Ticwatch Pro 3 Experience: Has It Surpassed Apple Watch Without Martial Arts?

Life is like an orderly watch, and the tiny gears are like the pieces of life that make up the richness of life. I adore life and its intricacies….. The watch I’m talking about today, on the other hand, has no gears and instead relies on a powerful “core.” The first thing I noticed about this Ticwatch Pro3 was its weight.

But, without a doubt, the most appealing feature to me is the long-lasting mode with up to 45 days of battery life. We may have developed a strong habit of charging electronic devices, but a wearable electronic device does not need to be “a day a charge” to provide the best “watch” user experience.

As a long-time Apple Watch user, I recently acquired the TicWatch Pro 3, and the 1.39-inch Retina-quality AMOLED screen provides me with some stability. The reason for this is that an OLED screen will undoubtedly provide you with the intuitive effect of a wider color gamut and clearer picture quality. The entire exterior of the watch is made of 316L stainless steel, giving it a much more substantial feel when compared to the similarly priced Watch SE.

It’s amazingly sporty, stylish, and business-like…… I even believe the thickness control of this TicWatch Pro 3 is already comparable to a traditional quartz watch. According to official information, the thickness of the new watch has been reduced by 0.4mm to only 12.2mm when compared to the previous generation.

As an Android camp user, he is no stranger to the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. In the intuitive use of experience, whether switching dials or point and click process, there will be more or less a little bit of delay with this piece of core and S5 sip dual-core core. Perhaps it is still a compromise of the refresh rate, and perhaps it is also a compromise of the manufacturer for battery life, which is not a big deal, but from the silky smooth and a little short of the meaning.

After using the TicWatch Pro 3 for about two weeks, the most intuitive feeling is that it lasts really well, no need to remove the watch all the time to charge it, one charge in three days for heavy use, and if you only enable the long-lasting mode, I believe this watch can properly achieve a long battery life of more than a month. The TicWatch Pro 3 also supports “persistent mode,” which uses only a monochrome LCD screen to display the date, time, power, pedometer, heart rate measurement, NFC bus and subway swipe card, and a series of other functions, which can fully meet the needs of most people most of the time.

The TicWatch Pro 3 brand is actually an AI unicorn company invested by Google, so the TicWatch Pro 3 is also equipped with Wear OS by Google operating system, the native Google watch system has greatly improved the smoothness and practicality of operation, simply put, it is a smart watch with strong independence, in many use scenarios, it almost does not need the cell phone terminal to carry out some responsible operations, the watch itself is fully capable

Comes with Netease cloud music, Himalaya, Drip, translation, FM radio a series of commonly used APP, these functions are built into the TicWatch Pro 3, but also support the download of more than 180 APP, covering back to WeChat, Voyager Vertical, QQ music, these experiences are convenient enough, which is very little difference from smart phones. As a result, it is no longer just a smartwatch, but rather a wrist AI recorder.

Because the TicWatch Pro 3 has a full-scene NFC chip, it can be used to pay with a raised hand. Binding the bus card to the watch eliminates the need for you to rely on your cell phone to take the subway and bus, and binding the UnionPay card allows you to easily pay with your wrist up at gas stations and other scenarios. The eSIM card function, which is 2020 years old, should be familiar to you, as it means the terminal device has a built-in phone card.

The TicWatch Pro 3 I’m using is the 4G version, which can use the full network 4G and also supports VoLTE calls, but the eSIM is still not widely available in the domestic market.

Furthermore, TicWatch Pro 3 includes a heart rate monitoring function that allows users to monitor their heart rate at any time and from any location in order to better protect their cardio health. The external speaker performance level is excellent, and I discovered that it supports intelligent detection of ambient sound when used outdoors, automatically turning up the volume in noisy environments to better help users complete their calls. TicWatch Pro 3 also supports sleep management function, which can also be used to keep track of your sleep if you want to know your sleep quality.

After a few days of trying it on and experiencing it, the sensation of “solidity” has always surrounded me while using it. The benefits of the watch body, the beautiful display, the independence of the esim, and the long-lasting mode battery life all give me the impression that this is what a qualified electronic watch should be capable of; it’s as if the TicWatch Pro 3 gives every user a choice and a direction. Better picture quality and interaction come at the expense of battery life, but you can also choose the most basic mode of operation.

There may be times when all we need to do is lift our wrist to check the time.