Tokit Smart Oven’s Gourmet Journey: Even A “white Guy” Can Become A Michelin Chef

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]The ideal life, in my opinion, is to get together with three or five friends from time to time, cook a few good dishes, drink some craft brew together, and talk about the latest situation; however, as we get older, the stresses of life come with it, and our free time is becoming less and less, we haven’t gotten together in a long time, and the days of cooking and cooking together are gone. But recently, I found inspiration in a home appliance, and I believe that with it, the ideal life will return. I love food, and from time to time, I will pound research some popular home appliances, such as integrated cooker cooking method, steamer steam some delicious, or use the oven to do some pastry, and so on. It just so happens that I recently got a new oven – TOKIT smart electric oven, and it also makes me believe from the bottom of my heart, that the days of talking Black and white with the design and home furnishings are versatile, but they are also more popular among young users.

The TOKIT Smart Oven has an integrated LED touch panel with an embedded OLED knob on the right, making it simple to operate and adjust the temperature and time to your liking with a simple turn. The TOKIT smart electric oven has a built-in 4-layer baking rack and a capacity of 32L, which is enough to meet the capacity of 1-6 people.

The stunning appearance makes me expect more from its features, and a product is only as good as its “beauty.” The TOKIT Smart Oven employs independent zoning temperature control technology, with three NTC precision temperature control probes to collect the temperature inside the cavity in real time and intelligently regulate the temperature inside the cavity at any time, making the temperature in the cavity more uniform, so you don’t have to worry about uneven heating of the cavity. It also has a hidden heating tube at the bottom, which improves the value of the upper and lower cavity temperature adjustment, making it suitable for baking a wide range of foods. Simply put, the TOKIT Smart Oven heats up quickly and evenly in the oven cavity, eliminating the need to remove food halfway through baking to adjust the direction.

The oven’s dual hot air circulation system ensures that the baked food is tender and juicy, and it’s so simple to use that even inexperienced bakers can do it.

Next, I’ll get hands-on experience with the TOKIT Smart Electric Oven for delicious cooking of egg tarts and chicken wings, and how does it actually work? Is it really as Michelin-worthy as expected? We’ll see. Egg tart cooking First, we follow the tutorial to mix the tart liquid and pour it into the tart crust about eight or nine minutes full, then adjust the temperature and time I need in the control area and preheat it. When adjusting, you can feel that the damping is not too strong, and there is clear feedback for each adjustment of the knob, similar to tuning an old radio.

The panel’s slightly upward design is very user-friendly; there is no need to look down and sideways to see if the desired time and temperature is reached; the addition of two carbon fiber tubes on the top speeds up preheating; and the tart is placed after preheating is complete.

The TOKIT Smart Oven has a built-in 1080p high-definition camera that can transmit the image from the oven to the phone screen in real time via the app, during which we can also take pictures or record small videos. I was very nervous about baking a tart for the first time, and even when I was doing other things, I would keep an eye on the screen from time to time for fear of baking it. This is due to the zoning temperature control technology, which can only be achieved if the overall temperature of the oven cavity is uniform.

After baking, I removed the tart, and the finished product appeared to be quite good on the outside; the freshly baked tart smelled thick and creamy, mixed with a sweet aroma, as if I had entered the world of desserts. The tart crust is incredibly crispy, and the tart liquid inside is tender and smooth. However, because I was inexperienced the first time I cooked it, I used a little less sugar in the tart mixture; the sweetness needs to be enhanced; if I add some light cream, the taste will be better. Baked chicken wings I followed the TOKIT APP tutorial by combining oyster sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce, and salt to make a sauce, which I then mixed with the chicken wings to marinate for 2 hours.

The marinating tutorial was simple to follow; while the chicken wings were on the plate, we opened the TOKIT APP to preheat the oven; once the oven was preheated, we added the chicken wings and began baking. I was more at ease with this aspect of baking chicken wings; all I needed to do was pay close attention to the screen in the mobile app.

(Built-in camera shot) Because of the hidden heating tube at the bottom of the oven, I didn’t have to flip the chicken wings during baking. I removed the wings halfway through, coated them with honey, sprinkled them with pepper, and returned them to the oven to finish baking. The baked chicken wings were covered in a layer of sauce and were so oily that it made your fingers tingle. The skin of the chicken is baked perfectly under the hot air circulation system, and the texture has a hint of Q.

The juices inside the chicken are also firmly locked in, and one bite is full of very tasty juices. Michelin chef in the circle of friends In fact, the majority of the above-mentioned is the “hard power” of TOKIT smart electric oven, in terms of intelligence and Internet of Things, it has further won my favor.

The TOKIT Smart Oven comes with its own APP, “TOKIT,” which can be easily connected by following the prompts. There are many video recipes in the APP, each step is very clear, we just need to watch the steps while learning how to do it. When we finish the preparatory work, we can preheat the oven through the APP, preheating is completed, we only need to put the food into the oven, we do not need to worry about the rest. Every step of temperature control and time control will be completed automatically by the electric oven, no need to bother, and the success rate of baking is also very high, the final product is delicious, is the “food” “lazy cancer patients” gospel! In addition to recipes, we can’t forget the HD camera in the oven, which can take photos and record small videos in addition to real-time monitoring, and we can share photos and videos to TOKIT APP’s square, WeChat! To summarize, the TOKIT electric oven is simple to use and produces “satisfactory” results.

In conclusion, the TOKIT Smart Oven’s value is the key to my liking for it. Users tend to choose by eye without knowing the performance of the product, and the simple black and white color scheme adds a lot of points to it. Furthermore, its independent zone temperature control function improves temperature control, making the temperature of the oven cavity more even and allowing delicious food to be at hand. With an even temperature inside the oven and a built-in HD camera, it’s not too much of a stretch to call it a “photo-ready even oven.” For some “white people,” simply following the video recipes in the APP is enough to complete a good tasty meal.

For social people, every time you finish a food, you can easily share it with friends, and letting friends “gluttonous” those foods is also a matter of great prestige; I believe that friends will notice you after the first time they see you, and they will all come together to taste delicious it!