True・mini Microsingle Canon Eos M200 Brief Review

[Bestbuy618 digital channel] female photography enthusiasts frequently complain: now released new cameras, manufacturers a “micro single” shouting, but the actual hold in the hands and did not give people a very portable feeling. Although I do not agree with this statement, it appears to be a bit reasonable when you think about it. Because, in our opinion, today’s release of the micro-single camera, when compared to previous DSLRs, the body, both in volume and weight, is already very portable.

However, in the eyes of girls, their reference may be cell phones or card machines, and they will naturally not feel the light micro-single camera. However, among many products, there is a series of cameras that can perfectly balance the requirements of portability and image quality, and it is Canon’s EOS M series of micro-single cameras.

Since its initial release in 2012, the EOS M has introduced a number of popular products, including a 3-digit product for entry-level enthusiasts that is popular among females. The Canon EOS M200, the follow-up upgrade to the EOS M100, is the main character of this review. It has 24.1 effective megapixels, native sensitivity ISO 10025600, DIGIC 8 processor, support for full pixel dual-core focusing and eye detection focusing, single focus can shoot about 6.1 pictures per second, tracking focus about 4 pictures per second, new 4K 25p video shooting function, back with 3-inch touch flip screen for self-timer framing.

The new EOS M200 not only maintains the original photo shooting performance, but also has improved video image quality to meet today’s growing demand for vlog creation. Appearance The Canon EOS M200 is available in two colors, black and white, and this time it comes in a more subdued black body. The entire machine is very light in your hands, measuring approximately 108.2*67.1*35.1mm and weighing approximately 262 (body only). You can put it in your carry-on bag or hang it around your neck, and the ease of carrying it around makes it more appealing to shoot.

The control area is located on the back of the camera, and the button layout is identical to that of the business generation. Because of the overall simplicity and clarity, even novices can quickly get up and running.

The back has a 3-inch reversible screen that not only allows for multi-angle framing and shooting, but also allows for touch control of camera parameters. The left side of the camera body has an HDMI port, USB port, SD card slot, and flash toggle EOS M200 built-in flash Power switch, mode switch, shutter, and dial on the top of the camera body.

It’s worth noting that the EOS M series of micros all have interchangeable lenses. Canon has also designed a variety of cost-effective and highly portable native lenses for its exclusive M-mount to suit the shooting needs of various subjects. The EOS M200 uses an 875mAh LP-E12 battery and is capable of shooting approximately 315 stills or 1 hour and 30 minutes of motion video. ISO test The EOS M200 has a significant advantage in sensor size when compared to cell phones or card cameras.

This enables it to perform better in low-light shooting conditions than smaller bottom devices. We set the aperture to F8 and used the EOS M200’s native ISO for the test.

As you can see, the EOS M200’s common sensitivity can be set in the ISO 1003200 range, and the picture’s bright and dark details are well preserved in this range. Noise appears and dark details fade after ISO 6400, but it is recommended to use the flash for fill light in low light conditions to avoid over-sensitivity. Overall, the EOS M200’s high-sensitivity performance is satisfactory, and the advantages of large-bottom cameras over small-bottom equipment are obvious.

Focusing Performance The EOS M200’s focusing performance is excellent, in addition to its excellent high-sensitivity performance. To achieve fast and accurate focus, it employs a full-pixel dual-core CMOS AF with touch control.

Furthermore, when paired with compatible lenses, its focus area coverage is very broad, reaching approximately 88 percent*100 percent (horizontal*vertical). In real-world shooting, you can achieve the effect of knowing where to point and shoot.

I quickly switch focus on the back screen, and the EOS M200 can focus quickly and without lag. In addition, the EOS M200 supports eye detection autofocus, which can be turned on in face tracking mode and used during video shooting. Eye Control Demo When a person’s face enters the frame, the camera quickly identifies the facial contours and the position of the eyes.

Users can quickly determine if the focus is on the eyes using the intuitive focus frame display.

In terms of video, the EOS M200 now includes a new 4K shooting mode. Users can easily shoot high quality video footage with the ability to shoot 4K clips up to 3840*2160 pixels, accurate portrait tracking focus, and excellent high sensitivity. We used 4K mode and Full HD mode to shoot at the same distance.

4K 100 percent zoom Full HD picture Full HD 100 percent zoom Details are preserved more completely in images shot in 4K, and for those who require a specific pixel resolution, the importance of 4K cannot be overstated. Although there is some cropping in 4K video mode, proper focal length or camera position adjustment will give you the same perspective as in Full HD.

Examples of Photographs The simplified buttons and easy-to-use touch screen eliminate complicated and cumbersome controls; excellent stills, combined with the addition of 4K video capture, give the camera a very high practicality and cost performance. For people who are used to cell phones, the EOS M200 has excellent competitiveness in terms of portability and ease of use, while also having a superb performance that cell phones do not have. As a result, it is highly recommended for ordinary users with specific image quality and portability requirements, as well as professional photographers.