The Ultimate Gaming Experience! Leiper Vm700 True Wireless Headset Hands-on Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] With the rapid advancement of wireless transmission technology, TWS true wireless headphones have become a new option for users. True wireless headphones, in addition to being used for music listening, are replacing traditional wired gaming headsets as a new option for gamers due to their increasingly low latency. To improve the gaming experience, renowned peripheral manufacturer Leiper has tailored a new generation of VM700 true wireless headset for gamers to further enhance the chances of listening and quick response. Leiper VM700 True Wireless Gaming Headset Most headset manufacturers choose a light-free design to improve the range of the TWS true wireless headset, but the RGB light effectiveness is good for creating a gaming atmosphere, which makes it difficult The RGB light effect becomes the selling point of the Leiper VM700 headset, while ensuring the weight and endurance of the headset.

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Leiper VM700 packaging front with black body design, Leiper “V” and “RAPOO” LOGO upper left corner, “VM700 Bluetooth TWS gaming headset ” lower right corner The back of the game headset features multi-function buttons, a noise-cancelling microphone, and a built-in chip. The box contains two VM700 gaming headsets, a manual, a Type-C charging cable, and two pairs of silicone plugs.

In terms of design, the black Leiper VM700 gaming headset has a frosted outer surface of the charging case, which is complemented by an inwardly recessed glossy finish that allows the user to easily open the charging case of the headset. The charging case includes an 800mAh battery that can last up to 30 5 hours, and the Type-C charging port is located on the back of the charging case and supports 5V/1A current input.

The Leiper VM700 True Wireless Gaming Headset has an in-ear design that provides better closure and passive noise cancellation performance. Leiper Sea provides small and large silicon plugs for users to replace in order to adapt to more users’ ear sockets. The outer side of the headset has two “V” RGB lights, and after the connection is complete, the headset has a green “breathing light effect.” It should be noted that the Leiper VM700 true wireless gaming headset does not have a function for turning off the light effect.

Furthermore, the headset’s different lights represent the headset’s real-time status: when the headset red light blinks for 1 second, representing the headset in power on / off mode; red and green lights alternately blink on behalf of the headset in the pairing state; red light 4 seconds blink once is the headset in the unconnected state; green light 8 seconds blink once said connected; green light breathing mode is music playback or call; red light 2 seconds blink on behalf of the headset in the pairing state; red light 4 seconds blink once

Touch the area located in the headset “V” LOGO to achieve music play / pause or phone answer / hang up, double click to refuse incoming calls, three click left / right headset to switch songs, long press the left / right ear for more than 2 seconds to call out the voice assistant, shutdown state Long press the left/right ear for about 10 seconds (headset “ding” four times) to restore factory settings Furthermore, during music or calls, double-click the left/right ear to increase the volume – and volume. For users who enjoy games like “Peace Elite,” listening to the sound is critical to winning or losing the game, so players have extremely high expectations for the headset’s stereo sound and latency. The Leiper VM700 body is equipped with Qualcomm QCC302X Bluetooth connectivity solution, which, in addition to excellent audio performance and low power consumption characteristics, Bluetooth 5.0 can also achieve a completely independent dual-channel transmission effect, which also brings accurate footsteps and weapon sounds for shooting games.

The VM700 is carefully tuned by Leiper to explode with resolution with the built-in 6mm neodymium material speakers and apt-X HD decoding. Bluetooth 5.0 adds excellent low latency performance to the gaming experience. Furthermore, the Leiper VM700 achieves global low latency, eliminating the need for users to manually switch to low latency mode.

Continuity, the Leiper VM700 gaming headset has a single 5 hour continuous playback capacity when fully charged. According to the author’s habits of listening to music at low and medium volumes, 5 hours of battery life isn’t a big deal. Furthermore, the charging case can provide the headset with 6 times the power replenishment in the case of a full charge, which means a full day without worrying about the power problem. In terms of listening, the Leiper VM700 gaming headset has good hearing when gaming, with ultra-low latency tuning, so that TWS headset can also easily play shooting games.

In the game “Peaceful Elite,” the headset’s sound recognition is relatively accurate, pointing in the right direction whether it’s the sound of footsteps or gunfire. As a game headset, the Leiper VM700’s three frequency levels are relatively balanced, but the low frequency dive strength is insufficient, and the human voice, high frequency performance is in the middle.

Review Summary: As a positioning game TWS true wireless headset product, Leiper VM700 in the tuning of the more stereo performance, so that the music of the three frequency performance can meet the author’s expectations. However, when considering the price of the headset to hand of only 249 yuan, enough excellent cost performance combined with excellent game performance, the Leiper VM700 is still a number of game headsets, very worthy of attention products.