The Work Of The Next Hifiman Edition Xs Light Experience

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]In the two years since its release, the HIFIMAN Edition X has won the “US Pro AV Review Secrets Outstanding Headphones of the Year”, “ Outstanding Open Headphones 2016 “, “Japan VGP 2017 Summer Award”, and “CES 2017 Innovation Award”. HIFIMAN Edition XS. When compared to its predecessor, the Edition XS has two major improvements. The first is the replacement of the new NEO super nano diaphragm, and the second is the use of invisible magnet technology, which is HIFIMAN’s core technology.

SUSVARA evolved from a price range of up to 40,000 yuan. Imagine the great achievements of the previous generation of products, coupled with the two core technologies, the new headphones should not be very cheap, right? But the fact is a direct hit in the face, Edition XS is priced at only 2499 yuan, the price is said to be a descending blow is not too much, it is no surprise Edition XS popularity has always been high since its release.

The box invisible magnet version of the laser sticker is particularly noticeable, and can already be found on the new headphones and predecessor products from the cover photo. When you open the package, you’ll find instructions, a warranty card, and a description of the HIFIMAN invisible magnet technology card, in addition to the headset body and wire. The Edition XS body doesn’t change much, but the earcups on both sides of the signature grille pattern do.

The ear cushions are asymmetrical, with a thin front and a thick back, which helps to keep the center stable when worn. The design of the headband is completely different from its predecessor, this time using a “hybrid structure,” according to the official, the design can reduce weight and improve reliability, the actual wear without a sense of pinch but light feeling is not obvious, possibly because the relationship between the head shape at the top of the pressure is still quite large, basically goodbye to long hours of wear.

The surface of the headset metal bracket has a black matte finish, which is both beautiful and functional. However, when adjusting the headband on both sides of the length of the paragraph design, the tightness is difficult to control, and it is frequently accidentally pulled over the head, so it must be repeated several times. Headphones with interchangeable cable design, 3.5mm interface specifications, users can match their own needs with different wire materials and specifications.

Edition XS impedance of 18, sensitivity of 92db According to the official, mobile devices can also be pushed, but it is recommended for sound quality requirements of partners or when using a professional ear amplifier. To improve the sound quality, the new headphones feature an invisible magnet structure designed specifically for SUSVARA, which optimizes the improvement of air turbulence and reflection between the gaps of the magnets, making the magnets invisible in front of the sound waves.

When compared to traditional flat headphones, this design can avoid the sound quality deterioration caused by the magnetic circuit; when compared to traditional electrostatic headphones, it can avoid the sound quality deterioration caused by the polar plate; and when compared to moving coil headphones, it can avoid the sound quality deterioration caused by the split vibration. The key reason why flat headphones are better than other types of headphones is that the conductor layer on the flat headphone diaphragm is evenly distributed on its surface, driving the diaphragm vibration sound electromagnetic force will be more uniform compared to other designs, so that sound phase distortion is reduced. In other words, the greater the restoring power, the thinner the diaphragm.

The new headphones feature a NEO ultra-nano diaphragm, which has a near-nanometer-thick film and a very fast response, allowing the headphones to capture more detail while significantly reducing distortion. The Edition XS has a wide frequency response, from 8Hz to 50kHz, and the sound field stereo sense extends beyond the head in. The audition feeling of the Edition XS is indeed very different, an ear of great feeling. Audition songs were Zhou Shen’s “Big Fish” and Cai Qin’s “Ferry,” and the new headphones are still quite good three frequency, high-frequency resolution is excellent, smooth and bright, with a sense of line.

The middle frequency vocals are very flat and can very well restore the singer’s own voice characteristics. With a medium dive, the low-frequency part is solid and elastic. Perhaps the reason is that the overall sound is a little “dry,” but I believe that the headphones will perform better in the hands of audiophiles.

Overall, despite only having a cursory experience with the Edition XS, I am very pleased with its sound quality performance, especially for spending 2,499 yuan to get such high-end audio technology, which is unquestionably a great value.