the left, the disinfection pad on the right, and the product manual on the bottom.

The T11Pro’s packaging is very simple, and the product itself is very elegant, looking more like a beauty instrument, pure white body, more affinity, placed inside the home, more like a fashionable and exquisite high value crafts, making people fall in love at first sight. The power display appears after the machine is turned on. After turning on the machine, you can switch between gentle, white, and strong cleaning modes by pressing the key, which is also very simple to use. The Suno Smart Visual Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner T11Pro’s working tip is rust-free and resistant to scaling.

It has an integrated spotlight LED light with professional spotlight beads that can illuminate the entire mouth. When in use, the light will light up after turning on the device, and you can see the environment around the working tip by connecting to the cell phone APP, which is more convenient for the user to use and operate.

The charging port of Soyo Smart Visual Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner T11Pro is Type-C port, which supports 2 hours fast charging and 60 days without frequent charging.

Soyo Smart Ultrasonic Scaler T11Pro supports IPX7 level waterproof, which can be washed by water all over the body to keep clean, and belongs to the very high standard of waterproof performance in oral care technology products, so there is no need to worry about water at all.

To provide you and your family with a safe high-end dental cleaning experience, Soyo intelligent visual ultrasonic scaler T11Pro uses the principle of overfrequency resonance, intelligent identification of gums, and contact with teeth or hard objects before the overfrequency resonance, contact with gums or soft objects, will stop working. In our test, we used star gravel and skin to simulate teeth and gums. We can clearly see that the working head of the teeth cleaning instrument can break apart the small gravel in working condition, and the vibration feeling is still quite strong; when moving it to the hand, it has no running signs at all after contacting the skin, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally touching the gums and causing harm when using it.

To avoid overheating and burning themselves, partners should pay attention to this hot situation during the actual use process and let the machine rest at the appropriate time. Soyo Smart Visual Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner T11Pro is equipped with a high-precision macro endoscope, a camera equipped with macro processing technology, multiple built-in sensors, and an intelligent software algorithm that allows you to enjoy a 500W HD pixel experience and visualization to make teeth clean.

When we tested it, we connected to the body via the cell phone APP and could clearly see the condition of the teeth via the body’s visualization probe, as well as take screenshots and save them for a more comprehensive view of the cleaning effect.

With the built-in four-axis directional gyroscope, the lens perspective of the body rotation remains unchanged, 360° accurate teeth cleaning, for crevice or back groove teeth and other dead corners of the mouth where it is difficult to clean the toothbrush, with a slim cleaning head, can fully clean the small crevice, so that tartar and plaque cannot hide, all-round teeth cleaning and dental care. Gentle mode: gently remove tartar and stains for beginners; white mode: remove stubborn tartar such as tobacco stains, coffee stains, and tea stains; strong mode: remove formed calculus and clean teeth more thoroughly. In use, we can see that the difference in vibration generated by these three modes is still very noticeable, and the sound will be very different when it touches the teeth, so if you use it for the first time, remember to start with the gentle mode and gradually adapt.

The Soyo Smart Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner T11Pro supports cell phone APP viewing. Download the “Soyo” APP, then open it, connect to the corresponding WiFi network, enter the main interface, and choose to add the device, find the tooth cleaner, and connect it.

Suno App’s main interface has three options at the bottom: Teeth Cleaning, Secret, and My. The connected devices can be seen in the Teeth Cleaning area; the Secret area will provide users with some dental cleaning tips to help users use the product better; and the My area has personal login, language settings, service agreement, privacy agreement, and software version settings. Soyo Smart Visual Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Instrument T11Pro has a built-in leading drone dedicated Wi-Fi chip, and the 500W lens image high-strength.

With the process, you can choose to save the picture or save the video, and it can also be viewed in split screen, which is very convenient, and the saved pictures can also be viewed in the album. Through actual use, we can feel that the experience of using the Suno intelligent visual ultrasonic scaler T11Pro is still very good, its three cleaning modes allow users to have more choices, contact with the teeth instantly open cleaning, touch the gums and skin instantly stop runni The 500W high-precision professional endoscope of the Suno Smart Visual Ultrasonic Scaler T11Pro, as the world’s first visual ultrasonic scaler, can clearly see the internal condition of the mouth, which can be seen very clearly through the cell phone APP and can be easily operated by yourself.

We all know that regular dental cleaning is very important for the protection of teeth. Suno intelligent visual ultrasonic scaler T11Pro provides users with a more simple and convenient new choice for family dental cleaning, it comes with powerful intelligent technology, can bring users intuitive, efficient, and comfortable dental cleaning experience, and most importantly, it is extremely cost-effective, making it a good value for home use.