Three Scrubber Cross-evaluation: The Details Determine The Experience Imports And Domestic Differences So Big!

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] When it comes to housework, most people are used to sweeping and then mopping, which is a time-consuming process. Cleaning appliance companies began to think and develop new products to make sweeping and mopping this chore more convenient and effective for everyone. From brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots, and now the scrubber, cleaning tools have changed in appearance and performance. In comparison to the previous four cleaning appliances, the scrubber can work to complete both ground cleaning and mopping, quickly and effectively sucking away dry and wet garbage on the ground to meet consumers’ daily cleaning needs.

However, due to differences in brand technology and process design, the cleaning effect of the scrubber varies, with some products appearing to clean the ground is not clean, mopping missed water stains, disassembly trouble, body cleaning effort, and other pros and cons. Even if the user has done extensive research before purchasing, there is no definitive answer to what type of scrubber products are best to use.

Bestbuy618 intends to use the experience of several mainstream products on the market by way of horizontal comparison to provide reference for consumers to buy floor scrubbers. The floor scrubber can not only clean the ground waste, but also mop and clean the ground.

The scrubber has functions such as dusting and mopping and is simple to use. It can handle dry waste such as dust and hair in the home environment, as well as wet waste such as milk, noodles, soy sauce, and eggs; it is more practical for users who have children and pets at home. Of course, the premise is that you select the appropriate product, understand what it is, what it can do, and how it does it. This is also the goal of our evaluation, which included three scrubber products: Timco IFLOOR Plus, Bison 2582Z, and Hertz (Hizero) F802.

Timco IFLOOR Plus: Coors has a reputation in both the domestic and international markets as a manufacturer of cleaning appliances in China. Timco brand from Coors, IFLOOR Plus is Timco’s mainstream wireless scrubber, it supports suction, mopping synchronization, equipped with live water cleaning system, mopping clean and pollution-free, a key self-cleaning, eliminating the trouble of disassembly and cleaning, a key self-cleaning, eliminating the trouble of disassembly and cleaning It has received up to 98 percent approval on the e-commerce platform for its digital brushless motor, which is simple to install.

Pizza 2582Z: Pizza is an American vacuum cleaner brand, and as the flagship store of e-commerce hot products, netizens of Pizza 2582Z have mixed feelings about it. Why? Because it “works well, but it’s noisy.” It has an 830ml water purification tank, a brush head with a combination of soft and hard bristles, dust collection, dirt removal, wet and dry separation, and is simple to use. You can see the difference between imported brands and domestic products using the Bison 2582Z scrubber, and it is a great value for comparison.

Hertz (Hizero) F802: Hertz (Hizero) is one of the newest companies in our technology industry. It is also Hertz’s only scrubber at the moment.

Its products are distinguished by their high face value and range, and many customers purchase them for their beauty. This Hertz floor machine has a compact body with flexible left and right rotation between the handle and the mop head for deep ground contact cleaning.

Timco IFLOOR Plus was originally priced at 2990 yuan; Pizza 2582Z was originally priced at 3990 yuan; and Hertz (Hizero) F802 was originally priced at 5980 yuan. In terms of price, Hertz (Hizero) F802 is the most expensive, followed by Pizza 2582Z, and Timco IFLOOR Plus is the cheapest, but the overall price does not appear to be low. The scrubbers’ after-sales warranties are two years, and the comparison test is divided into three areas: product design, wet and dry garbage cleaning effect, and performance testing (noise, range).

Wet garbage cleaning is divided into daily wet garbage cleaning, stubborn stain cleaning, self-cleaning test, and disassembly cleaning experience; dry garbage cleaning includes flat dry garbage cleaning and edge cleaning cleaning; and wet garbage cleaning includes daily wet garbage cleaning, stubborn stain cleaning, self-cleaning test, and disassembly cleaning experience.

Three products, who can do a good job cleaning the dry and wet garbage floor, who has a better cleaning effect, who is good in which? Bestbuy618 review team will answer you one by one.