The World’s First Black Pupil Full-screen Samsung Galaxy A8s Cell Phone Hands-on Experience

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] In today’s cell phone market, flagship high-end phones are more likely to pique consumer interest, but their market share is likely to be far lower than that of mid-range models. Before the end of 2018, Samsung Electronics launched a new Galaxy A series model for youth groups, and this Galaxy A8s uses one of Samsung’s most cutting-edge technologies, namely the world’s first perforated screen, which not only makes a new breakthrough in the shape of the body, but is also rich in the popular gradient color scheme and noble and elegant temperament. “Before entering the 5G era, Infinity-O screen (black pupil all-seeing screen) is the most innovative technology in the industry and a true HID Display technology,” said Kwon Gye Hyun, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China.

Currently, HID Display has two process technologies, blind hole and through-hole, and the Samsung Galaxy A8s phone is the world’s first phone designed with Samsung Infinity-O’s through-hole technology, which has the advantage of improving the This is also why Kwon Gui-hyun emphasizes that the Black Pupil Allview screen is a true HID Display. After the industry went through technologies such as Liu Hai Screen and Water Drop Screen to improve screen ratio, Kwon believes that HID-Display is a complete change of form and a leap in screen technology, and Samsung has become the leader in this leap.

The front-facing camera features a 6.7mm aperture, 24 megapixels, and an f/2.0 aperture. In comparison to the popular “waterdrop full-screen” design, the Samsung Galaxy A8s camera appears to be a full, rounded waterdrop hanging from the screen, creating an eye-catching design. The one-of-a-kind design of the camera on one side makes the entire screen appear more simple and integrated.

The color scheme of the Samsung Galaxy A8s is deep and dreamy, flowing with light, with three colors of alien silver, aurora black, and elf blue. The body of the Galaxy A8s is about 7.4mm thick, with a 3D curved glass back panel that transforms into different color variations with fine craftsmanship and comfortable grip. It measures 158.4mm in length, 74.9mm in width, and weighs 173g grams.

The bezels are all very thin and follow the gradient of the phone’s color, and it has a 6.4-inch 19.5:9 excellent viewing ratio. Most people who are used to the camera being in the top center will find this uncomfortable, but it will be nice to get used to it for a while.

When taking selfies, the Samsung Galaxy A8s uses visual intelligent recognition technology to detect and remove imperfections, identifying and resolving four common situations: closed eyes, lens stains, blurring, and insufficient light. The camera also has selfie, selfie background bokeh, dynamic moe shot, and wide-angle selfie functions. Photo Sample (Original)

Photo Experiment (Real-Time Bokeh) Photo Experiment (Outdoor Daytime) Photo Experiment (Outdoor Night)

The Samsung Galaxy A8s has a 24 million 5 million 10 million rear camera combination design, three cameras are telephoto lens, main camera lens, and depth of field lens, the rear camera can also support a variety of camera mode editing, with panoramic, professional, time-lapse photography, and slow motion modes to choose from, greatly enriching the photo experience. The rear flash is located directly beneath the camera. The oval-shaped rear fingerprint unlock is on the right side, with the SAMSUNG logo below it.

The earpiece is designed to be extremely discreet, so if you don’t look closely, you’ll think it’s been cancelled. The Samsung Galaxy A8s has a volume key and an on/off button on the left side, as usual, and a card slot and The new Bixby shortcut button on the right side, which allows you to talk to the Bixby assistant, perform various voice commands, search questions, translate foreign languages, and other functions.

The Samsung Galaxy A8s also does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Samsung Galaxy A8s bottom with Type-C interface, positive and negative plug can be, to some extent, to extend the life of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy A8s supports dual card dual standby single pass mode, full network 4G / 3G can access the Internet, does not support memory card storage, so when buying, you should pay special attention to the storage capacity to meet the needs of use.

Configuration, Samsung Galaxy A8s equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 eight approved flagship chip, 6 128GB storage with a 3400 mAh low-power battery, continuous use of 5 hours of power loss of 30%, enough to meet the needs of normal use a day, more support for accelerated charging mode, a minute can see a 2% increase in power It also comes pre-installed with Android 8.1. Kwon Kye Hyun, who has always believed in the “localization” business philosophy, has made a comprehensive analysis of Samsung Electronics’ market situation in China, and has made a lot of exploration in the areas of technological innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation, and retail end innovation in order to recover the Chinese market. Samsung Electronics has always placed a premium on meaningful technological innovation and has industry-leading R&D capabilities.

For example, the new Bixby AI assistant; second, product innovation, Samsung Electronics will be successful in the Chinese market models spread to the global market. In the future, mid-range products will be equipped with cutting-edge technology before or in tandem with flagship products, and then applied to other product categories; additionally, Samsung Electronics places a high value on the consumer shopping experience.

In the core shopping areas of key cities across the country, the new image of the collection of experience and shopping one-stop authorized experience stores and Gaylord high-end experience hall; and in marketing, Samsung Electronics is actively building a platform for communication with consumers in the three major areas of sports, music, and games. In such a context, it is not surprising that the very distinctive black pupil full-screen Samsung Galaxy A8s was born. Expect more unexpected surprises from Samsung Electronics in the future, as well as more useful smartphone innovations.