Value Said Special: Oppo Reno Ace/realme X2 Pro/one Plus 7t Who Do You Pick More?

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]November has arrived, and the second half of this year’s cell phone listing rhythm appears to be very intense; manufacturers have once again saved up their energy, scrambling to release a variety of appealing products. The second half of this year is a lot of digital bloggers flirting with “money” half year, better products are launched in the manufacturers of competition, the cell phone market competition is also considered to have entered a period of white hot, consumers’ wallets will naturally be quite “pressure” In the second half of the year, in addition to the strong dialogue of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series, Apple iPhone 11 series, and Huawei Mate30 triumvirate, many domestic manufacturers have a number of good works. OPPO, realme, a plus, millet, Meizu, iQOO, and even through the company change of nuts have held a new conference, the launch of new cell phone products in October.

The three models to be discussed today are OPPO Reno ACE, realme X2 Pro, and one plus 7T, and their configurations are very similar. Consumers frequently wonder how to choose between two or more phones with comparable configurations. It is difficult to find two identical phones on the market because they will have their own strengths or hidden weaknesses – as the old saying goes, “no gold is perfect, no one is perfect,” and perfect products do not exist.

In fact, current cell phone manufacturers launch new products easily fall into the “pile of material” circle, admittedly, to grasp the different product lines, highlight the characteristics of each product, and prevent homogenization. The flagship configuration must have, and how to reflect differentiation is to see the merit of the place.

When the phone configuration is very similar, we often need to consider the so-called “eye,” that is, the first impression of a cell phone’s appearance. After all, the phone is to accompany the night and day, a day light screen dozens of times, if the face does not meet their own aesthetic, then how will use the comfort? The frontal appearance of the three models, without exception, all use a shallow water drop front camera design, and when we put the three phones together, you can’t even tell who is who in the rest screen state. The dimensions of the one plus 7T are 160.9mm x 74.4mm x 8.1mm, making it slightly smaller than the other two models; on the other hand, the three circumferences of the Reno ACE and realme X2 Pro are exactly the same, with only a 1g difference in body weight. In the bright screen state, the front black border of the One Plus 7T appears to be narrower than the other two models, resulting in a better visual effect.

The difference between the back of the body and the front is much more obvious. Reno ACE and realme X2 Pro both use a vertical arrangement, while one plus 7T chose the “Oreo” design; realme X2 Pro has a unique product logo placed on the right side of the camera, which is different from most models on the market; realme X2 Pro is a unique product logo placed on the right side of the camera, which is different from most models on the market. The realme X2 Pro is unlike most other models on the market.

The back of the AG matte glass or a different coating, carrot and green vegetables have their own preferences, for consumers is a matter of opinion The three phones all support a high refresh rate of 90Hz based on their refresh rates, but there are some differences.

Since one plus 7 Pro, 90Hz high refresh rate is officially “popular,” for more and more cell phone manufacturers to adopt, one plus can be said to be the beginning of the popularity of smartphone 90Hz screen refresh rate. According to the screen specifications, OPPO Reno Ace, realme X2 Pro, and a plus 7T are equipped with 2400 1080P AMOLED water drop screen, OPPO Reno Ace, realme X2 Pro screen size of 6.5 inches, a plus 7T slightly larger, 6.55 inches; their screen peak brightness of up to 1000 nits, through the It is worth noting that the screen of OPPO Reno Ace supports 135Hz touch sampling rate, and Since we’re talking about power, we should mention the three phones’ high-power fast charging. The One Plus 7T and realme X2 Pro have 30W and 50W fast charging, respectively, whereas the OPPO Reno Ace is more exaggerated, with 65W super flash charging technology for the first time, as well as being the world’s first phone with a GaN (gallium nitride) charger as standard.

According to the charging test, Reno Ace deserves the title of the fastest charging phone, 10 minutes charging can reach about 50 percent of the body power, 15 minutes 70 percent, full battery only takes about 28 minutes; and realme X2 Pro’s 50W fast charging is also quite powerful, 10 minutes charging about 40 percent, full phone also only takes 30 minutes. However, in terms of time spent on a full charge, the realme X2 Pro is not significantly different from the Reno Ace. The Reno Ace has the advantage of charging more power in less time, and it can be revived in ten minutes as long as there is power.

Reno Ace’s GaN charger ensures the premise of high power to achieve the size of the other two similar, but in the weight of a slight loss than the other two heavier than a lot of consumers who mind to be prepared. Photo differences must be screened From the camera module hardware configuration, a plus 7T uses a 48MP main camera (IMX586, F1.6, 7P lens) 12MP telephoto (2X, 1.0m, F2.2) 16MP ultra-wide angle (117

Reno Ace has a quad camera module with 48MP main camera 8MP super wide angle 13MP 5x hybrid optical zoom lens 2MP black and white lens combination, supporting 5x hybrid optical zoom and 20x digital zoom with EIS electronic stabilization. Realme X2 Pro has a quad camera module with 64MP main camera 8MP super wide angle 13MP 5X hybrid optical zoom lens 2MP artistic style portrait lens combination, supporting 5X hybrid optical zoom and 20X digital zoom, both front and rear

The main camera four in one mode X2 Pro with higher pixels in the resolution advantage is more obvious in the daytime samples, but because of the algorithm tuning realme X2 Pro imaging effect is actually not as good as the other two models, noise suppression is general; three models in automatic HDR mode are good performance, sample tolerance in a fairly good level, in the wide angle performance is also The OIS optical stabilization support makes it low noise and pure i However, from a positioning standpoint, Reno ACE tends to mobile game performance, in the photo slightly lose a chip can also be accepted.

The OPPO Reno ACE has up to 65W flash charging, which is the best in terms of battery life, Color OS 6.1 system performance is also very stable, and retains the 3.5mm headphone jack; however, its photo performance, particularly the quality of night photography, is slightly inadequate. The realme X2 Pro is more on the cost effectiveness side, with the highest mainstream 64MP pixel main camera, no doubt about the resolution; however, its system life optimization is a letdown.

There is no denying that all three models are popular in the second half of this year; users can select from a variety of memory configuration versions based on the above analysis; there is always one for you.