To Simplicity To Use Lenovo Wisdom Education Screen / Wisdom Blackboard In-depth Experience

[Bestbuy618 Office Channel] As cloud computing, big data, AI, and other technologies “landed” in various industries, education teaching equipment and tools saw a new round of iterative improvements. The key to smart education, on the other hand, is not the use of technology tools, but the ability of teachers to use the means of smart education to educate and inspire students. As a result, the new education infrastructure represented by smart education big screen and smart blackboard is bound to return to smart education itself to better serve teachers, students, and other groups.

“How to impart more and more interesting knowledge in limited classroom time,” as well as “how to prepare and teach efficiently,” have gradually become issues for teachers to consider. The “fill-in” classroom is a thing of the past, and teachers’ goal is to make each lesson efficient and effective, but also interesting and interactive. To make teaching enjoyable, teachers must begin with lesson planning and instruction.

Teachers admit that lesson preparation is equivalent to another knowledge reserve, and in this process, teachers must search and organize a large number of fragmented knowledge materials as well as audio and video materials. Teachers can easily access 526 national textbook versions and 4 million editable test resources through Lenovo’s lesson preparation software, as well as mind maps, math drawing boards, and multimedia resources to easily create teaching courseware, which saves a lot of time and energy compared to the previous way of lesson preparation. As a result, in order to better synchronize their teaching materials, teachers either backup them on USB flash drives or store them in the cloud.

Teachers can simply synchronize their teaching materials with Lenovo’s lesson planning software and access them on multiple devices, and the lesson planning software, which requires account and password entry, is equivalent to a personal cloud space with guaranteed security. Teachers can also remotely synchronize their courseware content when dealing with cross-campus teaching situations, and the Lenovo Smart Education M1 Pro can be connected to various terminals such as USB flash drives, laptops, and cell phones to meet the connection needs of different device terminals. Teachers can choose their own convenient method of teaching, such as computer external, U disk copy, flexible and simple display courseware, and “blackboard,” “chalk,” “board eraser,” and so on.

are still used as “teaching aids” in many schools. When the blackboard is wiped, dust is released, endangering the health of both teachers and students. Furthermore, the “write and erase” teaching method does not promote student note-taking.

Lenovo’s intelligent whiteboard software can replace the traditional blackboard, so you can not only say goodbye to dust pollution, but also local preservation, QR code sharing “board,” solving many problems plaguing teachers, writing with the screen has become a “health topic” that teachers are happy to talk about.

Bestbuy618 discovered from speaking with teachers that teachers of various subjects have different requirements for whiteboards. Math teachers, for example, want to draw graphs and tables that can be instantly transformed into standard graphs and tables; language teachers want to write text that can be instantly transformed into standard regular script. The Lenovo Whiteboard’s automatic recognition function allows teachers to draw graphics, tables, or text with their hands to form standard graphics, tables, or text. The art teacher wants the drawing strokes to be coherent and the size of the work to be unlimitedly extended without the limitation of the screen size, whereas the Lenovo Smart Education Screen can achieve high precision recognition with 1mm touch precision and low latency to technically guarantee the coherence.

Lenovo Smart Whiteboard supports multi-person writing, which increases the interactivity of classroom teachers and students as well as the fun of the teaching process. It is also worth noting that Lenovo Smart Whiteboard supports two-finger zooming, multi-finger dragging, and also allows you to write by fingertip, erase by back of hand, and double-click on the whiteboard to undo the previous operation, which is simple and easy to use, especially when teachers are familiar with the whiteboard.

“It is the desire of teachers to make their students enjoy their lessons.” As a result, many teachers begin to prepare lessons by developing engaging classroom activities, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Teachers can directly select from a library of classroom activity templates and insert PPTs with one click using Lenovo’s lesson planning software, saving a lot of time and effort and making the classroom much more active than before. In order to mobilize students’ enthusiasm and participation, teachers usually set up some “interactive quizzes” and “mini-games” during lectures, such as language teachers asking students to guess idioms by looking at pictures, English teac With Lenovo Prep’s virtual simulation experiments, dangerous and time-consuming physics and chemistry experiments can be presented in a virtual reality format, which not only increases the fun of the experiments but also reduces unnecessary “danger.” Furthermore, when teachers find entertaining videos on their cell phones, they no longer need to rack their brains to download the resources; instead, they can simply use the wireless co-screen function of Lenovo Smart Educatio. Exploration and practice of “Master Classroom” and “Master School Network Classroom” are actively promoting the development of “Internet Education.” Bestbuy618 learned from teachers that many schools have a need to record micro-classes.

Typically, teachers need to record micro-classes with the help of camera equipment, which is not only complicated but also costly to achieve.

At the moment, Lenovo Smart Education Screen can assist in resolving such issues. The large screen has a recording function that allows you to record the content of the large screen display, and micro-lesson material is now easy to obtain. The Smart Education Screen also includes a six-way intelligent noise-cancelling microphone array for accurate sound pickup up to 12 meters away, and remote teaching is a breeze with the built-in 13-megapixel camera! Teachers and parents are increasingly concerned about students’ eye health, especially with the prevalence of electronic devices, and have adopted various measures to protect students’ eyesight, such as purchasing anti-blue light glasses and reducing the length of time they use electronic devices. In a conversation with Bestbuy618, many teachers expressed their concerns: Will long-term use of large educational screens cause harm to students’ eyesight? Lenovo intelligent education screen M1 Pro takes it a step further, employing a new hardware and software integrated anti-blue light design to reduce the production of harmful blue light, which, when combined with intelligent light-sensing brightness adjustment, can fully protect the teachers’ and students’ eyesight.

Furthermore, students playing after school sometimes inevitably bump, how to protect the personal safety of students has been the school, education hardware equipment manufacturers think about the problem, and education screen also from the bezel design, screen anti-collision design, and other aspects, so that schools can use with confidence. Lenovo Smart Education Large Screen M1 Pro is designed with rounded corner bezels and goes through a high quality control system to further eliminate safety hazards. In addition to Lenovo Smart Education Large Screen and Lenovo Lesson Planning Software, teachers also experienced Lenovo Smart Blackboard M1 Pro and shared their thoughts on the thoughtful design and small features.

Are you used to writing with chalk but don’t want to deal with the dust? Lenovo Smart Blackboard has the solution – a nano blackboard with dust-free chalk, so that the combination of “chalk blackboard” does not harm the health of teachers and students. At the same time, the Lenovo Smart Blackboard is designed with a sliding cover at the bottom of the body interface, which prevents dust from entering and extends the life of the board. Teachers also praised the smart board’s “half-screen display” during the experience. When teachers need to close or minimize a PowerPoint presentation, they no longer need to stand on tiptoe and use the “half-screen display” function to easily close it.

With the continued promotion of education informatization, the education screen and smart blackboard, as a product of the combination of technology and education, will become easy to use, intelligent, and wise, allowing teachers to educate and inspire students and stimulate their initiative and creativity with the help of technology.

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