Time Passes The Quality Remains The Same Huwei M2r Sonata Bluetooth Active Speaker Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] In the middle and late twentieth centuries, radio became a popular form of entertainment, and many audiophiles became interested in radio technology for the first time. With cell phones and streaming music taking over the market, what was once radio has taken on a new flavor. Today, we can find fewer and fewer FM devices around us; does this mean that this way of life will gradually fade away? Unknowingly, the Huwei’s focus on sound quality has been established for 29 years, paralleling the growth of various audio enthusiasts.

At the moment, Whiteway engineers have once again combined outstanding electro-acoustic technology and forward-thinking design, with the introduction of retro radio technology and modern wireless Bluetooth listening to the perfect integration of audio products: M2R Sonata Bluetooth FM radio active speaker.

I recently had the opportunity to thoroughly test this product. Following that, we will discuss in detail the “Whiteway Classical M2R Sonata,” a speaker that combines modern and retro design elements in all aspects of performance. The speaker employs a tilt elevation design optimized for the listening environment to ensure accurate near-field sound reproduction, while the stable and sturdy solid wood “trapezoidal” cabinet with four black shock-absorbing feet at the bottom can effectively reduce cabinet resonance, allowing the speaker to comfortably handle a wide range of musical tests.

The overall shape of the Whiteway Classical M2R Sonata speaker is very classical; the size and volume of the speaker are only 18 9 8.5cm, extremely slim; its 550g weight also makes the M2R Sonata more compact and exquisite, making it very convenient for small partners to carry out. The front is covered with two audio units with metal grills, and the middle is the FM FM area, the whole is very simple, the front is covered with leather in addition to these three areas, the texture is warm and delicate.

The Whiteway Classical M2R Sonata includes a built-in bi-amplifier, as well as a built-in DSP FM radio chip and Class R anti-FM interference, anti-breakup, power supply multi-step adaptive output gain, and other features, resulting in a two-way inverted full-band system with a frequency response range of 150Hz to 20kHz and excellent acoustic and electrical performance. The radio tuning knob can be adjusted to listen to the traditional 87-108Mhz frequency band. The front of the radio dial is also equipped with an indicator at the bottom, according to the different input display corresponding to different light colors, the use of clear and identifiable mode, convenient for users. The Whiteway Classical M2R Sonata is designed with separate left and right chambers and is equipped with two Whiteway professional 40mm full-range speakers in such a compact cabinet, enabling the M2R Sonata to easily display

The back of the Whiteway Classical M2R Sonata speaker is equipped with a 3.5mm analog output interface, microUSB charging interface, FM_ANT / Aux dual-use interface, and Whiteway also includes an FM antenna to enhance the radio effect. To meet the diversified listening needs of users, the Whiteway Classical M2R Sonata speaker not only has a line input interface to traditional audio sources for high-fidelity wired connection, but also provides a new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 access to support Apt-X, can be high-speed wireless audio transmission with all kinds of Bluetooth devices, pushing rich Internet music for users and getting excellent high-fidelity sound quality. In my actual tests, I use the M2R Sonata every day to play music for fun, and it can last for more than a week without needing to be recharged.

Whiteway also provides a number of styles for the Classical M2R Sonata by varying the material and color of the front panel finish. In addition to the cyan blue version we received for this review, users can choose from pine green, classical, and scarlet. If you prefer the traditional solid color classical with, I believe the pine green version is the most harmonious choice. The blue-green version of this review has a different flavor of classical and business fashion combination.

I have become accustomed to opening the M2R Sonata speaker in the early morning, at night, or during a nap moment. Late at night by themselves, gently twisting the knob to adjust the station, watching the needle in the FM dial slowly turn from the “rustle rustle” noise to find the sound they want to hear, is a thing of pleasure.

Solid wood cabinets are a guarantee of sound quality, and Whiteway has applied their good wooden cabinet techniques to the Classical M2R Sonata. In order to test the sound quality, I connected the Classical M2R Sonata to my smartphone and played some music. Because I enjoy listening to pop music, I chose the song “Big Bowl of Wide Noodles” by Wu Yifan as the test track.

As a portable speaker with a solid wood dual-cavity design, the sound quality of the Whiteway, Classical M2R Sonata sound quality performance is very good, especially the general small speakers poorly controlled bass, with a certain strength, rhythmic surging. The midrange portion is solid and rich, and the sound is warm and solid, making it ideal for vocal expression and listening to popular music.

Overall, the sound quality performance is satisfactory.

After a month of use, I still can’t get enough of the Whiteway Classical M2R Sonata; in this day and age, not many good products can be made with a steady heart. The retro and fashionable shape of the classic M2R Sonata is heartwarming. The radio function gives people a kind of “nostalgia for the past, often intoxicated, half of the fun, half of the tears” feeling, which is the taste of memories; Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows people to enjoy wild music anytime, anywhere.

The Whiteway Classical M2R Sonata’s luxurious appearance is a perfect blend of vintage and modern. Huewei did not pursue the size of the cabinet at the expense of sound quality, which is uncommon, with the excellent design and multifunctional support. White Valentine’s Day is approaching; if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that has both sentimental meaning and practicality, the Huewei Classical M2R Sonata is a good option; I’m sure your partner will love it!