The Ultimate Transfer Experience Sandisk Ultra Speed Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]A few days ago, a colleague and I stated, “I believe that since the mobile hard disk and cloud storage, high-capacity USB drives appear to have little appeal.” Tsk, tsk, tsk Although I’m not sure why he feels this way, the German philosopher Hegel once said: “existence is reasonable.” Eh, this is not the “actor 2” on the small four and you blind oh! We have reasoned to analyze a wave. First and foremost, the mobile hard disk, for the time being, even in portable, volume still cannot be compared with the U disk; and each time you use it must have the support of the data line, if lost can not be used, if you have a few more… Then there’s the cloud storage that many people are looking forward to; in the case of the network cloud storage, it does make people very excited, especially when you have to buy some platform members, that upload and download speed is really bar.

However… Can you guarantee that you will have internet access wherever you go? If there is no network or a signal deviation in the environment, you will be unable to cry out. Furthermore, there have been numerous reports of hacked cloud storage news at home and abroad; imagine your network disk content is unrestrained peeping, a minute to drive people insane.

We return to the USB flash drive, perhaps the first two storage solutions are too enticing, resulting in little knowledge of the status of the USB flash drive, in fact, today’s USB flash drive is divided into ordinary and high-end two product lines, particularly the high-end line of products, with large storage space at the same time, but also has a high-performance transmission interface, its performance scores absolutely breathtaking. When you still believe it can only copy Word, PPT, people may be a few seconds you loaded with a variety of video format “learning materials” to paste finished. Today we will review a USB flash drive that can be positioned as a high-end product with a large capacity of 1TB, a USB3.2 Gen1 transfer interface, and a privacy protection feature.

It is called the SanDisk Supreme Ultra USB 3.2 solid state flash drive. To avoid padding the word count, the text will be “SanDisk Extreme USB 3.2 solid state flash drive” called flash drive it.

The flash drive that arrived is the 1TB version, but the series offers 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, a total of four versions, and prices range from $100 to $1,000. The price difference is only for the difference in capacity; there is no difference in the performance of the flash drive, so users can buy with confidence based on their actual capacity needs.

I’m sure many people are curious about who will purchase the 1TB version. For my part, as a photographer, I believe that the majority of those who purchase the 1TB version will be film and television professionals. At the moment, the resolution of digital cameras and camcorders is increasing geometrically, a photo moving is 30, 40, or even 50 MB, video footage is casually on a few GB, and with the advent of the future 8K era, the demand for storage space will only increase. As a result, it is critical to plan ahead of time for a large-capacity storage media.

Second only to the word 1TB on the packaging is the “up to 420MB/sec read speed, 380MB/sec write speed” logo, especially in the second line of a detailed description that says: complete the transfer of a full version of 4K movies in 15 seconds. Oh well, the above-mentioned article stated that a few seconds to copy away your “learning materials” cannot deceive you, right? The accuracy of this speed will be tested later using a professional test platform, but how does such a small flash drive achieve high speed transfer? That is also due to its USB3.2 Gen1 transmission interface, which many people confuse with USB3.0.

It can read HD video, large amounts of pictures, and large data files quickly, and it supports backward compatibility and can deliver full performance when combined with a USB3.2 Gen1 or USB3.0 interface.

This flash drive is notable for its form and structural design, in addition to its small size. The casing is made of durable aluminum metal, which not only improves the product’s quality but also improves the heat dissipation and durability of the flash drive, allowing users to carry it around without worrying about the side effects of wear and tear. To make it easier to carry, the end of the flash drive is cut diagonally and hollowed out for easy stringing into the lanyard. It is worth noting that the slider and interface are not real-time controls; when pushed to half, the interface will automatically pop out, the recovery is the same, and the resulting sense of damping and paragraph to make people feel very comfortable.

If you enjoy pressing ballpoint pens while reading, you’ll enjoy this sensation.

Well, no more nonsense, let’s get to the platform test! As a flash drive that focuses on high-speed transfer, can it be as amazing as the official data provided? As always, let’s put it to the test with ATTO Disk Benchmark software. This software supports read and write tests for stability/burst transfer rates and is widely applicable to flash drives, SD cards, TF cards, mobile hard drives, SSDs, mechanical hard drives, memory sticks, and many other storage devices. According to the test results, the write speed of this product exceeded the official nominal 380 MB/S at 256 KB, while the read speed easily exceeded the official nominal 420 MB/S at 128 KB. Not only that, but the flash drive’s peak write speed was 394 MB/S at 2 MB/S, and the read peak was 4 MB/S at 452 MB/S.

Let’s look at the CrystalDiskMark score data: it’s clear that even in the long read/write test, the flash drive achieves 438 MB/S read and 384 MB/S write, respectively. After passing the scores of the two software, it can be stated that the performance of the flash drive is quite satisfactory; however, data security is also very important to users as a plug-and-play storage device. If important private data and “learning materials” are stored on the disk and can be accessed at any time by others, it is not secure.

And SanDisk has something else for you to think about. The flash drive comes with SanDisk SecureAccess software, which can assist you in keeping your important files secure.

The software is ready for normal use once the installation is completed in accordance with the prompts. You can think of it as your private file safe, as its existence effectively prevents the hidden danger of files being snooped, and its password protection function supports 128-bit, 256-bit, 512-bit, and 1024-bit AES encryption. It is also very simple to use, as Ctrl C and Ctrl V will be able to complete, the operation and ordinary folder is no different, greatly reducing the user’s learning costs. What happened next, on the other hand, was completely unexpected.

I prepared a folder of 4K photos and intended to take a screenshot during the copying process, but the transfer progress box appeared as soon as I pressed paste. A screenshot. So I had to redo it and cut to the following image.

Because the transfer of ordinary pictures is so quick, let’s see how the transfer of 4K movies works, this time with a full 30 GB of very large video. It appears that this time it was put under a little pressure, but the flash drive still managed to transfer 30 GB of content in a very short period of time. The experience is really enjoyable, and to be honest, once you feel it, you can’t go back… *It’s worth noting that the computer’s configuration is also important for the flash drive to achieve high speed transfer.

The data in the test is only for reference purposes.

The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.2 solid state flash drive is an excellent mobile storage medium. Its features and performance are ideal for resolving issues that arise in our daily work and life. Lightweight and compact size does not take up space, can be carried anywhere; large enough capacity can be in the copy, storage without worry; fast transfer rate can effectively reduce the cost of time; reliable security procedures to protect personal privacy, to avoid embarrassing situations; the future of this can take into account the small size, large capacity, fast transmission, high security storage media, will undoubtedly become the mainstream, they bring high quality. After all, only efficient work completion allows for more time and energy to enjoy a good life.