This Is A High-end Rubik’s Cube That Combines All The Functions Of A Rubik’s Cube Socket I’ve Ever Seen Bar None!

Preface Recently, the super high value or soap June’s little heart was released, but the past black history of Samsung cell phone soap June for cell phone charging has been very important. When the phone battery is overcharged all night and for an extended period of time, the light will damage the battery life, the heavy will appear battery expansion, and other problems will appear.Bulls anti overcharge magic USB socket (Premium Edition)

Bull recently released a “Bull Anti-Overcharge Magic USB Socket (Premium Edition),” so today we will discuss the Bull Anti-Overcharge Magic USB Socket (Premium Edition). Appearance In terms of design, the Bull Anti-Overcharge Tesseract USB Socket (Premium Edition) follows the Bull Tesseract family of products, with an overall tesseract design, but with a more luxurious design.

The Bull logo is made of hot silver and is designed in the center of the front, making it a flagship product. There are two buttons on the top, the power button on the left side can turn on or off the power, the start is white light. The right side is designed to prevent overcharging function button, the light shows white, the bull overcharge magic USB socket (Premium Edition) at this time for the opening of the overcharge function, when the device is fully charged.

When you hold down the function key for 2 seconds or so, the normal pass function is activated, and the indicator light turns blue. Simple operation, easy to learn.

The original color of the UBS port is green, which should just be the product manager’s aesthetics, but it does look a little more distinctive than the black USB port level. Around the body there is a circle of gold PC plating material, I think this is the finishing touch to the design. The jack section is still three sets of five-hole socket, jack with a security door, the color of the protective door and the jack

The base material is zinc alloy metal, with a lower center of gravity more stable, with the bottom four silicone anti-slip pad, placed on a variety of materials on the desktop can be firmly grasped, will not easily slide, more stable. After the overall upgrade, the size of the Bulls USB socket (Premium Edition) remains small enough to meet my needs whether I put it on the desktop or carry it around.

The single-port USB output of the Bulls’ overcharge-proof Magic USB socket (Premium Edition) is rated at 2.4A in practical testing. Soap Jun used his iPhone and Android phone to test charging power, and the total output power was 10.68W when charging the iPhone with the Power-Z USB power tester, which is faster than the official “fast charging head” that comes with it. Furthermore, it can charge an Android phone at a rate of 9.74W, which is quite powerful.

If the charging speed is not an issue, continue charging to see if it can be fully charged and then automatically disconnected. After waiting for the phone to charge to 99 percent, soap June has been waiting next to the phone, and after a while, the phone charging power is terminated to complete this charge. The soap has previously used the Bull anti overcharge socket, so this is not a “WOW,” normal operation. Overall, the Bulls Anti-Overcharge Magic USB Socket (Premium Edition) is a combination of performance and anti overcharge function, so I personally believe it can score 9 out of 10 in actual experience.

Bull anti overcharge magic USB socket (Premium Edition) in accordance with the third edition of the new national standard requirements of the socket, the jack has a built-in safety protection door, you must force both poles down at the same time to open, which will be safer than the safety protection door of other sockets, and the power cord is also thickened, with the cross-section of the cord increasing.

Furthermore, the shell part is made of flame retardant PC material and has passed the national 750 °C burning wire test. Finally, the three USB ports on the front of the Bulls Overcharging Magic USB Socket (Premium Edition) have USB five-factor protection. After all, safety comes first.

It can provide overvoltage, overcurrent, anti-static, anti-short circuit, and anti-surge protection to charging devices.

It will soon be the 5G era, and there will be an increasing number of new phones, so if you don’t want your new phone’s battery to age quickly, pay attention to the overcharging issue. The Bull Anti-Overcharge Tesseract USB Socket (Premium Edition) we saw today solves the overcharge problem while also bringing a luxurious look and the Tesseract family’s excellent selling points, which I think is a good choice.