Unlock The New Position Of Intelligent Sweeping 360 Sweeping Robot S7 Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Previously, some segments of the mouth to say that the family’s intelligent sweeping robot suddenly “evaporated,” how it can no longer be found in the house, and later discovered that it took advantage of the family door open when “escape” to the underground parking lot. Although the appearance is a joke, the performance of intelligent sweeping robot is not smart enough. Intelligent sweeping robot smart is primarily to see the navigation technology and around the cleaning and development of intelligent peripheral, such as virtual walls, dry sweep wet drag mode between the intelligent switching, as well as the response mechanism of the home cleaning scene, an excellent design of intelligent sweeping robot can give users a good cleaning experience.

Internal simplicity, fewer accessories, 360 sweeping robot S7 is well fixed in the box slot, the left box inside the charging seat, white envelope containing instructions, quick use guide, certificate of compliance, 360 smart APP interconnection tutorial and Tmall Genie with network tutorials and other paper documents, all objects inside the box are shown below. The front of the collision bar, which is affixed with a white rubber elastic protection strip, can play a cushioning role in the event of a collision. There is a small window in the front for the recharge sensor, which can realize the automatic recharge function with the charging pile.

The charging pole piece is located in the tail, its sides have air outlets, and dust sucked into the sweeper internal filtration of clean air will be discharged from here.

The 360-degree sweeping robot S7 has a thin and light design that allows it to easily enter the sofa bottom and under the bed cleaning. The right side of the specially designed TOF along the wall sensor can accurately identify the wall and along the wall cleaning. There are two buttons and an LDS laser distance sensor on the top.

The power button can achieve the cleaning/switching function, the charging button can achieve the back-charging/partial cleaning function, the button adopts the press type design, press the pop-up feel comfortable, there will be a blue light display when working. Details of the optimization are very humane, the host of the upper cover with a bayonet flip design, in 360 sweeping robot S7 on When the lid is lifted, you can see the dust box, dust brush, WiFi connection indicator, and reset button. The dust brush is designed with a blade, which can be used to cut off the hair wound on the main brush.

Cleaning system 360 sweeping robot S7 is a sweeping and dragging integrated intelligent sweeper robot, which greatly improves cleaning efficiency, and consists of a single side brush, main brush, and water tank module, side brush and water tank

The main brush has bristles and rubber scrapers and can float up and down to better fit the terrain when encountering ground bumps or depressions to sweep and deep clean. It is worth noting that the 360 sweeping robot S7 internal connectivity sealing is very good, with a rubber film wedged between the vacuum port and dust box, effectively preventing dust spillage. The 360 sweeping robot S7 is equipped with a NIDEC brushless motor, with a nameplate that reads 14.4V/30W rated efficiency, providing quiet, standard, powerful three suction, design wind pressure of 800Pa, 1300Pa, and 2000Pa, respectively, when compared to The dust box lid, Hippa components are fixed through the bayonet, open the dust box lid to dump the garbage and remove the Hippa components are very convenient.

360 sweeping robot S7 equipped with intelligent sensor water tank, after the installation of the water tank sweeper will automatically enter the mopping mode and through the voice broadcast, and based on the mopping mode and cell phone APP function to achieve scena When compared to other sweepers on the market blind literacy drag, 360 sweeper S7 intelligent sensor water tank is really a highlight, and the installation and removal of the water tank is also very simple, using the snap and host connection, drawer-type installation design, without turning over to disassemble and install, as shown in the following motion picture.

With the increasing speed of life, user fragmentation time is increasing. 360 sweeping robot S7 for 360 intelligent APP remote control and Tmall Genie voice control support to make full use of the fragmentation time. It is worth noting that the 360 sweeping robot S7 only supports 2.4G WiFi and does not support 5G WiFi band.

Scan the paper document “360 smart APP download and connect the device,” follow the prompts to register an account, the 360 sweeping robot S7 connected to the home WiFi, you can open the remote intelligent control experience.

Timed cleaning provides different repeat mode, open time, cleaning mode appointment settings, for different needs can be achieved private customization, especially on repeat mode, providing the implementation of once / daily / weekday / weekend / custom a combination of ways. When watching TV in the living room, 360 sweeping robot S7 in the room work trapped or what to do when an unsafe event occurs?

Tmall Genie APP also provides simple remote control functions, such as work mode selection, cleaning open/stop, power on/off, power on/off back to charge, and other simple operations. Actual test Next, the actual experience of the 360 sweeping robot S7 cleaning function. 360 sweeping robot S7 with LDS laser navigation AI intelligent memory, it can use LIDAR scanning to build a whole house map, with SLAM algorithm, with planning-type cleaning to achieve comprehensive coverage without According to the video, after activating the automatic cleaning function, the general outline of the room map can be displayed on the cell phone APP within 5 seconds, and the map continues to refine as the cleaning progresses.

The 360-degree sweeping robot S7 cleans first along the wall, and then horizontally in accordance with the “bow” to the room for whole-house cleaning, the path is not repeated, after the first sweep to the two corners missed to make up for the sweep, and then the second round of cleaning, the second round of cleaning is vertically in accordance with the “bow” to the room for whole-house cleaning, after th The intelligent factor is full, and the whole house cleaning is efficient. Video: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDA4NTk4MzgwNA==.html?spm=a2h9p.12366999.app.5!2!2!2!3!5!5!5!5!5!5

As shown in the motion picture, the 360 sweeping robot S7 percolates evenly. The chassis with 4 sets of downward-looking probes for anti-drop detection, encountering a high sensitivity when stepping on the air. Light and thin design, easy access to the bottom of the sofa under the bed for cleaning.

Using 19V/1.2A charging design, support automatic back-charging function, as seen in the motion picture, S7 can accurately find the charging seat.

According to the previous review, the 360 sweeping robot S7 meets the hard requirements of users for sweeping and mopping, LIDAR scanning, planning-type sweeping, large suction, small noise, floating roller brush, intelligent sensor tank from the general direction to determine its cleaning effect. The editor’s exact attraction is the new upgrade of its intelligence, for the current sweeping machine industry in the cleaning process is not very intelligent function innovation, combined with the cell phone APP launched such as map memory, real-time cleaning path display, set no zone, designated cleaning area, etc., booking cleaning, map selection, and even consumables update function, and for example, combined with the Tmall Genie launched a smart home IoT applicaiton The role of intelligent sweeping robot is to improve cleaning efficiency, and bring users a good cleaning experience, 360 sweeping robot S7 is worth recommending, comprehensive appearance, intelligence, functionality, and cleaning effect, 360 sweeping robot S7 is worth recommending