Two Generations Of Folding Screen Phones Samsung Galaxy Z Flip And Galaxy Fold Choose Who?

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Samsung has been at the forefront of folding screen smartphones. While friendly competitors are still in the first generation, or even the engineering stage, Samsung has made “several” iterations. Of course, Samsung has made mistakes in the process of product iteration and update, but for users, both the Galaxy Fold released last year and the Galaxy Z Flip recently unveiled have brought fresh blood to the heavily homogenized smartphone market, and even the thunder has steadily overwhelmed the Galaxy S10 and S20 series launched at the same time.

So the question is, who will choose Samsung’s folding screen phones, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold?

In the following sections, I will compare the price, appearance, configuration, and other factors; I believe you will have an answer after reading. In the first half of 2019, folding screen and 5G cell phones “take turns” grabbing headlines. The price of the two types of smartphones, as a “new product,” has become an important reason for users to pull the grass. However, by the end of 2019, the price of 5G phones will be comparable to 4G terminals, and with Qualcomm’s 7 series mobile platform supporting 5G in 2020, the number of future 5G terminals will undoubtedly increase further.

Folding screen phones, on the other hand, have a “high” price tag.

With its $1,380 price tag, the Galaxy Z Flip has been dubbed the “cheapest folding screen phone” since its release. If you don’t have a large budget and want to experience a folding screen, the Galaxy Z Flip is a good option. The Galaxy Z Flip is so small that it looks like a foundation case in the hands of a lady at first glance.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Z Flip weighs only 183g, nearly 100g less than the Galaxy Fold’s 276g, which is comparable to the current mainstream large-screen flagship phones, so it won’t feel crushed in your hand or pocket.

Furthermore, due to the glass material on the outside, Samsung’s two phones are very textured (and thus more likely to break if dropped), with a stylish color scheme that is very much in line with the aesthetics of young users. This also reflects the fact that folding screen phones can’t just “show technology,” while the value of the face isn’t far behind. If you value the appearance or value of the phone, I recommend the exquisite Galaxy Z Flip.

The Galaxy Z Flip unfolds more like the familiar large-screen straight phone (with fish screen), whereas the Galaxy Fold unfolds more like a smaller tablet. It’s also fair to say that the two phones’ experiences are completely different due to the difference in form factor. It should also be noted that the secondary screen on the Galaxy Z Flip is only 1.06 inches in size and serves primarily to prompt information, whereas the secondary screen on the Galaxy Fold is 4.6 inches in size and can be used as a small screen phone even when the phone is closed.

However, because the Galaxy Z Flip was recently released, it also has leading software features, such as the ability to turn on the sub-screen preview function to view part of the information in the viewfinder through the small sub-screen when taking photos, which the Galaxy Fold does not yet support. If you want the full experience in both folded and unfolded form, the Galaxy Fold is the only choice. However, if you want a folding phone that interacts more like current smartphones, the Galaxy Z Flip is a better choice!

Despite their very different design styles, the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Fold aren’t that far apart in terms of core configurations, with the Motorola RAZR, which also uses a top and bottom fold solution, falling behind. The following are the detailed configurations of the two phones: Obviously, if you want a better shooting experience as well as flagship performance and even longer battery life, the Galaxy Fold will come out ahead of the Galaxy Z Flip. It should be noted, however, that both phones do not currently support 5G, so if you want to experience the experience of a 5G folding screen, you must choose the Samsung W20 5G.

The design of the Samsung W20 5G is similar to that of the Galaxy Fold, but with the addition of 5G (only supports NSA), the battery capacity slightly decreased, the weight increased by 2g (in addition to some supporting VIP services), and the price increased by 4000 Yuan.

For some reason, Samsung has a very conservative charging strategy. This affects not only smartphones like the Galaxy S and Note series, but also folding screen phones like the Samsung W20 5G, which only supports up to 15W fast charging. However, because I haven’t run a full battery life test on the Galaxy Z Flip, I can’t say how the phone will actually perform; in any case, charging will be a potential factor limiting the experience of Samsung’s folding screen phone.

Overall, the Galaxy Z Flip is a new generation of folding screen phone that is more compact and delicate, but the configuration is also limited, so shooting and other aspects compared to high-end smartphones or some gap, Galaxy Fold and Samsung W20 5G is more like the folding screen products’ flagship. The benefit of the Galaxy Z Flip is its fashion sense, high value, and low price; I recommend it especially to female users.