This Home Cleaning “housekeeper” Is Not Simple Kahl Vsc4 Cordless Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Trial

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Cleaning is a problem that every family has to deal with, and for those who leave early and return home late, it is pure torture. And this time, having a good wireless vacuum cleaner will save you from the tedious chores. What kind of vacuum cleaner is better? I believe this is a common question among consumers. Ordinary vacuum cleaners are bulky and difficult to push, increasing the workload when using them, whereas the author believes that the ideal dusting state is simple to operate.

Given that women clean more nowadays, and their strength is generally lower, whether pushing the vacuum cleaner to clean the floor or carrying the handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains and corners, lightness is extremely important. Furthermore, the key factors to test a vacuum cleaner are suction power and range; if these aspects are not present, it will not be considered by the consumer. In order to meet the needs of consumers, Kahl has launched the VCS 4 Cordless vacuum cleaner.

This product has been optimized in terms of weight, filtration, range, and noise to make it more user-friendly, so let’s put it through its paces together.

The Kahl VCS4 Cordless vacuum cleaner’s entire outer packaging is very stylish and atmospheric, with a subtle design that attracts most people’s eyes, and you can easily lift it for your own use or as a gift. After unpacking the outer packaging, its inner packaging is even more elaborate, with a strong sense of lines in the blocks, making people look forward to it when it is dismantled. The face of a product is always one of the first factors to attract attention, and the Kahl VCS4 Cordless cordless vacuum cleaner continues the usual crafted design with a minimalist concept that constitutes a simple aesthetic.

The body has a pleasing and comfortable appearance from the side, and the combination of fashion and innovative technology is very much in line with the home aesthetics of modern home furnishings.

The vacuum cleaner is divided into three parts, namely the handheld mainframe, extension tube, and nozzle, which must be assembled before use, and each part has a visible bayonet to allow users to easily complete the assembly. In terms of hands-on experience, the vacuum cleaner is lighter in weight and feels lighter in use, so women can easily use it. The core part of this vacuum cleaner is the handheld mainframe, which is ergonomically designed to fit the curve of the palm of the hand and avoid direct wrist force, so the wrist will not be sore for a long time.

The control buttons that must be pressed are arranged on the handheld host, allowing users to change the mode at any time during the cleaning process, and the low battery indicator design at the top of the button is also very user-friendly, reminding users to recharge in time. After removing the dust collection cup, you can see a water washing filter, which can filter 99.5 percent of dust as small as 0.3 microns. Of course, it also serves as a reminder of the missing filter; if it is not installed, the machine will not be able to start. The dust collection cup has a visual design that reminds you whether it needs to be cleaned.

The filters are all washable, allowing for repeated dust removal while remaining safe and hygienic; in fact, by installing the nozzle, the handheld host can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Users can transport it to the sofa, car, and other environments, as well as clean some difficult-to-clean local areas, such as dust in crevices.

The handheld mainframe is only 1.25KG in weight and is easy to hold with one hand.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with three brush head accessories that are very useful and can solve a variety of problems in your life. The electric floor brush is suitable for cleaning all types of floors, and when combined with the aerodynamic front section inlet design, it can effectively increase the airflow inlet speed to maximize the vacuuming effect. The narrow slit nozzle can be cleaned for cleaning sofa crevices, closet interiors, and other narrow spaces.

Fabric nozzles are used to effectively remove dust and lint from fabrics when cleaning furniture with fabric products such as sofas. Battery life is critical for a cordless design vacuum cleaner. If the power runs out halfway through each cleaning and must be recharged, the cleaning time will be significantly increased.

The Kahl VCS4 Cordless vacuum cleaner has a 2500mAh imported lithium battery that can run for up to 60 minutes and can easily handle cleaning a large area of the entire house.

It is designed as a vertical charging post that has passed numerous anti-tilt tests and is extremely stable. It is both a charging station and a resting place, allowing users to take it as they use it and put it away as they finish, making it very comfortable. As consumers’ demand for high quality of life rises, so does the popularity of wood flooring.

Next, we’ll test the vacuum cleaner’s suction power on a wooden floor, using melon shells and confetti for easy viewing because they’re larger and heavier than dust, and if they can be easily sucked up, it’s proof that the vacuum cleaner’s suction power is quite good.

Although the size and weight of melon shells and paper scraps are relatively large, we discovered that the vacuum cleaner can suck up all of the waste at once, and it is also very easy to accumulate dust and food residue in the corners and seat crevices, so we can use the narrow slit nozzle to take care of the dust in these crevices.

A vacuum cleaner that only has a good vacuuming effect is not a qualified vacuum cleaner. Consumers can only be satisfied with high suction power and low noise. As a result, after testing the suction power, I also tested the vacuum cleaner’s noise level: first, the current closed environment noise was tested, and the result was 34.9dB.

Next, open the vacuum cleaner’s regular mode for vacuuming, and at a distance of about 1 meter measured the noise size of the vacuum cleaner in working condition is 75dB, at this decibel, will not affect the user’s daily communication, and then with strong suction power, we can see the str

Conclusion: With the advancement of consumption, the pursuit of high quality of life has become commonplace. The vacuum cleaner’s lightweight and simple design makes it more aesthetically pleasing, even for household chores. We combined it with its ergonomic design body, so users can feel the humane care of home appliances. The vacuum cleaner’s two-in-one handheld/erect use mode allows it to handle all aspects of household hygiene.

The powerful suction can suck up all the dirt on the floor and keep the home clean. Overall, the Kahl VCS4 Cordless vacuum cleaner is your dependable “housekeeper” for the home.