The Sound And Picture Are Extraordinary Cinema-quality Viewing Enjoyment Fengmi Full-color Laser Tv T1 Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] As large-screen viewing demand rises, laser TV quickly enters the market and captures the majority of consumer attention, propelling the industry forward at a breakneck pace. In recent years, the market leader in laser projection, Phonmee Technology, has continued to bring a number of epoch-making projection products to the laser projection market, driving the performance of the segmented products in all aspects and providing consumers with a better audio and video experience. And today we got the latest release of the peak rice panchromatic laser TV T1, the following to see what surprises this “sound and picture are extraordinary” peak rice T1 will bring us. The T1 has a minimalist appearance, with four right-angled edges to add a sense of sharpness.

The black and gray color scheme, combined with the FOH color sandblasted body process, creates an overall look of quality and technology, but also fits well in the living room and bedroom corner.

The back of the body has a number of interfaces, including three HDMI 2.0, including one way to support HDMI eARC, three USB 2.0, fiber optic interface, Ethernet port, and audio interface, a large number of interfaces and a variety of mainstream interfaces are not missing, fully meet your viewing, connection, transmission, and other needs. It is assumed that the T1 projection ratio is 0.23:1. As seen in the actual picture, the laser TV is placed on the ground 20 centimeters away from the wall and is capable of projecting a large size picture, and daily use is not subject to the problem of shadow light blocking the picture. Opening the picture, I discovered that the entire picture of Fengmi T1 is very clear and natural.

Fengmi Full Color Laser TV T1 can show a very clear display for users even with a small dark light on in the evaluation room, thanks to its brightness first. The Phonami T1 has a lumen value of 2800 ANSI lumens, and its brightness has been greatly improved so that the viewing image is visible even during the day.

The entire room is basically dark and black. Using the Fengmi T1 Laser TV at this time, we can see that the overall picture is clearer and brighter, with the brighter parts of the picture being brighter and the darker parts being darker, resulting in a better contrast. Furthermore, the picture’s details are fully preserved, and the overall viewing experience is excellent.

For the viewing device, the picture quality is unquestionably the most important factor that influences the use experience. Although it is not comparable to the quality picture display provided by mainstream TVs on the market, the recent performance of laser TV products in picture quality will undoubtedly give you a boost.

The Phonami Panchromatic Laser TV T1 uses the same display technology as the cinema laser projection hall, ALPD ® RGB panchromatic laser display technology, by employing an extremely efficient panchromatic light source and the color wheel method to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of display screen brightness, color, and contrast. Without further ado, let’s get to the picture: the picture screen is clearly and brightly presented in front of our eyes, and the hundred screen basically covers the entire wall, which looks quite shocking overall. As you can see, the ship is clearly layered against the sky and water, and the transition between the bright subject and the sky background color is very natural, so I am still surprised that the Peak TV T1 has such a performance. BT.2020 ultra wide color gamut plus 1.07 billion color support also makes the color transition of Phonak’s panchromatic laser TV T1 more delicate, and the color image is closer to the true natural view.

To help you feel more intuitively the performance of the Fengmi T1 in terms of color, I’ve included a very colorful classic test sample here.

The picture displayed by Fengmi Panchromatic Laser TV T1 basically restores the original color, and the vegetable subject has more details in different light irradiation and different color display in different areas, the bright places look bright and colorful, while the dark places also look quite textured, the color reproduction is pure and natural, there is no color distortion or grayish-dark phenomenon in the picture, and the overall performance is good. And the Phonami T1 boosts the native contrast ratio to 3000:1 and supports three major HDR format standards, Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HDR10 decoding, for the ultimate cinema-level viewing experience. Furthermore, the T1 incorporates LPSE scatter suppression technology, which can solve the scattering phenomenon of ordinary panchromatic laser light sources and reduce screen flickering for improved visual comfort.

MEMC motion compensation is also included. MEMC motion compensation is critical for regular users who enjoy watching action movies or sporting events because it can make the motion picture look more smooth, and every fast movement of the picture can be clearly seen. As seen in this GIF, the overall smoothness of the motion picture video is still very much online; there is no dragging or frame dropping during the period, and the color of each frame is also restored very naturally, which looks very powerful.

To have a good viewing experience, the importance of product sound quality cannot be overstated. Bowers’ identity is unknown. Bowers & Wilkins focuses on the presentation of sound quality in particular. Bowers can be said to In practice, I opened a movie, felt the human voice mixed with the sound of the car, the overall staggered and powerful sound, with a hundred large screen pictures, giving me the illusion of being in a movie theater, and the viewing experience was very good.

The Fengmee full-color laser TV T1 uses the self-researched large-screen intelligent ecosystem FengOS, and the system interface is neat and intuitive, as are the content modules, which are all intuitive and clear for users to reach at a touch. The FengMi T1 also has massive resources, including mainstream movies and TV series resources, as well as over 30,000 massive resources from film and TV platforms such as Akiyay and Huanxi Video. The new generation of MTK flagship AI processor makes daily use of this laser TV very smooth, and the 3G 64G large memory can meet the needs of daily use.

In addition, the Phonami Full Color Laser TV T1 has voice control, wireless screen projection, keystone correction, and other functions that make daily use more convenient. Compared to the difficulty of using the remote control, I am more accustomed to using voice control to achieve my needs. Xiaoming students, how is the weather today? Xiaoming students, play a children’s song like this, which is both simple and quick.

The Phonami Full Color Laser TV T1’s voice recognition is still quite accurate; I usually say once it is ready to recognize and quickly execute my commands.

Wireless screen casting is another feature that I frequently use. To connect to cell phones, laptops, and other devices with a single click, the Fengmi T1 does not require third-party screen casting software. For example, you can cast the video you’re watching on your phone to the laser TV’s 100-inch screen and share it with your family and friends, which is very convenient.