The Same Source As The Green Water Ghost Ceramic Bluetooth Headset – Rott Kron Le Kuang Headset Review

[Mankind created the first wristwatch over two hundred years ago, a product driven by a precise structure and carefully carved out in the hands of artisans, allowing mankind to visualize the passage of time on his wrist. Two hundred years later, the world has changed forever, and watches have long since evolved from being a tool for telling time to being an ornament in users’ hands, used to reflect their personality and generate social value. It was not uncommon in the past to see products that had undergone such a transformation.

In addition to watches, satchels, automobiles, and even cell phones are gradually acquiring such features. So, we can’t help but wonder what kind of products will be the next to break free and become the social luxury of the times.

A headphone brand from Sweden – ROTT KRON (Lekom), headphones show their understanding. This is Roc Kuang’s new headset – ROTT KRON polycrystalline zirconium gemstone Bluetooth headset. At a glance, I believe you can pick out the words “gemstone” and “earrings” from the super long definite word in front of the word “headphones.” This is a true wireless Bluetooth headset, and in the years since the category’s inception, we’ve grown accustomed to the classic look that Apple’s AirPods bring, but AirPods are obviously far from it as a decorative item.

This decorative feature can be felt from the appearance of the box; the first time I held it in my hands, I mistook it for a mechanical watch.

The box includes a protective pouch of tumbled fur and a trendy ear chain that can be worn with the headphones, in addition to the headphones and charging compartment. The headphone box is designed to resemble a shell shape, and the flat bottom design helps the headphone box to “show” well on the desktop.

Remove the headset upside down into the headset, and we can finally see the “jewel,” which is created by the polycrystalline zirconium gemstone, in the arc of the headset stem attached to the cavity part. What is polycrystalline zirconium gemstone? It is a type of advanced ceramics with better performance, and its supplier Dong Cao provides raw polycrystalline zirconium powder for many luxury manufacturers, while Lövepac, the parent company of ROTT KRON, is a compliant

Lövepac employs ceramic injection molding (CIM), which enables ROTT KRON to reduce tolerances to /-0.05 mm. Because of this increased precision, Lövepac is able to reduce the number of CNC machining steps required for diamond finishing. Lövepac, in conjunction with extremely precise temperature control, allows the temperature to gradually rise up to 1500 degrees during the 4-6 day sintering process, following a specific temperature rise curve.

During this lengthy sintering process, the micro-pores left by the polymeric sticky material sintering process are filled with nano-sized particles, and the product shrinks by 30%, resulting in a change in internal structure and an extremely stable, high-density polycrystalline zirconium gemstone. Apple Watch once launched the most expensive version is the full zirconia ceramic version, this version of the watch body by the zirconia ceramic to create, although the version has been discontinued, we can still see the process difficulty caused by the high selling price.Apple Watch Precision Ceramic Edition (discontinued)

But this is only the sintering process; the polycrystalline zirconium gemstone has a Mohs hardness of 9, so the only equipment that can be polished is a diamond grinding head or diamond abrasive. Such an extravagant process naturally results in a high cost, so we can only see this material on top luxury products like Chanel J12 and Green Water Ghost, which cost nearly 100,000. ROTT KRON polycrystalline zirconium gemstone Bluetooth headset is quite comfortable on the surface of the cavity, which is very close to the warmth of jade, while the luster presented compared to ordinary materials is also more translucent. Furthermore, because this material is 100 percent bio-friendly, users have little to no concern that wearing it will cause symptoms such as ear discomfort.

What is more noteworthy is that the polycrystalline zirconium gem has its own distinct acoustic advantages. Because the cavity is rigid, it is difficult to deform and resonate, so the sound is cleaner and crisper, and distortion is reduced to a very low level, resulting in quite excellent high frequencies. For the actual listening session, we chose classic audition songs, namely Hotel California (1994, Live) by Eagles, Ferry by Tsai Chin, Cold Rainy Night (Live) by Beyond, and Fond of You by Chen Baiqiang. Rott Kron should be considered its primary user’s music preferences, so increase the weight of the bass, making it one of the few “bass headphones” in the current TWS market, and its volume is very adequate.

This is reflected in the beginnings of “Hotel California” and “The Ferry,” both of which have a strong drum sound, which is ideal for pop and other music genres with a lot of bass. Furthermore, the ROTT KRON can also bring a good separation of instruments in the beginning of “Hotel California,” and the resolution is also quite good. Cold Rainy Night” song, we mainly listen to the middle part of the bass solo, ROTT KRON’s bass volume sense of sufficient characteristics

The song “preferring you,” ROTT KRON headphones’ high-frequency performance is excellent, with no sense of frizz and comfortable listening. And because of the tuning orientation style, its overall vocals are more backward when compared to other products. Comprehensive several audition songs we can feel, ROTT KRON headphones is a tuning with a clear bias of the headphones, its low-frequency performance is impressive, which is rare in TWS headphones.

Finally, let’s return to the two definitions mentioned earlier, “earrings” is actually a brand new category opened by ROTT KRON, we are used to functional, tool-oriented headphones, but ignore the decorative properties of this device that stays on our ears for an increasingly long time, ROTT KRON keenly perceives this d ROTT KRON is acutely aware of this need and has brought to us a product never before seen on the market. And what ROTT KRON wants to do is not just make a simple “accessory,” but a “gem” that comes from the deep technical skills of the supply chain behind it, after a complex process, and finally brings extremely rare polycrystalline zirconium gemstone cavity, scarcity being the first step to becoming a top luxury product. As a result, the next breakthrough, which is bound to become a social luxury with the characteristics of the times, is likely to be earrings TWS headphones, and ROTT KRON will obviously be the creator as well as the leader of this category.