There Is Ai Everywhere In Life Xiaomi Xiaoxiai Bluetooth Speaker Portable Version Experience

If there has been a hot technology in the last two years, it has to be “artificial intelligence.” Smart speakers, so that more families can enjoy moving their mouths to check the weather, listen to songs, navigate, and perform other functions; artificial intelligence technology is valued not only by the speaker industry, but also by smart home appliances, smart phones, and so on. Smart appliances can be assisted by smart speakers or smart remote control, whereas smart phones appear to be a bit “lonely.” It is only possible to open by pressing and holding the wake button on the screen; for those who do not like to hold the phone to ask around, this is a significant inconvenience.

However, Xiaomi recently released the Xiaomi Xiao Ai Bluetooth speaker portable version, which is now available for purchase. The highlights of this product are not only its small size and volume, but also the fact that it is the first Bluetooth speaker to support “Xiao Ai classmates,” which can achieve intelligent voice interaction, but also with smartphones equipped with Xiao Ai classmates to bring a different experience effect. Furthermore, its built-in 480 mAh power can continuously play music for 4 hours, ultra-long standby up to 45 days, and the important thing is that you can experience the fun of AI everywhere in your life.

If you look at the Xiaomi Xiao Ai Bluetooth speaker portable version, you will be convinced by its “small and beautiful” appearance. The beautiful white appearance with Fibonacci spiral design, so that this Bluetooth speaker into a “people love” the special; in addition to being small and beautiful, Xiaomi Xiao Ai Bluetooth speaker portable version of each small detail has its own unique role. ABS PC material small cylinder body, in order to bring a better feel at the same time, but also has a scratch-resistant wear-resistant and prevent the body from turning yellow; and the use of Fibonacci spiral design of the front of the sound hole, increasing the sense of dynamic beauty while also helping to improve the overall sound quality effect.

Many people are “confused” by the Xiaomi Xiao Ai Bluetooth speaker portable version of the word “portable.” To begin with, the compact body design of it is only 52 grams, very light, and comes with a lanyard can easily put in your pocket or hang to your backpack, and it also has a certain amount of battery life to ensure that you can always apply, and it also has 480 mAh of power, can play music continuously for about 4 hours, standby up to 45 days, just to meet this point. At the same time, it is equipped with a Micro USB port, so that you can charge it while driving or while in your bag using a car charging port or a charging battery.

Don’t be fooled by its small size; the sound quality performance will also make you feel very good. It employs a small-diameter large magnetic circuit design, with the entire machine employing an advanced DRC dynamic compression algorithm, not only to ensure better low-frequency and bass performance, but also to make the sound more loud and clear, and to provide users with a more dynamic sound quality without distortion.

As previously stated, the Xiaomi Xiao Ai Bluetooth speaker portable version is the first Bluetooth speaker to support “Xiao Ai classmates.” The first issue is the connection if you want to directly control the “Ai students.” In contrast to other Bluetooth speakers, you must first download the Ai Ai classmates APP and enable the GPS positioning and Bluetooth function. In the shutdown state, long press the switch button at the bottom of the body for 4 seconds to hear the pairing prompt. If you own a Xiaomi Android phone, open the “Xiaoxiaoyou” APP, click the upper right corner to enter settings, select Bluetooth devices – add devices – start pairing, and then add devices as prompted.

For non-Xiaomi Android phone users, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, let go after hearing the power on tone, open the Bluetooth option of your phone, select “MI BT18” in My Devices, connect, and pay attention not to connect to BLE devices; open the “Xiaoxia classmate “APP, search and find the corresponding MI BT18_BLE, click connect. After successfully adding the device, press and hold the microphone button until you hear the “ding” tone to activate the voice assistant. You can use your voice to check the weather, ask the time, listen to music, set the alarm clock, and perform other functions.

If you own a Xiaomi ecological chain, you can use it to control your home at will with Mi Home products. You can use the voice button to say things like “turn on the air conditioner,” “turn on the lamp,” “turn on the floor sweeper,” and so on. Isn’t it convenient? Not only that, but you can answer the phone more conveniently with the Xiaomi Xiaoxiai Bluetooth speaker portable version: short press the voice button to answer or end the dial out call, long press to reject the call. If you have been on a conference call and the sound is inaudible or unclear, the Xiaomi Xiaoxiai Bluetooth Speaker Walkman Edition will completely assist you in resolving this issue.

Editor’s note: The Xiaomi Xiaoxiai Bluetooth speaker portable version is one of Xiaomi AI’s major “universal benefit” initiatives. Xiaomi Xiaoxiai Bluetooth speaker on-the-go version provides more than just a better sound quality experience for Xiaomi users; more importantly, you can let go of your phone and directly experience the AI convenience and charm of “Xiaoxiai students.” Non-Xiaomi cell phone users can enjoy the same treatment as Xiaomi users, and can control the home Mi products at will, which has become one of the reasons why this product is favored by users, for only 49 yuan Xiaomi Xiaoxiai Bluetooth Speaker Portable Edition.