Unleashing The Value Of Ott On The Big Screen Smart Tv Os Cross-sectional Review

[The new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, is a new coronavirus that has not been found in humans, and the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak is spreading. As the holiday season winds down, the government is extending the Chinese New Year holiday and adjusting school hours to ensure the public’s health and safety.

Given that students cannot attend school in order to fall behind in their learning progress, the Ministry of Education proposed the initiative of “stopping classes without stopping school,” and the Education Bureau developed a corresponding plan to comprehensively coordinate all parties’ efforts, integrate and mobilize educational resources, carry out online teaching, independent learning, and online tutorials, and Q&A.

Students’ study issues have been resolved, but many people who are not at their posts and are unable to work can only choose to stay at home and fight the epidemic. Dull home life, playing games, and boiling drama have all become popular ways to pass the time. The cell phone and computer are undoubtedly the preferred tools for playing games, but the drama, watching movies, watching with cell phones and computers, the limitations of the screen size, watching movies, drama effect is undoubtedly greatly reduced, the TV has become the necessary tool to fight the epidemic at home watching movies, drama.

TV operating system built-in rich film and television, variety, drama resources, relying on TV hardware to bring high-definition picture and good sound quality is especially important, through the combination of TV hardware and system, to bring users a better viewing experience is particularly important. Furthermore, smart TVs can now not only boil drama and watch movies, but also education, games, shopping, and other large-screen activities, making large-screen games more realistic and exciting through the use of screen casting.

The majority of OTT systems are heavily customized based on smart TV systems, and system and feature upgrades are more frequent. OTT systems are based on Internet-era products and can respond quickly to consumer opinions in the products.

With the rapid growth of smart TV terminals, the number of OTT users continues to rise, and consumer upgrading has changed on the living room big screen, with users’ product preferences gradually shifting away from hardware and terminal brands and toward platform services and platform brands. The home coverage of OTT in 2019 is once again refreshed under the fierce OTT offensive, becoming the first choice of consumers’ living room big screen.

According to AVC data, the OTT industry will not only focus on content and advertising in the future, but will also have more operational value to refine, and the overall operational value is expected to rise rapidly. The total OTT market size is expected to exceed 40 billion by 2020, creating a very creative space and soil for the entire industry.

The same is true for big screens, which is why the OTT advantage is becoming increasingly obvious. This is due not only to the creation of content ecology by Internet titans, but also to the continuous innovation of industry titans such as Cool Open Network, Thunderbird, Rainbow Magic, and Polyglot. We chose systems from major brands to participate in this cross-sectional review, but because we couldn’t gather all of them, we reviewed them this time in terms of content resources, system design, membership mechanism, advertising strategy, and operational capabilities, in that order.