Thunder Century Chaser X8 Gaming All-in-one Machine Review: Micro-bezel Large Screen Is Cool

Computer all-in-one a new species between traditional desktop and laptop computer, it will be the host part, the display part of the new form of computer integrated together, it both desktop host and laptop many advantages The highly integrated design makes it more compact and avoids the problems of bulky desktops, cables, and miscellaneous, while the large screen looks much cooler than the small laptop screen. On January 6, the Thunder Century Chaser X8 series gaming all-in-one machine officially debuted at the Jingdong Mall Mall Thunder Century brand store and began pre-sale. I was also very fortunate in this product before the official opening of the sale on the first to get and experience, this all-in-one machine to my first feeling is a large display, compared to the traditional host of bulky, hunter X8 series gaming all-in-one machine is more lightweight, and does not require a lot of space can be placed, so how exactly its experience?

All-in-one products are more integrated, better overall, and more minimalist in design than traditional desktop hosts, and the Thunder Century Chaser X8 series of products as a gaming all-in-one, its appearance is designed to be simple and more technological at the same time. The Chaser X8 series uses a 23.8-inch FHD ultra-high definition gaming screen with a 16.7M wide color gamut and a very good display. The large screen with ultra-narrow bezel is very cool for catching up on drama, watching movies, or playing games.

The Chaser X8 series gaming all-in-one is only 8mm thick at its thinnest point, which is about the same as the thickness of our cell phones. Although all of the hardware is integrated in the back of the body, its overall thickness and our daily use of the monitor are basically the same, for most users can achieve one-handed handling, very easy to move. The back of the Chaser X8 series gaming all-in-one is designed with a highly technological textured etching inspired by the Tesseract, and is also equipped with an RGB ring, which supports multi-mode button adjustment and can bring a very good lighting.

To meet the various postures and needs of gamers, the Chaser X8 series gaming all-in-one is equipped with a multi-angle adjustable stand base that can support up and down screen, 90 degree vertical rotation, 45 degree left and right base rotation, and -10 degree to 35 degree screen tilt adjustment.

The interface of the Chaser X8 series gaming all-in-one is also very rich, in addition to the two USB2.0 interfaces on the side of the body, the back of the bottom position also has four USB3.0 interfaces, an HDMI interface, a VGA interface, headset headset interface, network interface, etc., to fully meet the expansion needs of players, while the hidden design also makes the back of the body more concise. Other configurations include the Chaser X8 series gaming all-in-one’s 16GB DDR4 dual-channel high-speed memory and a built-in 512GB NVMe solid state drive for fast start-up, operation, and response.

We started by running it through CPU-Z and CINEBENCH R15 software. The CPU-Z test yields a single-core score of 473.5 and a multi-core score of 2741.1, while the CINEBENCH R15 test yields a CPU multi-core score of 916cb and a single-core score of 166cb. The theoretical performance of the Core i5-9400 has a small increase in performance compared to the previous generation Core i5-8400, and the overall performance is at a medium to high level, which is sufficient to meet the daily needs of most users.

When compared to traditional desktop hosts, the Chaser X8 series gaming all-in-one is easier to install and takes up less space, and no complicated wiring is required to keep our desktop tidy. The Chaser X8 series gaming all-in-one has a very good hardware configuration, with a 23.8-inch narrow bezel screen, whether it is a daily office, catching up on drama, or playing games, and it also has a built-in wireless network card to access the Internet without a network cable, so that only a power cord is used to complete the entire connection. In the leisure time, for example, you can watch a 4K movie, play very smooth, clarity is also very good, narrow edge models bring visual experience is unmatched by cell phones and laptops, and then with two 3W hi-fi stereo sound brought by the stereo sound, the experience is very good.

Of course, such a large screen to play games is also very cool, I took the hunter X8 series gaming all-in-one machine and experienced “League of Legends” and “Watchto The first is “League of Legends,” where I tested two high-quality modes: the classic mode and the group mode. As we can see from the frame rate graph, the line stage’s frame rate will be relatively high, while the group stage’s frame rate will drop slightly, with an average frame rate of 90 or so.

The average frame rate is around 90 frames per second. In the Polar Smash mode, which is essentially a group game, the average frame rate is around 71.

The average frame rate in 1080P resolution and high quality is 50, which is quite smooth, but there is some lag in the group battle; while the average frame rate in medium quality is 66, which can be played smoothly.

It is worth noting that the noise control of the Hunter X8 series gaming all-in-one machine is very good; even in a very quiet environment, you cannot hear its noise. Furthermore, many partners may be concerned about the all-in-one cooling problem, the hunter X8 uses a powerful all-in-one cooling technology, through the condensing three conduit cooling, fan intelligent wind speed adjustment, and equipped with a large size of the cooling holes, to ensure that the heat is discharged in a timely manner.

In comparison to traditional desktop hosts, the Thunder Century Chaser X8 series gaming all-in-one can bring us a neater desktop, not only occupying less space, but also no longer having to be bothered by cumbersome cables, while the built-in wireless card and Bluetooth 4.1 even allows us to achieve all connections with only a power cable; 23.8-inch narrow bezel screen provides a very good view; Whether it is the daily office, or watching movies and playing games, it is very cool; and it is equipped with Core i5-9400 provides a good performance for the computer to run smoothly to provide a strong guarantee, but it also allows players to smoothly experience some of the popular online games. At the moment, the hunter X8 series gaming all-in-one machine has opened a pre-sale in Jingdong Mall, and current reservations can also enjoy a 600 yuan discount, making it only 3799 yuan from, interested partners can pay attention to oh.