Tv Fruit 4k Review: Let You Use The Addictive “ai Screen Casting Magic Tool”

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Televisions have progressed from being home appliances that broadcast a single cable channel to being the focal point of living room entertainment. Users can not only watch the latest TV series, theatrical blockbusters, and popular variety shows by relying on the intelligence of the television, but they can also finish playing games and other forms of entertainment. However, current smart TVs and TV boxes can only view content from a single platform.

How exactly can you do both? The Aikii TV Fruit provides the answer. The Aikii TV Fruit is a new and improved version of the Aikii TV Fruit 4K, which uses a standard HDMI interface and supports 4K UHD resolution. H.264 4K/60 fps and H.265 4K/60 fps decoding capabilities make 4K images more playable.

Simultaneously, Akiyon TV Fruit 4K improved artificial intelligence experience, advanced AI intelligent screen casting artifact, users can achieve playback control, full network search, and intelligent recommendations through voice. What other surprises await you in the Aikiya TV Fruit 4K? Allow me to tell you from personal experience! Simple installation: even the most sluggish cancer patients can easily complete this task.

Although I am used to installing various home appliances, at home, I am a true “lazy cancer patient.” Although the TV box has a wealth of film and television resources to consider, the thought of those time-consuming steps makes you want to give up. As a screen casting smart hardware, Akiyon TV Fruit 4K has a different quality than the TV box. It lacks the complex structure of a TV box and instead has a palm-sized rounded appearance, allowing the Aikiya TV Fruit 4K to be hidden in the back of the TV, which looks quite neat.

To begin, connect the Aiki TV Fruit 4K to your TV using only the MicroUSB power cable and HDMI output cable, and you can easily complete the hardware connection. There is no additional charging cable, and it does not occupy the position of the plug-in board, making it more convenient to use. As a result, when you turn on the TV and adjust the TV screen to the corresponding HDMI interface screen, you will see the TV Fruit APP installation wizard page.

At this point, all you need to do is open your phone and scan the APP, after which you can download the corresponding APP software.

Finally, connect your phone to the TV Fruit via WiFi. Because the Aikii TV Fruit 4K supports 4K Ultra HD video source playback, if you have a 5G WIFI network at home, and Aikii TV Fruit 4K more with Oh! In use, I downloaded the TV Fruit APP in advance, and Aikiya TV Fruit 4K only need to Aikiya TV Fruit 4K to the standard mode, and the phone in the same WiFi connection can be I expected a lengthy connection time, but after entering the WiFi password, only 3 seconds after the TV displayed a successful connection prompt, can be considered quite quick. It is worth noting that in the WiFi connection, there is also the option of “use hotel WiFi,” demonstrating that the application of Akiyoshi TV fruit is not limited to the home.

During my usage, I was completely satisfied with the ease of installation and connection of Aiki TV Fruit 4K. Only two transmission cables and a few cell phone connections are required for hardware installation, making it very user-friendly for all types of users. And, even if the connection is changed, there is no need to reinstall the app on the display device. This is unique because Akiyon TV Fruit 4K is an AI artificial intelligence screen casting product, not a standard TV box.

Isn’t it more convenient than those who need all kinds of connections to the TV box to be able to put the screen on the phone directly on the big screen and use the phone as a TV “remote control”?