The New Year “new” Breathing Upgrade Airproce Wisdom Net New Air Ac-360 Trial

Preface I recently brushed a short video about the new wind in Shake, and I can’t help but remember some of the changes that have occurred in the air purification industry in the last few years; in fact, as early as five or six years ago, the topic of air pollution was widely spread, and with the upgrading of consumption and the change of consumer philosophy, more and more users began to pay attention to respiratory health, and the state has also introduced many policies. From the early air purifiers and anti-haze masks to the addition of today’s new air system to provide some solutions for healthy breathing, and the proliferation of products introduced, will naturally raise many questions and queries. The author’s friends around me will have such a problem, is the choice of air purifier good, or choose the new air system? Or simply listen to it? Also included, and on the other side of such questions, I would generally recommend that, if the conditions permit, the new air system is a good choice, because, compared to the air purifier, the new air system More advantageous, for indoor respiratory health can provide a more complete solution. Those who have paid attention to Bestbuy618 will recall that as early as 2017, we began to carry out the overall review of the new air system, and the AirProce Smar Today, AirProce AirProce Smart Clean Air AC-360 upgrade 2018 model is also a guest of the Tianji appliance review room, and we will see what subversive design and effect it will bring.

Simple installation, this is what the new wind should do Why does the new air system discourage users? In fact, many users’ inherent concept of the new air system has been tacitly labeled as a cumbersome installation, but such a perception is not comprehensive.

After-sales personnel for the measurement location The entire opening process is completed in a dust-free and water-free environment, and the new air conditioner will be wall-mounted and docked after the hole is opened. AirProce AC-360 installation process At the end of the installation, the staff will debug the machine and check the seal to ensure that the user can use it normally.

The display panel is still designed in the upper part of the body, the control panel is on the left side of the body, the keys are simple and convenient, only the on/off key, wind speed key, and smart key can basically meet the daily needs of users, after all, as a smart product, remote control and remote APP control have become the trend, the body control is only for emergencies. In the home, such a product, like the invisible guards, silently protects your respiratory health. I believe it is not too much to describe the appearance of AirProce AirProce Smart Clean Fresh Air AC-360 as noble and elegant without losing the small! Inventory of those different configuration improvements at a glance

The appearance of the face has not changed, so where has AirProce Aipos smart net new air AC-360 changed? I experienced and discovered that its changes are primarily reflected in the noise reduction. Because new air products need to bring the effect of whole house purification, its air volume size is larger than ordinary air purifier, so the noise decibels naturally cannot avoid the increase, which is also a lot of user concerns. To begin with, the material has been upgraded; its sound insulation and noise reduction material has been upgraded to EPO sealing material, and the entire cavity within the EPO material is one-piece molding, which can better reduce noise. Second, the bottom of the mixed wind structure has been upgraded, stability has been improved, and there will be no air leakage and other situations.

At the same time, the filter structure has also been upgraded, with the bottom washable filter directly designed in the air outlet area, the noisiness has been reduced. The previous design in the bottom layer of the filter will cause internal noise in the first layer of filtration, resulting in increased indoor noise. Of course, the most important thing is the optimization of the air duct, which may not be felt with the naked eye, but the actual noise decibels will be intuitively reflected, and its noise will really end up as the upgrade described this way?

Decibels of ambient noise First, we measured the ambient noise, which came in at 31.2 decibels. Then, we tested each gear separately, and the measured results were 33.5 db, 36.3 db, 39.4 db, 47.5 db, 54.2 db, the maximum decibel is lower compared to the previous model, and the noise is lower compared to the air purifier with the same air volume on the market. Noise decibel number from 1-5 Next, we placed the decibel tester at a distance of about 3 meters from the AirProce AC-360, and the

Following that, we bring you the most concerned about the purification effect test, but before that, a feature of this product should be highlighted, AirProce AirProce AC-360 is equipped with a detector near the control panel, which can detect indoor PM2.5, carbon dioxide concentration, and so on. At any time, the detected data can be used to switch between internal and external circulation modes, and the detected data will also be displayed in the display at the same time. So, even if the user does not have a testing device at home, you can do the same to determine the indoor air quality.

At the start of the test, we opened the windows to allow indoor and outdoor air circulation, and then tested the outdoor air quality with a PM2.5 tester, and the measured data was 49ug/m3. Then we closed the windows and turned on the AirProce AC-360, and after about 10 minutes in purification mode, the indoor PM2.5 dropped to below 10ug/m3.

Furthermore, AirTurbo 2.0 booster purification technology can achieve whole house purification, purifying from the source and strongly pushing out pollutants in each room, effectively solving the building space of 130-170 square meters. When the carbon dioxide content reaches 5000 or higher, it can cause serious oxygen deficiency, resulting in permanent brain damage, coma, or even death.

We also conducted a real-world test for the new AirProce AirProce AC-360 carbon dioxide concentration purification. First, we chose four people to stay in the installation environment for about half an hour to test the indoor carbon dioxide concentration; the measured result is 1841ppm; when compared to the above values, we discovered that long-term living in such an environment will appear drowsy. Ambient Carbon Dioxide Levels After that, we turned on the new AirProce Smart Clean Air AC-360; the machine quickly entered into working condition, and the carbon dioxide concentration also dropped.

Carbon dioxide content after purification We discovered that the purification effect of the AirProce Smart Clean Fresh Air AC-360 for carbon dioxide remains the same as before. Balancing internal and external temperature, bringing a comfortable environment experience For the southern partners who do not have heating, are they caught in a bad situation where the air conditioner will be hot and not cold? To meet the needs of this segment of the user, the AirProce AirProce Smart Clean Air AC-360 has an electric auxiliary heating function, which we also tested. First, we tested the room temperature, and the measured data is 13.7 °C, and then we opened the machine’s electric auxiliary heat mode.

Ambient temperature After a period of time, we tested the temperature of the air outlet, and the temperature of the air outlet was about 43.4°C, and then we opened the machine’s electric

Wind speed and energy consumption are still pleasing AirProce AC-360 air speed and energy consumption as an auxiliary test, naturally also need to give the user an account. 1-5-speed wind speed test First and foremost, we put AirProce AC-360 on 1-5 gears and measured the wind speed of 2.25m/s, 2.63m/s, 2.95m/s, 3.97m/s, and 5.18m/s respectively.

Following that, we tested the five power levels of the AirProce AC-360, obtaining data of 8.91W, 11.34W, 15.09W, 30.88W, and 65.24W. This product is still in place in terms of energy savings. AirProce AirProce purification original intention remains unchanged. AirProce AirProce Smart Clean AC-360 core filter part and the past is not much change, still divided into five layers, from top to bottom is H13/14 HEPA cartridge, TVOC filter, F9 medium-effect filter, G4 primary dust filter, and washable primary dust filter composition.

It is primarily used for antibacterial purposes as well as the removal of coarse dust, hair, pollen, and other large particle pollutants. TVOC filter, F9 medium-performance filter, G4 primary dust filter

TVOC filter density, can effectively deal with common harmful gases such as ozone in the air F9 medium filter can adsorb more fine pollutants and play the role of PM2.5 removal G4 primary dust filter plays the role of antibacterial and processing dust and other large particles of pollutants Experience In fact, I have already conducted a very comprehensive summary for the previous generation of product experience, and for the new AirProce AirProce Smart Clean Air AC-3.